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Thursday, March 7, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    The Nondual Highlights outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list Thursday, March 7, 2002 The 996th Edition Search all Editions of the Nondual
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      The Nondual Highlights

      outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list

      Thursday, March 7, 2002

      The 996th Edition
      Search all Editions of the Nondual Highlights:

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read, John Metzger

      Today's Highlights Edited by
      Jerry Katz


      (editor's note: Yesterday we expressed concern
      about Sandeep's whereabouts. He is alive and
      kicking, and the following letter appeared on the
      Yearnings list. --Jerry)

      It took the entire day to go through the Inbox and
      some 400 odd messages on the Yearning archives. A
      smiling glow started and went on increasing till
      there was nothing but the glow, seeing all the
      movements which took place on this List and at your
      ends, in the last 5-6 days.

      Thanks to Madhurima and Percy, it seems "Godhra" is
      now not unknown on this List. The circumstances,
      which brought me into that Dante's Hell is not so
      important. What could be done, got done. Some
      lives, which were to be saved, got saved. Many did

      I am alive, (that's a bit evident) There are some
      body issues, which once again Madhurima, with her
      excellent network, has already mentioned here,
      which causes, let's say, some restrictions. They
      will pass. But that does crink up the efficiency in
      typing E mails, so addressing all of you at a
      common platform Percy, it's nice to see you in the
      light. Now keep playing. How about some Croatian

      Melody, Sharlene, Diana, John, Albert,Michael,
      Caiti, Freyja, Claire, Ashe, Judi (I see you are
      here, no doubt to find out what mischief I have
      been upto), kinshuk, Harvey and all others, a hug
      of embracing love. Thank you, seems silly, for the
      emotions that arose in you all. Madhurima,
      Ahaaaaaa, you are what you are. I see some
      newcomers on the List. Welcome.

      Have a look at some of the initial posts on this
      List, which gives you a flavour of this space,
      wander around the Photo section, download some of
      the Music Files, if Yahoo still has them. And share
      your yearning. Cohibas in burnt hands, Remy Martin
      flowing through internal holes, let the fun times,
      continue. LOL. Yaba Daba gopeee goooo.


      JAN SULTAN contributes

      MINISTER'S MESSAGE Your True Companion: The Self
      Within Contemplate the teachings. Gain a vision of
      the exalted spiritual being that you truly are.
      By Swami Chidvilasananda

      With great respect, with great love, I weLcome you
      with all my heart. In the sacred text called the
      Atmabodha the great sage Shankaracharya says: "When
      a seeker hears the Truth and contemplates it, the
      fire of knowledge is kindled within. Then, freed
      from impurities, he shines like gold."

      The teachings that you hear from the great ones and
      the scriptures ignite a beneficial fire within.
      This fire is beneficial because of what it begins
      to burn away: painful thoughts, unresolved
      feelings, dampening emotions and the old tenacious
      grudges you have been lugging around for years. It
      is the Truth blazing in the teachings that reduces
      your useless tendencies to ashes.

      The more you contemplate the teachings, the more
      they enter you. As you examine their worth
      attentively and try to apply them, increasingly you
      see their impact on your life. You come to
      understand their incredible power, which enables
      you to uphold dharma, to live a life of goodness.
      You realize how timely these timeless messages are
      for you, right now. And you begin to surrender to
      your own inner Self. This is what the teachings
      give you: the power to surrender to your Self again
      and again. When that happens, these beautiful,
      fruitful teachings begin to arise from within of
      their own accord. Having heard them over and over
      again in the scriptures, in satsangs, from fellow
      seekers, you let them anoint your being. And then,
      as the Atmabodha says, you shine like gold.

      The kind of life you lead when you follow the
      teachings, when you become aware of God's presence
      in your heart, is truly golden. You no longer live
      an ordinary life, you live a golden life. You live
      yoga. You are not just marking off the days, the
      weeks, the months. Each day becomes a beautiful
      garland of your contemplations, your unselfish
      deeds, profound transformations, meditations, kind
      thoughts, enlightening revelations and purposeful
      living. At the end of the day you offer this
      garland to the Great Lord whose glory your heart
      sings without ceasing. But it doesn't end there.
      Everything that happens in the night also becomes
      an offering to the Lord. Each day and each night
      become another exquisite garland for you to offer.

