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Sunday, March 3, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    The Nondual Highlights outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list Sunday, March 3, 2002 The 992nd Edition Search all Editions of the Nondual
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      The Nondual Highlights

      outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list

      Sunday, March 3, 2002

      The 992nd Edition
      Search all Editions of the Nondual Highlights:

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk

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      Today's Highlights Edited by

      Jerry Katz

      JAN SULTAN contributes:

      Franklin Merrell-Wolff's fundamental realizations

      First Fundamental Recognition: Realization of Self,

      The first of Wolff's two fundamental Realizations
      took place on August 6, 1936. In contrast with the
      prior insights, which retained objective elements
      in his own consciousness and thus fell short of
      genuine identification, the fundamental
      Realizations unequivocally transcended the
      subject-object or relative consciousness. Just
      prior to the first Realization, Wolff had been
      meditating upon the teachings of Shankara,
      particularly the discussion of Liberation. Upon
      meditative reflection, he realized that his efforts
      to attain Liberation involved a seeking after a
      subtle object of experience. But any new object of
      experience, no matter how subtle, was something
      other than the objectless transcendent
      consciousness. Thus, Liberation does not
      necessarily involve any new object of experience or
      change in the content of consciousness. To seek
      such a new object or experience, therefore, is a
      mistake. Genuine Realization, therefore, is a
      recognition of Nothing -- but a Nothing that is
      absolutely Substantial and identical with the SELF.
      The result of this profound realization was the
      complete and instant cessation of expectation of
      having any new experience or relative form of
      knowledge arise. The light of consciousness then
      turned back upon itself, toward its source, and the
      pure Atman was realized as absolute fullness and as
      identical with himself. This Recognition was not an
      experience of any new content in consciousness, but
      a Re-Cognition of a Truth that is, was, and always
      will be. It is a nondual knowledge of identity that
      transcends space and time. Nevertheless, there were
      various effects experienced within the relative
      consciousness, that may be considered expressions
      of the Recognition. Because the Recognition is not
      the recognition of any particular effects or
      phenomena, they should not be confused with the
      Recognition itself. Some of the effects Wolff
      experienced were: (1) A shift in the base of
      reference in consciousness, transplanting the roots
      of identity from the relative to the transcendent,
      (2) a transformation of the meaning of self from a
      point-like principle opposed to objects of
      experience to a space-like identity with the entire
      field of consciousness and all its contents, (3) a
      sense of penetrating knowledge into the depths of
      reality, (4) a transcendence of space, time, and
      causality, (4) complete freedom and liberation from
      all bondage. Also experienced were qualities of
      joy, felicity, serenity, peace, and benevolence.

      Second Fundamental Recognition: High Indifference,

      Although Wolff's first fundamental Realization was
      an unequivocal transcendence of the subject-object
      consciousness, for a period of approximately 33
      days there remained certain unresolved tensions
      preventing it from being a full state of
      equilibrium. This tension consisted in the contrast
      in valuation between the superlative Joy, Peace,
      Rest, Freedom and Knowledge of the Transcendent and
      the emptiness of the relative world. There was a
      distinction between being bound to embodied
      consciousness and not being so bound, with a subtle
      attachment to being not bound. Counter-acting this
      subtle attachment, however, was Wolff's prior
      acceptance of the bodhisattva vow, a commitment to
      the value of relative manifestation and embodiment,
      motivated by compassion for all sentient beings.
      With this motivation, Wolff resisted his strong
      inclination to retreat into the transcendent bliss
      of nirvanic consciousness. Instead, he sacrificed
      his strictly personal enjoyment of those
      transcendent values in order to maintain a relative
      embodiment and help liberate all sentient beings.
      This act of compassion and ultimate renunciation
      led to an unexpected second fundamental Recognition
      that resolved the residual tensions between the
      universe and nirvana. The Realization represented a
      complete Equilibrium, not only a relative
      equilibrium between objects, but also an ultimate
      Equilibrium between relative and absolute levels of
      consciousness. Because this realization does not
      give any more valuation to nirvana than to the
      universe, and recognizes no ultimate difference
      between the two, Wolff called it the High
      Indifference. It is the complete resolution of
      tension between all opposites, the complete
      transcendence of all distinctions, including the
      distinction between the transcendent and the
      relative. At this profoundly deep level of
      Recognition, all self-identity, both in the highest
      sense of the transcendental Self and the lower
      sense of the ego self, was no more. In Wolff's
      words, "I was no more and God was no more, but only
      the ETERNAL which sustains all Gods and Selves."


