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Wednesday, January 4

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  • Jerry Katz
    GENE POOLE AND ANDREW MACNAB Here is something: (quoted) From Tony s Open Secret book: No Achievement For me the first realisation of enlightenment, or of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2002

      Here is something: (quoted)

      From Tony's 'Open Secret' book:

      "No Achievement

      For me the first realisation of enlightenment, or of the
      nature of who I really am, is not something that can be
      expressed. What happened cannot even be called an experience,
      because the separate experiencer needed to be absent for it
      to emerge.

      However, what accompanied that happening was a realisation of
      such simple magnitude and revolutionary content that it left
      me awestruck and quite alone.

      One of the things I came to see is that enlightenment only
      becomes available when it has been accepted that it cannot be

      Doctrines, processes and progressive paths which seek
      enlightenment only exacerbate the problem they address by
      reinforcing the idea that the self can find something that it
      presumes it has lost. It is that very effort, that investment
      in self-identity that continuously recreates the illusion of
      separation from oneness. This is the veil that we believe
      exists. It is the dream of individuality.

      It is like someone who imagines that they are in a deep hole
      in the earth, and in order to escape they dig deeper and
      deeper, throwing the earth behind them and covering the light
      that is already there."

      [all credit to the author]

      Now, I ask, as beautiful and accurate as this description is,
      what can it 'do'?

      Yesterday, Andrew wrote: (my comments inserted)

      >Communication is not transmission of information.

      Is information ever transmitted

      >As human beings we are closed systems

      We do have gated orifices which may open and close

      >continuously making information,
      >making ourselves, in forming.

      How we seek to attain equilibrium with the greater system

      >Communication is an interactive display of data.
      >The other is an interactive display of data.

      The greater system produces this possibility

      >So this play of pattern matching goes on
      >as an invitation to dance,
      >or a response to an invitation
      >shape shifting dance shamanic
      >Permissible? Compulsary?
      >A matter of the heart.
      >Ah the heart!

      Yes, heart.

      Agreed, in that we shape symbols
      which conform to criteria of
      understandability and putting these
      symbols on display with

      Match patterns and sing of
      the perceived sameness or
      differences, and may imply
      meaning, further displayed,
      the dance continues...

      But what about this?

      What about the impression
      that reading the dance-manual
      imparts in and of itself, the
      ability to dance,
      and to dance in a certain
      way which has possibly
      never been seen, no examples
      but myth and memory?

      Or if that dance is actually being done,
      has there ever been published, a manual
      which would so accurately describe that
      dance, that anyone who read and
      understood that manual, could then with
      certainty, recognize that dance?

      And if by design or chance,
      such a master dancer is found,
      will his example impart similar
      properties to those who watch?

      I would say, that perhaps it could
      be so, if watchers became active

      And yes, this is a matter of heart.



      I recently wrote that it is possible to perceive 'other than
      the world dream'. Jerry has written about the 'interval';
      now, science states that 'space' is actually not empty, but
      may be 'full of mysterious dark matter' (dark because we
      cannot see it).

      Life is not doomed if we take the option of migrating into
      'space', no in space-ships, but to learn to live here with
      full perception, everything seen, and then step into the
      'interval' or 'emptiness', leaving behind dependence on the
      physical universe.

      The physical universe 'may be' an incubator, and school, to
      prepare 'the worthy' for expansion into 'space'. Nonduality
      'may be' the fulcrum-point of this possible expansion, acting
      as a method of parsing layers of perception.

      The issue of 'enlightenment' has been with us for as long as
      we can remember. It may be that the actual 'purpose' of
      enlightenment is to prepare us for our next evolutionary
      step, deliberate and bodiless conscious awareness.

      The Holy Scriptures of antiquity seem to indicate the
      actuality of versions of 'heaven', and propose methods of
      purification of the 'soul' to enable a person to enter the
      'afterlife'. It is possible that such scriptural teachings
      are actually 'echoes from the future', information embedded
      in the holomatrix of the universe.

      Our (actual or latent) abilities to perceive 'higher
      dimensions' could be our means to understand and navigate in
      this space of emptiness; and our ability to co-exist and
      cooperate, may also be a key factor in this possible

      It seems that certain 'Masters' have succeeded in 'going
      beyond' in this literal sense, which would itself indicate
      that the possible future is now.


