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01/07/02 Monday

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  • Gloria Lee
    *************** GENE POOLE Animal Namaste NDS Here is a link to a very interesting story:
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      Animal Namaste


      Here is a link to a very interesting story:



      ==Gene Poole==

      The BIG Question
      Is all desire 'wrong' or an 'error'? No

      Does God have a 'desire'?
      Yes, that's why creation happened, we had a desire to move within ourSelf,
      and this unconscious urge to express ourSelf became creation and resulted in
      intelligence and personality.

      This is one place I fall out with the East and the West, both sound alike as
      they attribute creation and it's manifestations as a fall or error.
      Self is being that likes to express or create.
      We sleep, we wake up and move and create, it's ALL good!

      yes, this is your freedom, your own scripture.


      Who desired God to appear to desire creation?

      Your explanation doesn't resolve the issue:
        if desire causes things to happen, what
        gave the desirer the position to be able
        to desire?

      If you inquire to the end of inquiry, all
        questions resolve.  They resolve where
        no desirer can be formulated, hence no
        object of desire can attach or form.

      Although people like to talk about "this"
        as "no questions arising," it is also the case that when
        totality is self-evident, all questions are
        answered before asked.

      "This" no-moment in which neither desire
        nor desirelessness arise: no future goal or outcome
        is involved.  This no-moment renders
        all events past, present, and future
        equally now/totality/nothing. 

      This isn't creation, destruction, the
        result of a god, the result of desire,
        nor a negation of anything.


      Dear Louis,

      I agree, the philosophy "desire is wrong" is itself wrong. Condemning
      desire only changes its course and then diversion begets perversion.
      Condemnation of desire creates a vicious circle, and condemnation being
      yet another movement of desire... the circle remains unbroken.

      The most significant characteristic of the "desire" of [wo]man might be
      the hypnotic illusion that consciousness is bound by matter? But if
      "God" "desires" ... we can only anthropomorphize?

      Desire kindly leads us to satisfaction in the material sphere, noting
      that satisfaction is transient. But doesn't desire also lead to the
      truth beyond transience? If the inner tumult of hypnotic illusion is to
      become still, desire for inner stillness is there leading the way? The
      desire for inner stillness vigilantly arranges the requisite conditions,
      and then having done so ... steps aside?


      It does resolve the question and is my point.
      Our being has a desire.
      A desire to be active or move.
      It is inherent in our being and evolves into everything we are and
      experience now.
      We are literally inside our own being and outside our own being.
      Nothing has to give the desirer the position - it's part of the nature of
      our being to be active and to be inactive, like the cycle indicated in the

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