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ND Highlights Sunday, Aug 29

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Kristie waxes poetic: to grasp the light and hold it tight extinguishes the burning bright and if I had no thing to share but bare my heart and willing, tear
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1999
      Kristie waxes poetic:

      to grasp the light
      and hold it tight
      the burning bright

      and if I had no thing
      to share
      but bare
      my heart
      and willing,

      tear the veil from my delusions;

      then surely I have wandered through
      the darkened wood
      i shares with you;

      and though the
      bliss proclaim
      and darkness,
      do disdain

      still purely held
      in open arms
      I yield my faults to thee
      that in the reaching, reaching,
      through the harms,
      sunlight comes to me;

      and if I show you who I am,
      and find solace in my bareness
      then I have found the lighted path
      and come to you in fairness.

      ...and dialogues with Judi:

      > I want to clone your mind and see
      > from your eyes for a day.

      It would break your heart.

      > I've been reading your web site....
      > so full of hope...

      ******* There is hope, yes.

      > I hate hope....it just keeps me
      > struggling to hang in there with
      > the same old, same old..

      ******* Yes, it gets old doesn't it?
      After you go around the same block
      a few hundred or so times, I think
      one gets to a point where you got to
      say, wait a darn minute here, there
      surely must be something I'm

      > "try" and do what you say...give up....

      ******* Well for starters, you can give
      up your whining?? How can you realize
      anything if you're frustrated and feeling
      sorry for yourself??? For this you're
      gonna need a calm clear head. So whatever
      you must do first, cry, whatever, get that
      out of the way first. Your problems will
      still be there in the morning, fuck the
      problems. Life is full of problems, that
      is never gonna change. This is about
      yourself, a dive into yourself. So, put on
      your snorkles and mask. :-) Give the gift
      of an "all-nighter" to yourself like Bruce
      says. Where you can really get to know
      yourself wihtout any *situations* around
      you. Clear space is what we're going for
      here. Now, I'm not gonna take the fun out
      of for you, the rest is up to you. This is
      a simple enquiry into your own nature, into
      what makes you tick, an overview so to speak.
      Pretend your on your deathbed, because you
      really are, it really is that serious. Sooner
      or later you knew it would come to this
      right??? Well that's where we're at Kristi.
      The time has come the walrus said...and this
      time there can be no turning back. This is a
      forward march. Religion, psychology or
      philosophy or mediative techniques of any
      kind you can put on the shelf. If there was a
      God to help you, surely he would have helped
      by now. Or if there is a God, he's obviously
      fucking off on the job. As Bette Davis has
      said, if you want a job done and done right,
      get an old broad to do it!! :-) I'm counting
      on you Kristie.

      Andrew mused on a common English expression:

      'Paying attention' is an odd phrase isn't it?
      In English we don't give attention or make
      attention as we might in other languages, we pay
      it. Is it a payment of time to attention
      (attention being the payee)? Or is it payment
      of attention to the thing being attended to?
      And what is purchased?

      Never at a loss for words, Gene responded:

      In this context, the 'paying attention' is a
      contraction of 'the paying of attention',
      which is a contraction of the (archaic) 'paying-
      out of attention', similar to the 'paying out'
      of a rope by a sailor on a dock.

      In this context, 'paying attention' does mean
      exactly 'giving of attention'.

      Our culture of expediency does strange things to
      language. A similar example is the oft-used
      'carrot and stick' metaphor; in popular parlance,
      it is thought to mean to 'first offer a carrot
      (inducement) and if that doesn't work, threaten
      them with a stick'. The actual or original of
      this now-distorted metaphor, is instead, '_the
      carrot ON A stick_'. In this method of inducement,
      the proffered carrot was dangled before the nose
      of the mule or horse, who would then move toward
      it. But because the driver, holding the carrot,
      was pulled by the horse as it moved, the horse
      never got a bite... only the tantalizing
      possibility of the reward. The 'stick' part was
      how the carrot was held, on a string, so far from
      the driver. The stick was never used as a goad;
      the vision of the reward was enough to draw
      the horse forward. Sound familiar?

      Time for another bar-b-que?

      Marcia submitted her thoughts:

      Attention is real. It is a form of will. If I pay
      attention to the already existing sensation in my
      body I am adding something. Most of the time our
      attention is just sucked out of us by consensus
      reality. To be able to pay attention means a
      certain level of awareness above the threshold of
      sleeping man. It isn't really required. We can live
      our entire lives as a sleeping person and never
      consciously pay attention to anything. If you can
      develop the ability to keep your attention and
      actually pay it, you will receive much more than
      you ever would have dreamed of (pun intended).

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