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Friday, January 4

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  • Jerry Katz
    SU GANDOLF M&M Who is freer tham whom. Who is freer than whom? Who sees we are all free. Who sees we are all free? Boyish threads God/man weds And the dish ran
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2002


      Who is freer tham whom.
      Who is freer than whom?
      Who sees we are all free.
      Who sees we are all free?
      Boyish threads
      God/man weds
      And the dish ran away with the spoon

      mother father sister brother
      younger older one another
      is was will be
      her him you me
      I once was blind but now I see
      girlish clothing

      eating and running,



      It is the job of your ego/mind to keep you from finding the
      big secret. We are already 'IT'. We are already enlightened.

      The ego/mind has to work overtime to stop us from discovering
      the secret. The ego/mind keeps feeding us this illusion of
      separateness, this 'movie' world. It keeps us hypnotized from
      the time we wake up until we fall asleep. That is why we need
      sleep. The ego/mind has to rest from it's difficult task of
      keeping the great secret away from us.

      Shut down or slow down the mind by not paying attention to
      it. Stop being pulled hither and thither by the thoughts. Do
      not cooperate with the mind. Make the job of the ego/mind
      difficult. Then see what happens!


      Satsang with Petros
      Sunday January 6
      Noon - 2p (approx)
      $10 donation

      Sufi Books (www.sufibooks.com)
      227 West Broadway
      New York, NY 10013

      3 blocks below Canal Street, between Franklin and White
      Streets. By Subway: 1 or 9 trains to Franklin Street station;
      A, C, or E trains to Canal Street station. (212) 334-5212.


      Several here have met Petros. I had a long lunch with him
      once in Santa Monica. He's a very personable, youngish guy
      who seems to be right on. He was at the retreat in July,
      2000. A picture of Petros is at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NondualitySalon/files/ Click on
      Diamond Hill retreat july 2000. Then click on 'jerry harsh
      petros michael'

      Petros is an 'interesting' guy. I'd go to see him. You might
      enter 'petros' into the search engine at
      <http://nonduality.com> and see what comes up. Actually the
      following page has many of his satsang reports:




      from Live Journal

      Wordswithcee: ultimately the sage has very little notice of the
      states of mind

      Waterlift: listening

      Wordswithcee: it is dangerous to let oneself be drawn into the
      illusory world by something as pulling as passion and desire for a

      Waterlift: yes i feel i am beyond attachment in a worldly sense

      Wordswithcee: advaitins say to shun it like excrement

      Wordswithcee: haha! shows where their hangups are

      Waterlift: things just happen and will unhappen when they must

      Waterlift: haha

      Wordswithcee: hm

      Wordswithcee: not a good way to look at it--well maybe for

      Waterlift: tell

      Wordswithcee: sounds like you believe it for now

      Waterlift: beleive what for now

      Waterlift: things just happen?

      Waterlift: i don't believe in anything

      Waterlift: what do you beleive in?

      Wordswithcee: ya-believing in what is apparently happening-
      perhaps best to understand it as NOT HAPPENING AT ALL
      which may be what you meant

      Waterlift: mmm

      Waterlift: ya

      Waterlift: but you make it much clearer to me by saying what
      you just did -thank you

      Wordswithcee: maybe i believe a little too much haha in

      Waterlift: hmhmm

      Waterlift: its the bomb though

      Wordswithcee: nothing hits it like that!

      Waterlift: mmmmm

      Waterlift: the best

      Wordswithcee: they even say to eliminate any thought about
      advaita and ultimately there is not even bliss

      Waterlift: mmmm sounds right to me

      Wordswithcee: im holding it right at bliss

      Waterlift: the idea of bliss

      Waterlift: hehe ya

      Wordswithcee: hm

      Waterlift: nothing could have any meaning

      Wordswithcee: why make a big deal over eliminating the idea
      blisss HAHAHA

      Wordswithcee: ya --but really bliss is not an idea
      it is the same as BEING

      Waterlift: right, that teaching - its for lower level seekers

      Waterlift: they might get attached to this "bliss" as being
      something external like an object

      Wordswithcee: yes

      Waterlift: something they have

      Waterlift: mmm

      Wordswithcee: yes!
      and someone to have it!

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