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Monday, March 4, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    The Nondual Highlights outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list Monday, March 4, 2002 The 993nd Edition Search all Editions of the Nondual
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2002

      The Nondual Highlights

      outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list

      Monday, March 4, 2002

      The 993nd Edition
      Search all Editions of the Nondual Highlights:

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk

      Today's Highlights Edited by

      Gloria Lee


      Until you can offer evidence you cannot claim any definition of
      these mysteries is any more valid than any one else's claims.

      Hehe, I was wondering when things would get around to this: the root
      in one's own neediness.

      Here's another twist:

      I have found that I am compelled to help others, in fact, there seems
      to be this magnetic FORCE that draws needy people to me. Is it helper
      pheromones? I don't know. Walk down the street, and every person
      needing a 'cup of coffee' (or name your beverage) or a few quarters
      for the bus or food for their kids or directions or conversation or
      attention or an outlet or a whipping board appears in my path. Even
      if I am in a group of people, these people come directly for me.

      There are all kinds of need around me. So many ways of manifesting.

      I have learned to recognize 'natural need' (which I may oblige)
      and 'toxic need' (which I do not)... and to put my own needs first.

      This is an odd twist on compassion, eh?
      This is great wisdom, whether applied to "one's own" needs or the needs of "others'"!
      understanding of self - finer godsend flaunts
      self and bliss - badness fills
      self and fortune - resentful and of...
      self-abasement - false name best
      self-abuse - safe blues
      self-accusation - unsocial facets
      self-acting - face glints
      self-actualize - faculties' zeal
      self-admirer - dearer films
      self-analytic - clean falsity
      self-applause - ape plus fleas
      self-appointed - finest dope, pal
      self-asserting - tireless fangs
      self-centered - reflects need
      self-chastisement - finest aches smelt
      self-conceit - conflict, see!
      self-conscious - fool in success
      self-contained - enclosed in fat!
      self-contradiction - ordinate conflicts
      self-denial - defines all
      self-depreciation - if delicate person
      self-destruct - rust deflects
      self-identification - infinite of dialects
      self-image - mega files
      self-immolation - fame to millions
      self-importance - farce, simpleton!
      self-improvement - left prime venoms
      self-interest - inserts fleet!
      self-limited - lifted smile
      self-love - levels of
      self-mortification - is official torment
      self-mutilation - all-out feminist
      self-proclaimed - flares compiled
      self-promotion - molest if porno
      self-published - Bush if spelled
      self-purification - unofficial priest
      self-realization - laziest if loner
      self-reliance - life's cleaner
      self-righteous - huge fist, loser!
      selfish - flesh is!
      self and relationship - finest paranoid hells
      GLORIA LEE sends
      ----- Original Message -----
      To: Hafiz

      Time is the shop
      Where everyone works hard

      To build enough love
      To break the

      Wise men keep talking about
      Wanting to meet Her.

      Women sometimes pronounce the word God
      A little differently:
      They can use more feeling and skill
      With the heart-lute.

      All the world's movements,
      Apparent chaos, and suffering I now know happen
      In the Splendid Unison:

      Our tambourines are striking
      The same thigh.

      Hafiz stands
      At a juncture in this poem.
      There are a thousand new wheels I could craft
      On a wagon
      And place you in -
      Lead you to a glimpse of the culture
      And seasons in another dimension.

      Yet again God
      Will have to drop you back at the shop
      Where you still have work


      ("The Gift" -- versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky; orginal presentation by David Williamson)
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