      The Nameless - Franklin Merrell-Wolff

      The Nameless
      Above, below, to right, to left, all-encompassing,
      Before and after and all between,
      Within and without, at once everywhere,
      Transforming and stable, ceaselessly;
      Uncaused, while fathering all causes,
      The Reason behind all reasoning,
      Needing nought, yet ever supplying,
      The One and Only, sustaining all variety,
      The Source of all qualities, possessing no attributes,
      Ever continuous, appearing discrete,
      Inexpressible, the base of all expression,
      Without number, making possible all number,
      Containing the lover and the beloved as one,
      Doing nought, remaining the Field of all action—
      The actor and the action not different—
      Indifferent in utter completion;
      Diffused through all space, yet in the Point concentrated,
      Beyond time, containing all time,
      Without bounds, making bounds possible,
      Knowing no change;
      Inconceivable, yet through It all conceiving becoming;
      Nameless ever and unmastered;
      THAT am I, and so art Thou.



      Whether 'free' or 'bound' depends on the
      definitions given: thoughts determine that. Pain
      plus mental turmoil is called suffering, without
      the turmoil 'just' pain and some will define that
      as 'free'. Yet, when the pain exceeds a threshold,
      fainting occurs which shows, that kind of freedom
      is relative too and numerous are the accounts of
      disease ridden saints who were visibly in pain
      despite saying 'i am not the body' which of course
      is true but for some, not very convincing. The
      potential to feel pain destroyed, whatever pertains
      to the mind-body is but sight and sound. For a few,
      only that defines as 'freedom' and it doesn't need
      a qualifier, both mind and body having become
      transparent like empty space. Please note the
      difference with a newborn, filled up to the brim
      with feelings :)



      so i was taking a walk a few days ago
      and i ran into a guy i run into about once a year

      knowing he runs an ashram
      i asked him how the enlightenment business was

      everyone's enlightened, he said cheerfully,
      only they don't know it

      where had i heard that before?


      we gabbed for awhile
      and then i mentioned i had a website
      and that he was listed as a spiritual teacher.

      he said he never uses the internet
      but that a year ago a woman found his name listed
      on a website

      she was attracted by a quote attached to the listing.

      he quoted the quote and i recognized the listing
      from my website.

      that woman had traveled a long distance
      to be with this teacher, based on the quote.

      now they had lived together for one year
      and he seemed happy about it.

      i thought it was interesting and all that.
      compassion is being and allowing.

      so he seemed quite happy to make the connection
      and i went on my way.

      a week later i happened to meet him again.

      that morning his woman told him she 'needed space'
      and their relationship was about to end.

      oh well.

      but he thought maybe my presence was a good sign
      and that she'd change her mind.

      oh well. whatever. nothing i could do about it.

      i hung around him a little while
      and it was revealed that there was a person
      in his ashram
      with vampire tendencies
      who was drawing people away from his main group

      he didn't know how to extract this vampire.

      seems there are landlord/tenant legalities involved.

      so what does a guru do?

      he seemed puzzled and mentioned that he was fearful.

      what does a guru do?

      what can he do except all he can
      then relax and let it all be?

      so the vampire takes all his followers.

      so his woman leaves.

      so what?

      he's a guru for chrissakes.

      so his world falls apart.

      the entire world is a catastrophe
      because of a single thing not known.

      know that thing
      and what is there
      and what is there not?

      not even that knowing.

      so things can be pretty rough for people.


      ...vampires and
      other (unwanted) guests spontaneously leave when
      enveloped by a strong, positive space charge. A
      similar application is that of subsonic waves:
      likely to cause anxiety about 'family & home'.

      Long ago i came across a rare booklet, translated
      from Sanskrit into English, at a time it was
      thought, the restless Westerners could be benefited
      by studying the science of emotions. Knowing and
      applying prevents the build up of situations glued
      together with compromises, the sum of which sooner
      or later develops into a stranglehold.

