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Highlights, Fri., Sept. 3

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    Beingness always surprises my mind --Xan _____________________________________________________________________ I do not pretend to know. All I know is love.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 1999
      my mind



      I do not pretend to know.
      All I know is love.
      And it embraces every word.
      Be it mine or be it yours.



      There is a space inbetween 'right' and 'wrong'....
      which takes us *beyond* 'right' and 'wrong'.

      I'll meet you there.

      with love,


      Oh glorious burning
      centerless flame
      consumes me!

      In this joyful
      and excruciating
      bonfire of
      I am.


      There is some nothing, something that has nothing to do with
      anything. And that nothing is more important than the
      anything. Yet everybody seems to be caught-up in the
      anything. Nobody knows the nothing.

      If I do not know the nothing, then it can be communicated.
      I can't possibly hear the anything. I can only hear what I
      don't know.

      Nobody knows the nothing. So anybody can hear the nothing.
      But everybody knows the anything, so they can't hear.

      That's why nobody can hear the nothing. Because nobody's
      used to hearing. Everybody's satisfied with knowing the
      anything. Even though the nothing is more important.

      Neglecting what's important is at the root of problems
      everybody has.


      It is assumed that after we have dropped various conditions
      and attained a high level of detachment, wisdom,
      understanding, etc., that we will be in a position to
      experience perfection, see Truth or be with God, or merge
      with Brahaman. However, if one fully embraces wholeness of
      the ordinary (the everyday usual) awareness, what next step
      could there be? One can ask the following: How can one
      discard that (attachment or condition) which truly does not
      belong to It?

      And how can one discard that which one Is? This is a
      profound meditation, which is the acceptance of the ordinary
      and conditional awareness with the full knowledge that this
      is the unconditional awareness. Once the Heart of Attention
      has fundamentally shifted to Itself, that Itself is the fuel
      of the effortless effort which eventually burns up leaving
      nothing behind. When the Ground of Being absorbs all
      attention and all effort, what is there to discard, and how,
      and by whom? Such a questioning may start at the
      intellectual level but will not stay there if pursued. Of
      course, I am not opposed to discarding various types of
      conditioning and attaining finer and finer levels of
      detachment and understanding at all. If you are for it, I
      am for it.


      I am the texture, the light, the space, the shape. This
      body-mind is a universe, and that is astonishing.

      At least it's astonishing to all of the conditioning that
      led the body-mind to think of itself as a tangible thing
      amidst a collection of other things.

      What is the "faculty" that brings forth the body-mind as
      universe? Isn't that question a kicker! We invent names
      for it, discourses about it, and religious imagery for it,
      but what is it really!!



      In order to know what is the body-mind, one would have to be
      an observer "outside" a body-mind. In nirvikalpa samadhi
      mind, body and senses are absent and this gives rise to the
      notion of the static unmanifested, which is one. Matter,
      inertia and memory are inseparable; conscious perception
      requires memory.

      Conscious perception doesn't develop continuously but in
      leaps (it could be called quantized); in order to become
      aware of a change, a threshold has to be passed; this can be
      easily verified. The unmanifested, being aware of the
      smallest possible change, initiating the "birth" of matter
      is not possible; only when the organisation of matter has
      passed a certain threshold (quantization again), enabling to
      serve as a memory, awareness will start developing,
      resulting in sense perception.

      Hence, "how" it all started is unknowable. As "all" started
      "with" the unchangeable, it is the substratum without
      support, supporting everything. The "proof of the pudding"
      (how it will end) is possible for those, awake to the extent
      that the fate of the body-mind will not have effects like
      sleep or fainting (all transformations completed); awake
      while all elements are being withdrawn into their source.

      Once a gift is given, the receiver of the gift is the sole

      With Love,

      Who said anything about believing in God anyway? I just
      think it is ego centric to think we are God. I am talking
      about humans not God. I think it is an ego centric
      projection to think that we are God.

      ...you will never reach God as long as you continue to
      believe in him.


      Belief is antithetical to the actual, and the actual has no
      need of belief. Belief is a distorting lens interposed
      between awareness and discovery. To his dying day, Columbus
      believed that he'd visited the Indies. The final perceptual
      barrier between "we/you/I" and "the Absolute" is the
      presumptive notion of separation -- a belief.


      ...for me, the initial, immediate experience of
      nothing/emptiness was terrifying-- going with that terror,
      examining it, running, etc. . . i would become more
      separate. even more so, when i attempted to achieve it! it
      was ego made me want to believe. there was nothing to
      believe. surrender. falling into the emptiness-- being the
      terror is where the freedom is. only then, i laughed and
      smiled a smile that did not belong to aleks. . .

      that smile that came outa nowhere from nothing. . .

      sweet surrender agony, exstasy, blood and fire purification
      and peace

      love and blessings, aleks
      For Nora especially.
      Gangaji Retreat:

      Gangaji said, as always, that what we are can be recognized,
      known and deepened through self-inquiry. Self-inquiry means
      to discover what one is beyond all thought. To begin one
      meets whatever is occuring in awareness in the present and
      goes deeper into and through that.

      She says also the practice of vigilence is essential in this
      process of deepening awareness. The tricks of the mind are
      many, varied and subtle. It is common among some spiritual
      schools to say choice does not exist, and it is true that we
      have no choice to change what we are in our essential
      nature. But in the realm of mind we choose constantly,
      whether or not we are aware of it. Each moment we choose to
      indulge in our stories, concepts, beliefs, and denials or we
      choose to stop, look at and meet fully the essential feeling
      that is running us at the moment and then meet what lies
      beneath that.

      Gangaji is a great iconoclast and she laughs at the common
      expressions, even those she has used. Someone was saying to
      her, "I am That." And Gangaji said, "Oh please, don't use
      that old phrase! I pray I never use it again!" It is too
      easy to put ourselves into a trance using familiar,
      high-sounding words.

      She talked about the heart and that often self-inquiry
      students ignore their feeling nature, but that sooner or
      later it must be faced and investigated along with the
      conceptual nature. Ramana Maharashi, the teacher of
      Gangaji's teacher and mine, made no distinction between
      jnana (knowing the truth) and bhakti (loving the truth).

      One theme that ran in this retreat was, "Getting off my high
      horse." It came first from a participant and everyone
      roared the laughter of self-recognition.

      There was also a thread throughout about the tendency to
      look at others in the sangha and judge how they are doing
      spiritually, as if that could be seen from the outside, for
      one thing, and as if that mattered, for another.

      Gangaji works on many levels, and some who have been around
      her for awhile got called on the carpet in subtle ways, for
      carelessness about mind activity
      - judgement, comparison, chattiness, assumptions, holding
      onto bliss, complacency - because after all, "I know what I

      Except for 2 satsangs of 1 1/2 hours each day we were in
      silence. People said it served to make them more aware both
      of their mind noise and of the beauty, love, grace and
      stillness within and all around them.

      love xan
      This cannot be properly conveyed in words but it is
      worthwhile trying. Looking outside from the center of a
      soap bubble, the thin layer of soapy water isn't noticed and
      there is no perceptual distinction between "inner" and
      "outer" space. Only an observer, looking at certain angles
      from the "outside" can see the many beautiful colors of this
      transient phenomenon.


      EXCELLENT, Jan. "I am a soap bubble." One of the best
      descriptions of the body-mind complex from a nondual
      perspective that I've ever read.

      With Love,


      This edition of ND Highlights brought to you by Jerry. Have
      a nice weekend.
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