      The teachings of the sages are penetrating. Take
      them in. They are valuable. Even if you are able to
      grasp only a minuscule portion of what you hear or
      read, allow your heart to embrace it. Allow the
      teachings to penetrate your being. It doesn't
      matter if you are hearing a teaching for the first
      time or for the thousandth time, allow it to reveal
      a newer, greater meaning. Let it enter you. Then
      that tiny ray will expand and your intellect will
      be illumined by its radiance.

      In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells his
      disciple, Arjuna: "Truly, nothing in this world
      purifies like knowledge. He who in time becomes
      perfect in yoga finds this knowledge in his own
      Self." Knowledge of the Self arises from within. As
      you walk the spiritual path, knowledge of the Self
      becomes your true companion. It stands by you.
      Whatever happens, whether you are joyful or
      sorrowful, whether you are making progress or being
      challenged by adversity, knowledge of the Self
      supports you. It steadies you and lights your way.

      This message that the scriptures give is very
      piercing. They want to take you beyond the bondage
      of the physical body. They want you to realize that
      the body is as transitory as a butterfly's wings,
      and that the happiness you find in it is just as
      short lived. Become aware that there is a greater
      happiness, they say. The wisdom of the Self, the
      light of God within--that is your true companion.
      When everything works, when nothing works, the
      knowledge of the Self keeps you anchored; it keeps
      you afloat. Welcome the teachings of the sages and
      scriptures wholeheartedly and generously. Give
      yourself to spiritual practices as you never have
      before. Embrace your true companion within.

      Have you ever seen rain falling on parched ground?
      Isn't it amazing how quickly the tender green
      shoots push their way to the surface? It can happen
      in the twinkling of an eye. Think of the grace of
      the teachings in the same way--as the sweetest rain
      falling from heaven. This shower of grace falls
      upon each moment of your life. Each moment is
      saturated with the wisdom of the teachings. Allow
      yourself to be soaked in this wisdom. Let the
      refreshing knowledge of the Self rise from the core
      of your being and bring forth its fruit. Truly the
      core of your being is so strong, so courageous. It
      is stronger than steel, more radiant than gold. So
      reach the core of your being. Don't get stuck at
      the different layers of skin, muscles and tissues;
      don't become enmeshed in the different strata of
      emotions and feelings. Keep traveling deeper and
      deeper within. Reach the strong core of your being,
      where you abide all of the time. Embrace your true
      companion within.

      Allow each moment of your day to become the
      embodiment of the Truth. Always remember that each
      person carries the golden light of the teachings.
      Let each object shimmer with God's message. Let
      each element of nature reveal God's magnificence,
      God's compassion, God's generosity, God's love, the
      Guru's unconditional love, the ecstasy of the
      heart. Be with God as He creates the days and
      nights and suffuses them with His splendor. Embrace
      the true companion within, the knowledge of your
      own Self, the wisdom of your own Self.

      With great respect, with great love, I welcome you
      all with all my heart. Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay!
      Your own,

      Swami Chidvilasananda



      ANDREW: Categorising is done by governments, by
      corporations, by institutions. It's a tool of the
      violence based dominance oriented patriarchal
      culture. It's hard to imagine how they could
      function without categorising people. Maybe they
      can't. An individual can. andrew

      HEIDI: Whoa - this is interesting stuff...
      "Categorising is done by governments, corporations,

      ...though, sheer non-sense. Categorizing is done by
      brains, men's brains, nothing but men's brains, and
      is a simple result of thought being a polarized

      Consider: there ARE no governments, corporations,
      institutions - what there ARE are men, bunches of
      men, accumulations of men, with a coherent STORY to
      tell about WHO they are and WHAT they're doing

      And further, categorizing has nothing to do with
      "violence based dominance oriented patriarchal
      cultures" - which is just another categorization,
      cooked up by the same brain, for the same original
      reason - to "think". (Just because a person says
      something is true, does not mean it IS true - at
      best, it's just a "fact", and FACTS are neither
      true nor not-true.)

      A man could NOT think, did the brain not categorize
      impressions, observations, into time-based discrete
      words and phrases, symbols, metaphors. Everything
      would just merge into mind-mush, and no one could
      think at all.

      Non-dual thinking on a topic you're interested in,
      is impossible; all thought once expressed is
      subject to the polarization inherent in the flow of
      energy through the brain - it carries either the
      affirmative or denying charge.

      Non-dual thinking on a topic you're interested in,
      is not 'thinking', as one customarily defines it -
      it is an act of will, it is a channelling of energy
      into areas of the brain which have never considered
      'that topic' before.