      Shortly after your post, I came across so many parallel
      references embedded in this lengthy Alan Watts talk on
      emptiness, it was downright spooky. Especially noted, the
      examples of navigation problems known to be experienced in
      weightless conditions, such as deep sea and outer space, and
      how sensory deprivation equates to being body-less. I snipped
      these excerpts, most are from part 3 of the talk if anyone
      wants to read it all.

      All right. We have the same problem on a very big scale, in
      what we call the expansion of the universe. All the galaxies
      observable seem to be getting further away from each other.
      Now, are they going further away from us, or are we going
      further away from them, or are they all all together going
      further away from each other? Astronomers have suggested that
      what is expanding is the space between them. And so we get
      the idea of expanding space. This isn't quite the right
      answer. What has been neglected in all this, if I can say
      either that the objects are moving away from each other,
      they're doing it. Or it's equally possible for me to say that
      it's the space they're in that's expanding. But I can't
      decide which one is which. The meaning of this inability to
      decide is that space and solid are two ways of talking about
      the same thing. Space-solid. You don't find space without
      solids; you don't find solids without space. If I say there's
      a universe in which there isn't anything but space, you must
      say 'Space between what?' Space is relationship, and it
      always goes together with solid, like back goes with front.
      But the divisive mind ignores space. And it thinks it's the
      solids that do the whole job, that they're the only thing
      that's real. That is, to put it in other words, conscious
      attention ignores intervals, because it thinks they're

      [...] There was a _kamikaze_ pilot who escaped because his
      plane that he was flying at an American aircraft carrier went
      wrong, and he landed in the water instead of hitting the
      plane, so he survived. But he said afterwards that he had the
      most extraordinary state of exaltation. It wasn't a kind of
      patriotic ecstasy, but the very though that in a moment he
      would cease to exist--he would just be gone--for some
      mysterious reason that he couldn't understand, made him feel
      absolutely like a god. And when I talk to a certain German
      sage whose name is Count Van Derkheim[?], he said that during
      the war this happened to people again and again and again. He
      said they heard the bombs screaming down over their heads,
      and knew this was the last moment, or that they were in a
      concentration camp with absolutely no hope of getting out, or
      that they were displaced in such a way that their whole
      career was shattered. He said in each of these cases, when
      anybody accepted the situation as totally inevitable, they
      suddenly got this amazing kind of enlightenment experience of
      freedom from ego.

      Well, sensory deprivation, if you know how to handle it, can
      be quite interesting. It'll have the same sort of results as
      taking LSD or something like that, and there are special labs
      nowdays where you can be sensorily deprived to an amazing

      But if you're a good yogi this doesn't bother you at all,
      sends some people crazy. But if you dig this world, you can
      have a marvelous time in a sensory deprivation scene. Also,
      especialy, if they get you into a condition of
      weightlessness. Skin divers, going down below a certain
      number of feet--I don't know exactly how far it is--get a
      sense of weightlessness, and at the same time this deprives
      them of every sense of responsibility. They become alarmingly
      happy, and they have been known to simply take off their
      masks and offer them to a fish. And of course they then
      drown. So if you skin dive, you have to keep your eye on the
      time. You have to have a water watch or a friend who's got a
      string attached to you. If you go down that far, and at a
      certain specific time you know you have got to get back,
      however happy you feel, and however much inclined you feel to
      say 'Survival? Survival? Whatever the hell's the point of
      that?' And this is happening to the men who go out into
      space. They increasingly find that they have to have
      automatic controls to bring them back. Quite aside that they
      can't change in any way from the spaceship, because once you
      become weightless... Now isn't that interesting?

      Can you become weightless here? I said a little while ago
      that the person who really accepts transience begins to feel
      weightless. When Suzuki was asked what was it like to have
      experienced satori, enlightenment, he said it's just like
      ordinary everyday experience, but about two inches off the
      ground. Juan-Za[?], the Taoist, once said 'It is easy enough
      to stand still, the difficulty is to walk without touching
      the ground.' Now why do you feel so heavy? It isn't just a
      matter of gravitation and weight. It is that you feel that
      you are carrying your body around. So there is a koan in Zen
      Buddhism, 'Who is it that carries this corpse around?' Common
      speech expresses this all of the time: 'life is a drag.




      Awareness (as consciousness) moves in quantum leaps through
      the body-mind as thought and perception...seeing through the
      appearance of the world...into the nature and
      interconnectedness of things.