      It boils down to this:

      The mind-body is like a sail boat driven by the
      wind, the emotions. The emotional memory is the
      automatic rudder, so the course of the boat is
      entirely out of control, but not random.

      The operation described was to cut down the mast
      and start rowing! Then, the rudder loses most of
      its influence and eventually, a powerful engine can
      be assembled, adjusting the rudder manually for
      "the other shore".

      When i read the book, it was a nice 'deja-vu'.



      As a newbie at NDS, I confess I was not expecting
      to find such a colorful, spirited and gutsy give
      and take as the discussion of sexual identity which
      flared up on this list just as I signed on. We seem
      on the other side of most of the fireworks, and
      hopefully the better for it. It seems we have come
      to a rounding of the circle. Early on Gene said
      that "Root Being carries identity in its back
      pocket, like a driver's license", and just a few
      posts ago, Eric expressed the same thought saying:
      "no matter how you slice it, sexual identity is
      just another form of identification, and must
      finally go if Self Realization is the goal." I
      would guess that sexual identity may not have to be
      completely given up. Seeing through it and
      re-cognizing it may be sufficient, but when I get
      closer to the goal, I'll have another look.

      At the center of our understanding of nondualism
      are questions of identity. "Who am I?" being, of
      course, the primary issue. It would seem that we
      students of nonduality would have an easier time
      than most in seeing just what identification
      amounts to and understanding its blandishments and
      its limitations.

      It appears that both our stalwarts have overstated
      their cases. On the one hand, it seems clear that
      any claim to an identity, be that as a man or
      woman, or white or black, or Jew or Christian, or
      handsome or ugly, has only a restricted
      application. And that obsessive rigidity in tying
      ourselves up in such identities can be limiting in
      obvious ways. On the other hand, it seems equally
      clear that someone who bases an identity on a
      recognition of the actualities of his life, as for
      example, sexual feelings and personal sensibilities
      as he experiences them, is not in the same category
      of self-delusion as someone who takes himself to be
      a rusty paper clip or the second coming of God
      Almighty. We don't want to insist that all members
      of the Hibernian Order of the Sacred Cross need to
      be locked up until they repent of their limited

      On this lazy Sunday morning, my thoughts are
      focused on other concerns. Not least of which is
      the fact that, as some of you may know, our
      brother, friend, and teacher, Sandeep, last known
      to have been close to the scene of carnage in
      India, has not been heard from for a disquieting
      long time.


      Sandeep mentioned that he had made some "noises" on
      the subject at issue which were not appreciated by
      some of the parties concerned. For a while, we on
      the Yearnings list consoled ourselves in the
      thought that he was in Bombay, far away from the
      center of agitation. And then we got a bombshell.
      An Indian friend of his told us that Sandeep was
      not in Bombay, but in Godhra, which is indeed in
      the center of these current events, and actually
      mentioned in today's New York Times coverage. What
      is more, Sandeep's friend reported that none of
      Sandeep's acquaintances who he was familiar with,
      knew where Sandeep might be. The posts on Yearning
      are painful to read. I am still hopeful -
      unfortunately without anything to go on - that we
      haven't heard the last of him.



      ...............just keep thinking you are free,
      think it all day long, chant it, make it your
      mantra, say it 10,000 times an hour, post notes on
      your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and your front
      door, wear t-shirts that proclaim it, and bumper
      stickers that announce it, tell everyone you know,
      write it in your journal, and on all the elists you
      belong to and just keep on suffering baby. Thinking
      one is free has never and will never change the
      fact of suffering (bondage), will never bring about



      People who crusade for peace, love,
      justice and 'goodness'

      often carry some of the heaviest,
      deadliest arsenal.

      One need only listen to the news for
      5 minutes to bare this out.

      It may be worth a ponder.