      To make any reply to a thought (whether it was
      first "heard" in your own brain, or someone posted
      it here), forces the energy into either the pro or
      con flow - forces it into dualism.

      The only possible non-dual expression, is one which
      is indifferent, independent, uncaring of which way
      the thread proceeds, and is quite like EXPLORATION.

      Explorers don't give a damn which way the river
      flows. Explorers take note, and then move on.

      Quite unlike - Educators, who take note, and then
      get quite stuck - to the extreme point of acquiring
      degrees, credentials, and initials behind their
      name, and who MUST argue a point they DISAGREE
      with, until all the energy in the original
      "act-of-expression" is completely drained (the
      "TG/Are you gay" thread comes to mind, here.)

      Are you an Educator, or an Explorer? Which would
      you prefer to BE?

      ANDREW: I write nonsense, and so do you. I've heard
      before that there's something called a brain
      residing inside somewhere called my head and inside
      this thing, thinking is going on. I've even heard
      that there is multichannel input into brain, called
      perception, which is of other things outside itself
      that it thinks about! Not only that, but there are
      billions of these brain things, each functioning
      independently. And each of these brains belongs to
      something called a man. Farfetched I know, but
      anything's possible I suppose. All hearsay of
      course. Now I'm not sure whether these men are
      supposed to exist inside or outside these brains.
      Outside I guess, because they have these brain
      things. Then I hear about things called government,
      corporation, and I'm not sure where they're
      supposed to exist either. Lets see if I have this
      straight; there is something called a brain, which
      percieves and thinks about something called a man,
      which possesses it. Further, it perceives and
      thinks about other men each possessing a separate
      brain. There are men, because they possess brains.
      We are real because we have brains. This is one of
      those things we can tell each other. The government
      is not real, because it has no brain. We can tell
      each other this too.



      Dear members, As I am new to the group, I would
      like to say hello to everybody. I read some posts
      and found them very interesting. Although 'human
      rights' are no usual subject for the group, I would
      like to invite you to read the following text. In
      this essay I try to develop a 'new' (nondual)
      perspective on human rights by combining the
      convergences and 'transcending' the contradictions
      between universalism and cultural relativism (or
      essentialism and non- essentialism (cfr. Rorty)).
      If this is no topic for you, I am sorry to have
      bothered you. Please do not hesitate to comment and
      criticise. I thank you very much for your time and

      Warm regards,

      you can find the text here:

      BOBBY G.:
      Dear Jeroen:

      I do not know a lot of western philosophy and am
      not qualified to hold a conversation about its
      specifics. I read a lot of your essay and it was
      very clear and understandable ( once I looked up a
      few terms) if one has a grasp of nondualism.

      I think you did a great job on your stated
      objective with a nondual perspective on human
      rights. How can there be a heirarchial order of
      ethics in a relativist world? That is the question
      as it appeared to me. If the world is created by
      each individual then there could be no universal
      scale of human rights? Is that a fair estimation of
      the crucial question. Your essay seems to answer it
      at any rate.

      You have a fan.

      Love Bobby G.

      ( bg-Is the "then" supposed to be than?)-"As such,
      non-essentialism (thus also universalism) is more
      likely to support then to criticise the status quo
      of the world."

      "The cultural relativist emphasises exactly the
      diversity of normative ethic; each community has
      the right (!) to develop its own morality according
      to its own traditions" (This exclamation point is
      very expressive. I took it to mean these
      relativists are assuming a universalist right and
      denying it in the same breath.)

      "Crucial is that both perspectives explain the
      meaning of FGM ( bg- Female Genitalia Mutilation)
      from their own normative morality; both try to fit
      it into their view on roles, rules and norms. From
      an absolutist ethic, the universalist labels it a
      patriarchal, denigrating practice. From a
      relativist ethic, cultural relativists celebrate it
      as a form of empowerment. By doing so, both are
      creating roles and norms in the web; thus they
      render every aspect of it false from its roots,
      viz. allowing oneself to be situated, being in the
      world or real-isation of the thing itself."

      "As the phenomenal world 'is a representation of
      entities, events and processes but not the thing
      itself', 'we participate in a process whereby the
      universe observes itself - and the universe becomes
      both the subject and object of experience'.
      Therefore, beyond good and evil, beyond humans and
      rights, beyond democratisation and citizenship,
      lies the participation in this real-isation."

      bg-These are my favorite quotes from your essay.


