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Saturday, January 26

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  • Jerry Katz
    JAMES TRAVERSE NonDuality means not two AND All is One . The very word NonDuality obviously refers to two and it says that that which appears as two, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2002

      NonDuality means 'not two' AND 'All is One'.

      The very word NonDuality obviously refers to two and it
      says that that which appears as two, which means separate,
      is not separate. It avoids making a concluding statement
      and through negation it reveals that 'not two' AND 'All is
      One' are ***different forms of the same thing*** that
      *appear* to be separate.

      OneDuality also states the obvious - it says that which
      appears as two, separate, is One - they are different forms
      of the same thing.

      Thus, NonDuality and OneDuality are different ways to
      express the same thing. By themselves each is incomplete,
      unreal. United in their quiddity, they represent
      Reality-Unreality, the Whole, which is greater than the sum
      of the individual parts.


      I see NonDuality in a different light. Lets take Light and
      Dark as an example. Are they really two seperate things as
      perceived by us? No, each is merely a measure of one thing,
      ie. luminosity. So that which appears to be two is in fact
      only one. Kinda like looking at a coin. You can look at the
      heads or the tails, but it's still one coin. All our
      dualities are merely measurements of one which leads to a
      perception of two.


      Hi Penn,

      Thank you for your comments.

      I see the above as OneDuality.

      And I see the below as NonDuality.

      Love, James

      God is always quite unable to be comprehended by the
      faculty of intelligence, but he is totally and perfectly
      intelligible by the power of love. Every single creature,
      moreover; will know him differently. Dwell on this if you
      have the grace to do so, because to experience this for
      oneself is everlasting joy, and to the contrary is
      everlasting pain.

      Translated from "The Cloud of Unknowing" by an anonymous


      Nisargadatta List

      I still remember when I was handed
      my first history book in grade school!

      I paged through this big thick musty thing,
      w/yellow pictures, this was in the 40's,
      and handed it back to the teacher,
      and said, "no thank you, I'm not
      interested in the past, I'm here now!"

      As to lethargy,
      there is nothing lethargic
      about being undeceived.

      At any age!


      from Center of Friends list

      From UG Krishnamurti -

      You are not ready to accept the fact that you have to give
      up. A complete and total 'surrender'.... It is a state of
      hopelessness which says that there is no way out.... Any
      movement in any direction, on any dimension, at any level,
      is taking you away from yourself....

      "We don't want to be free from fear. All that we want to do
      is to play games with it and talk about freeing ourselves
      from fear."

      "Your constant utilization of thought to give continuity to
      your separate self is 'you'. There is nothing there inside
      you other than that."

      "When the movement in the direction of becoming something
      other than what you are isn't there any more, you are not
      in conflict with yourself."

      God or enlightenment is the ultimate pleasure,
      uninterrupted happiness. No such thing exists. Your wanting
      something that does not exist is the root of your problems.
      Transformation, moksh a, liberation, and all that stuff,
      are just variations of the same theme: permanent happiness.
      The body can't take uninterrupted pleasure for long; it
      would be destroyed. Wanting to impose a fictitious
      permanent state of happiness on the body is a serious
      neurological problem. --U.G.

      The search ends with the realization that there is no such
      thing as enlightenment. By searching, you want to be free
      from the self, but whatever you are doing to free yourself
      from the self is the self. How can I make you understand
      this simple thing? There is no 'how'. If I tell you that,
      it will only add more momentum to that....

      You never question the solutions. If you really question
      the solutions you will have to question the ones who have
      offered you those solutions. But sentimentality stands in
      the way of your rejecting not only the solutions, but those
      who have offered you the solutions. Questioning that
      requires a tremendous courage on your part. You can have
      the courage to climb the mountain, swim the lakes, go on a
      raft to the other side of the Atlantic or Pacific. That any
      fool can do, but the courage to be on your own, to stand on
      your two solid feet, is something which cannot be given by
      somebody. You cannot free yourself of that burden by trying
      to develop that courage. If you are freed from the entire
      burden of the entire past of mankind, then what is left
      there is the courage. -- U.G.


      from HarshaSatsangh

      Hello friends,

      It is a magnificent, magical, enchanting day here.

      It is like waking up in a poem.

      It snowed here overnight and in the absence of wind the
      puffy flakes gathered on the trees and the ground like a
      blanket of Silence. The scene from my window is so
      beautiful it makes the eyes ache as they behold the glory
      of this day. It is a land of cotton candy, some children
      are giggling and I can feel the Love of their dog as she
      frolics with them in this wonderland. Others are shoveling
      snow, I hear the grating of their shovels, cheery voices
      wishing each other a happy day, I hear the sound of a
      distant fog horn moaning 'Good Morning', and there that
      Silence which embraces all.

      I walked in the park, my heart sang Amazing Grace, the
      trees genuflected under the weight of their own Beauty, and
      the birds rejoiced to the heavens with me. And again there
      was that Silence that is there for no reason whatsoever.


      I love snow
      when there is no where to go
      and the heat is working in the house.
      To sip tea and
      look through the window
      now and then
      is heaven.
      After the sun goes down
      the moon shines still
      there can be no night
      in the season of love.

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