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Sat & Sun, February 23-24, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    *************** JOYCE SHORT Hi Nina. ... It just occurred to me you are just the one to ask this. Now when Im swimming face down on tummy, just floating away,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
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      Hi Nina.

      > Oh good, I'm not the only one in the dark (with my
      sweet potatoes)
      > around here!

      It just occurred to me you are just the one to ask this.

      Now when Im swimming face down on tummy, just floating away, eventually body
      will attempt to right itself by turning towards the left side-it kind of
      tips down toward the left first.  This is always so-I tried again today.  is
      this so for everyone? and why turning left and not right?

      Grinning under water,
      > darkly grinningly,
      > or was that
      > Nina

      Joyce, it is for the same reason that giant redwoods grow in spirals.
      (Have you ever noticed which way the redwood spirals spin?) Your
      swimmingly grinning face down bobbing body is loose on the motion of
      the rotation of the earth, which doesn't distinguish between redwoods
      and bobbley you. The other explanation is that your left-hand jet-
      propulsion tank is a bit low on fuel, or perhaps the device a bit
      congested, and so is sputteringly unable to keep up with the healthy
      full-on push of your right-hand jet propulsion device. As for the
      leftward tip prior to spinning, I would say, check for balanced
      loading. My washing machine does the same thing when I put all the
      heavy towels on one side and the skimpies on the other, and yes, it
      would gladly spin if it weren't lodged between the dryer and the
      laundry shelves. You might have a bit too much baggage on the left
      side, dragging you down, my dear. Or, perhaps, the loading is
      properly handled, and the leftward lurch is simply a by-product of
      your nose catching the water and dragging you down as the leftward
      spinning commences. A regular rudder of a nose! As for me, nope,
      can't say I spin to the left, although my legs do sink while my head
      remains bobbing at the surface of the water, leaving me to be
      thankful that the air in my head is at least serving to keep me from
      sinking straight to the bottom of the pool.

      purely speculatorily

      Andrew & Friends,

      I think it was Shel Silverstein who wrote:

      The Slithergadee
      came out of the sea
      to eat all the people
      except you and me.

      No you won't eat me,
      you slithergadee,
      no, you wo...

      yours in the bonds,


      Spiritual Materialism & Disappointment - Chogyam Trungpa

      As long as we follow a spiritual approach promising salvation, miracles,
      liberation, then we are bound by the "golden chain of spirituality." Such a
      chain might be beautiful to wear, with its inlaid jewels and intricate
      carvings, but nevertheless, it imprisons us. People think they can wear the
      golden chain for decoration without being imprisoned by it, but they are
      deceiving themselves. As long as one's approach to spirituality is based
      upon enriching ego, then it is spiritual materialism, a suicidal process
      rather than a creative one.

      All the promises we have heard are pure seduction. We expect the teachings
      to solve all our problems; we expect to be provided with magical means to
      deal with our depressions, our aggressions, our sexual hangups. But to our
      surprise we begin to realize that this is not going to happen. It is very
      disappointing to realize that we must work on ourselves and our suffering
      rather than depend upon a savior or the magical power of yogic techniques.
      It is disappointing to realize that we have to give up our expectations
      rather than build on the basis of our preconceptions.

      We must allow ourselves to be disappointed, which means the surrendering of
      me-ness, my achievement. We would like to watch ourselves attain
      enlightenment, watch our disciples celebrating, worshipping, throwing
      flowers at us, with miracles and earthquakes occurring and gods and angels
      singing and so forth. This never happens. The attainment of enlightenment
      from ego's point of view is extreme death, the death of self, the death of
      me and mine, the death of the watcher. It is the ultimate and final
      disappointment. Treading the spiritual path is painful. It is a constant
      unmasking, peeling off of layer after layer of masks. It involves insult
      after insult.

      Such a series of disappointments inspires us to give up ambition. We fall
      down and down and down, until we touch the ground, until we relate with the
      basic sanity of earth. We become the lowest of the low, the smallest of the
      small, a grain of sand, perfectly simple, no expectations. When we are
      grounded, there is no room for dreaming or frivolous impulse, so our
      practice at last becomes workable. We begin to learn how to make a proper
      cup of tea, how to walk straight without tripping. Our whole approach to
      life becomes more simple and direct, and any teachings we might hear or
      books we might read become workable. They become confirmations,
      encouragements to work as a grain of sand, as we are, without expectations,
      without dreams.

      We have heard so many promises, have listened to so many alluring
      descriptions of exotic places of all kinds, have seen so many dreams, but
      from the point of view of a grain of sand, we could not care less. We are
      just a speck of dust in the midst of the universe. At the same time our
      situation is very spacious, very beautiful and workable. In fact, it is
      very inviting, inspiring. If you are a grain of sand, the rest of the
      universe, all the space, all the room is yours, because you obstruct
      nothing, overcrowd nothing, possess nothing. There is tremendous openness.
      You are the emperor of the universe because you are a grain of sand. The
      world is very simple and at the same time very dignified and open, because
      your inspiration is based upon disappointment, which is without the
      ambition of the ego.

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