      GLORIA LEE contributes

      A disciple went to his yogi master one day asking
      for the secret of enlightenment. The master told
      him to repeat the following mantra for 4 years and
      then return.

      "When you breath in, say the mantra Sen-Sah." The
      disciple did as he was told and returned 4 years

      "I think I've got it down," he said. "What's next?"

      The yogi master told him to stop the first mantra
      and repeat another one for 4 years and return.

      "When you breath out, say the mantra Hoo-maah".

      4 years later the disciple returned, proud that he
      had followed exactly his master's directions, but
      slightly disilusioned.

      "I did exactly as you said master," the discpile
      whined, "but I have not attain enlightenment. What
      I am doing wrong?"

      "Put the 2 mantras together for the next 4 years
      and return." replied the master.

      4 years after, the diciple returned again, this
      time with the small smile of enlightenment on his

      "It was not until just yesterday that I understood
      what you meant master," the disciple said, shaking
      his head, laughing.

      "Some people take longer than others," replied the
      yogi, pleased that his disciple had finally
      developed Sen-Sah Hoo-mah, a sense of humor.




      ºAll things arise,
      ºSuffer change,
      ºAnd pass away.

      That is what that seems - whatever is observed
      is change itself.

      ºThis is their nature.

      Things do not have an intrinsic nature:
      Neither does change which isn't a thing.

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºNothing perturbs you,
      ºNothing hurts you.

      Pain is just pain.
      But a threshold exceeded and it surely hurts.
      Need evidence? :)

      ºYou become still.

      When pain is strong enough, it surely inhibits thinking.

      ºIt is easy.

      A good question for the list statistician :)

      ºGod made all things.
      ºThere is only God.

      Another way of stating that the creator
      creates him/herself.

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºDesire melts away.

      Knowledge certainly doesn't quench the
      appetite for donuts!
      And that is but one of many appetites.

      ºClinging to nothing,
      ºYou become still.

      Clinging to nothing still is clinging.

      ºSooner or later,
      ºFortune or misfortune
      ºMay befall you.

      But such classification can only arise
      when there is clinging!

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºYou desire nothing,
      ºYou grieve for nothing.

      The desire to desire nothing still is a desire.
      And grieving surely occurs when forgetting that.
      Which results in clinging to knowledge.

      ºSubduing the senses,
      ºYou are happy.

      That has led to practices like staring in the
      sun standing on one leg for days :)

      ºWhatever you do
      ºBrings joy or sorrow,
      ºLife or death.

      Joy and sorrow are but phases
      of the mind like ebb and flow of the ocean.
      They happen too without any interaction.

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºYou may act freely,
      ºWithout attachment.

      There is no such thing as free action:
      a stone thrown out of a boat will cause
      waves invariably rocking that boat.

      ºFor what is there to accomplish?

      A modification of mind which no longer supports
      the potential for "suffering" in its broadest sense!

      ºAll sorrow comes from fear.
      º From nothing else.

      No: sorrow comes from unmet expectations,
      whether "sensible" or "insensible" ones.

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºYou become free of it,
      ºAnd desire melts away.

      A good question for the list statistician :)
      Desire only goes away at the evidence of
      'something vastly better' already 'there'.

      ºYou become happy
      ºAnd still.
      º"I am not the body,
      ºNor is the body mine.
      ºI am awareness itself"

      Without experiential verification, the unavoidable
      event of death will make it desirable.
      Pop! goes the clinging :)

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºYou have no thought
      ºFor what you have done
      ºOr left undone.

      Well, hopefully not so when partaking
      in traffic :)

      ºYou become one,
      ºPerfect and indivisible.

      Indivisible from what?

      º"I am in all things,
      º From Brahma to a blade of grass."

      Yes, identification is difficult to conquer ;-)
      Not to mention, a few lines further on, these
      things are labeled 'nothing'!

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºYou have no thought
      ºFor success or failure
      ºOr the mind's inconstancy.

      Success and failure, the notions of
      the mind denoting clinging.
      Still easy to overcome?

      ºYou are pure.
      ºYou are still.

      Isn't that a generalization of the kind
      "Sunday morning the city is quiet"?

      ºThe world with all its wonders
      ºIs nothing.

      Thanks for the laugh! a few lines earlier was written:
      'God made all things.'
      'There is only God.'

      Ergo, God is nothing too and so is the mind-body.
      Hence, desires, clinging, it is all nothing!
      So why bother at all.