      SU GANDOLF contributes

      A poem by Jaan Kaplinski

      Once I got a postcard from the Fiji Islands
      with a picture of sugar cane harvest. Then I realized
      that nothing at all is exotic in itself.
      There is no difference between digging potatoes in our
           Mutiku garden.
      and sugar cane harvesting in Viti Levu.
      Everything that is very ordinary
      or, rather, neither ordinary nor strange.
      Far-off lands and foreign peoples are a dream,
      a dreaming with open eyes
      somebody does not wake from.
      It's the same with poetry – seen from afar
      it's something special, mysterious, festive.
      No, poetry is even less
      special than a sugar cane plantation or potato field.
      Poetry is like sawdust coming from under the saw
      or soft yellowish shavings from a plane.
      Poetry is washing hands in the evening
      or a clean handkerchief that my late aunt
      never forgot to put in my pocket.



      Love, Knowledge and Freedom

      Being Is Freedom.

      Desire is desire, love is love, hatred is hatred,
      anger is anger, sadness is sadness, rage is rage,
      and bliss is bliss. What of it?

      There is no mystery here. If you truly accept the
      totality of what is, then where is the need to
      improve yourself.

      But you should improve yourself, if you feel you
      have to. Don't go against your natural feeling. It
      just creates additional conflicts.

      In the long run, forget about overcoming your
      conditioning. That itself is another type of
      conditioning. Just layer upon layer upon layers of
      conditioning constitute our identity. You may as
      well become an enormous and huge Chocolate Cake at
      a wedding! You will have fewer layers to contend
      with and you will taste better to your friends!

      There is no end to this nonsense about
      self-improvement and if you have the energy to
      pursue, it will continue in one form or another.

      Forget permanent and impermanent. Forget freedom
      and bondage. Forget Samsara and Moksha. Remain as
      you are. That is actually the only thing anyone can
      do really well.

      You don't need lessons!

      If you know in your bones that there is absolutely
      nothing you can do, you will See that there is
      absolutely nothing you need to do!

      To See Is To Be. To Be is to See.

      These are Not Two!

      If you love Truth enough, you will see that You are
      the Truth!

      You and Truth.

      These are not Two!

      If you Love Truth enough, you will see that You are

      You and Love.

      These are not Two!

      Keep it in sight You will be all right!

      Be Seeing You (:-).



      One who is Awake, in the spiritual sense, is
      expressing Light, is Rapture itself, ecstatic,
      blissful. Such a one is like a pulsating moment or
      event of Radiance, filling all corners of the
      universes. Such a one is Love itself, present to
      shine on any and all who will recognize this
      benediction. And shining on all who won't recognize
      this benediction, as a silent and profound
      encouragement towards recognition. Surrender to the
      Will of God, or Slavery to the Law in every moment,
      allows one to be or exist as perfect sympathy to
      the Divine Process and to the Divine Essence, which
      is itself Light, Love, Power , Glory, Compassion,
      and Mercy. Such a one loses personification(in the
      Real sense, not in the apparent sense) in bending
      to the needs of everyman, and even to the endless
      worlds of creation in every form. Even this concept
      is mindlessly unimagineable, even unthinkable to
      one who thinks or percieves from the posture or
      context or disposition of survival, separation from
      God, and the need to sustain this human form
      immortally. For one who does not see God as the
      Father and Source of all, including that one's very
      existence, any consideration of the Truth of
      Awakening is conceptually impossible. Loving God,
      however, is quite different from, essentially
      distinct from, Awakened existence, function, and
      surrender even though it must arise from the
      context of Awakening. Loving God, which is pure
      Gift, literally the only Grace, is a condition (not
      a gesture, posture, or a positional meditation) in
      which the entire Radiance or expression of
      universal Light, impersonally breathed in every
      moment and to everyone/everything, is limited to
      one channel or beam of direction which is God in
      Personal Form. Being Awake and therefore
      surrendered to the Law, Sacrificed to the Great
      Process of Divine Evolution, is being a reflector
      of God, bathing all beings in this outward
      reflection or radiance. Loving God is reflecting
      God only back to Himself. Loving God is a
      reflection of God to God. Being Awake is a
      reflection of God's Reality to reality. Loving God
      is being turned only in the direction of God,
      melting in every moment in the heat and passion of
      ones love for God, in all God's glory and beauty,
      in His completely whimsical Being. Being, Love on
      the other hand, which is the condition of
      Enlightenment, is expressing this Love outward as
      God with outwardly no distinction as to the object
      of this reflection and with no reflection of God.

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