      ºWhen you know this,
      ºDesire melts away.

      But they are nothing - hence cannot melt away
      as less than nothing doesn't exist (yet?).

      ºFor you are awareness itself.

      So are desires and clinging!

      ºWhen you know in your heart
      ºThat there is nothing,
      ºYou are still.

      No, you only know that the perpetual noise in the head
      is nothing too, as are all your moods and feelings.
      But your wife and kids might disagree!



      from his mailing list


      Wholly In Consonance With Hum Pleasure



      Thanks for the responses to the recent rant 'did
      you ever?'.

      One gentle person reminded me that God is my Father
      and one should always talk nicely about one's
      Parents. Thanks for the sweet message.

      Another person just hooted in laughter. Somebody
      else wondered how I got the camera in their house.

      The warning was included because calling god a son
      of a bitch and an asshole is sure to piss somebody
      off! <grin>

      I am sure that there are those who might picture me
      sitting at the keyboard, jaw clenched, eyes
      bulging, hair in disarray, all the while fiercely
      gripping the edge of my desk as I pour out my
      bitter angst against an uncaring universe.

      Phew! Nah, I smiled the whole way through. I
      consider the rant to be a neglected art form. A
      classic rant can be found in the book "The Sayings
      of Old Ch'eng on the nature of the original mind"
      as translated by Mike Dickman.

      In the book Old Ch'eng is addressing the monks in a
      monastery. He tells them "Shave-pated monks, you
      are shutting your own eyes with mud and complaining
      you can't see. ... The fact you do not is simply
      because of your incessant jabbering to yourselves
      and others."

      He holds nothing back as in:

      ""Too weak to see into the original mind and to
      live on your own resources, you hide your pettiness
      and insignificance behind the castoffs of others:
      piling up points of view, cultivating their
      nuances, differences and convergence's.

      What fakes! Because you can amaze idiots with
      tricks like this, you imagine yourselves

      You have seduced yourselves! Your sickness is
      entirely incurable!"

      At the end Old Ch'eng reveals the secret to knowing
      original mind. Namely, that there is no secret to
      knowing original mind.

      Though the setting is a monastery and Old Ch'eng
      appears to be talking to the monks, he is really
      talking about all of humanity. He speaks
      straight-out as someone who has been there and done
      those things that hold one back. He knows and has
      no fear. He also knows that his words aren't
      important - "Whatever I have to say about original
      mind cannot help you in the slightest except,
      perhaps, to push you into looking for it yourselves
      and coming to see it face to face, without artifice
      or reference to outside authority." He also says -
      "If you let yourselves be seduced by the words and
      cheap illusions of the wise, you are lost."

      A good rant can hit hard right at the things kept
      just below the surface. Our hopes, fears, dreams,
      and idiotic musings are all fair game for a good
      rant. If the rant causes a strong reaction, then it
      serves to point at some area in need of
      examination. Did it make you angry? If so, take a
      look at the source of the anger and thereby let it
      dissolve. Did it make you miserable, or happy, or
      whatever? If so, then maybe you can take a close
      look to see what it is that is having these
      reactions. If not, then do whatever suits.

      Like any artistic medium, a rant is also a form of
      self expression. When a painter can really 'see'
      something in the subject that seeing comes through
      on the canvass. The rantor must be open to seeing
      within himself the things he rants about.
      Otherwise, he is just being argumentative. Old
      Ch'eng had to at one point in his life see that he
      was just as stupid and deluded as the monks he

      The inspiration for 'did you ever?' came from
      recent readings of the various lists I belong to,
      the world news, joyful music, and the laughter of

      The feelings in 'did you ever?' came from those
      times in my 'personal' drama when I hated God, The
      Universe and Everything. The feelings we may have
      all had at one time or another when we were just
      plain old pissed at the unfairness of it all. The
      times when we delved into a morass of our own
      making, full of self pity and selfishness. The
      times when we accept all the shittiness of life and
      learn to laugh at our antics.

      No, I did not need to dredge up and relive old
      feelings of anger and angst in order to write 'did
      you ever?'. But without having gone through those
      experiences (more often and longer than was
      enjoyable) the rant would have no power to evoke
      reaction. But, no, I didn't write the rant just to
      get a reaction. That would be silly!

      It was fun in writing and the reactions are
      delightful, though. Hey, one might as well have a
      good time, eh?

      loving you - michael


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