      Whatever appears at the gated orifices
      whatever appears at the gate
      whatever appears
      is instantly assembled
      into something entirely new.
      Something that bears as much resemblance
      to whatever appears as you do to the air in your lungs.



      Art is a neat bypass to the logical mind - when creating it,
      possible without verbalized thought. The same happens at the
      'receiving' end: no thoughts. It is even possible to notice
      that the state of mind has changed because of that... Any
      human has a talent for art that can be expressed, but as a
      rule it has been suppressed during childhood/education -
      unless the talent was too high above the mowing field to be
      overlooked... As in the course of events the content of the
      entire subconscious will surface, art is the 'easy' and
      'natural' way as verbalizing could meet resistance... And
      resistance is what veils unconditional happiness, which isn't
      'obtained' overnight :) Hence, impossible for 'cave dwellers'

      May every day be a happy one,




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      He recently sent some links I wasn't aware of, including, from the
      posthumous collections of Paul Brunton, Ashtavakra Samhita with
      Commentary and translation of V.S.Iyer; Commentaries of V.S.Iyer Vol.1;
      Commentaries of V.S.Iyer Vol.2(Advanced).

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      Also, you can register domain names with his company for 8.95 each.


      Two new lists on yahoogroups are Tim Gerchmez's 'Social Train
      Wreck', and Sandeep's 'Yearning'.

      They're both quite interesting.

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/(put list name here)



      The Reality of the Shift

      The most common concept I hear about at Intensives is that
      'Enlightenment is Bliss.' The true essence of the shift does
      not lie in bliss, which comes and goes like the wind, but in
      Presence. There is the third dimensional world of appearance,
      which springs from the function of the mind and is
      experienced as separation. Then there is the fourth
      dimensional reality of pure creative Spirit which witnesses
      Itself and the whole third dimension in pure choiceless
      awareness, unconditional love, stillness and a peaceful joy
      not connected to any specifics. How do I know this? Because
      that is my experience most of the time. I call this
      witnessing Presence. This is the real meaning and unfolding
      of enlightenment. In both of my books so far I have been
      leading up to this great secret, hidden deep from the rampant
      concepts surrounding enlightenment, and that is that this
      Shift involves the emergence of the Witness from the
      background of your awareness to the forefront. And just what
      does this Witness observe? Presence! This Shift to Presence
      is the new bridge between the eternal Oneness and our
      illusionary sense of separation. Presence is who we are at
      our core essence, but this Presence keeps getting interrupted
      constantly by the mind making judgments, resisting,
      expecting, and interpreting all sensory input as duality and
      polarity. We are always out to lunch and never at home before
      the Shift. Then we find Presence, and realize it is always
      here in the present moment! It was never really hidden or a
      secret. It hangs out in the spontaneous aliveness of the
      unknown, beyond the limits of our conditioning and
      predispositions. But only here in Presence is the awareness
      of 'what is-as is,' and that frees us from the illusion of
      separation. Presence and the Witness are synonymous terms in
      my vocabulary. This is key to understanding this Shift. The
      mind continues to create an illusion of separation in order
      to keep 'the game' going. Then there is this Shift, or
      bridge, to our new identity that is no longer connected to
      and dominated by a mind that can only judge. Now, as if by
      magic, the Witness, who we truly are, observes 'whatever
      is-as is,' in choiceless awareness. This act of witnessing
      that never comes and goes and is always present is what I
      call Presence. As the Witness we are not passive. We live in
      passionate, active acceptance of what is-as is, releasing
      everything the mind may present to the wonder of this
      glorious 'be here now' moment. All of a sudden we discover in
      this release to the Witness that we are actually the one and
      only Source of all there is. Presence is this space of being
      so open, so aware, so welcoming of what is, that it would
      never occur to the Witness to change or fix anything. It is
      all so perfect already-just the way it is-just the way it is
      supposed to be! In spite of what the mind offers as
      alternatives from its imperfect viewpoint. The Witness
      watches the mind run off in a flurry of options and
      understands that this is what good little minds are designed
      to do. But if you don't identify with it, you are free of it,
      even in the midst of it. There is a Witness who is aware and
      then there are objects which the Witness observes, like warm
      sunshine, a knot of fear in your gut, the smell of hot coffee
      in the morning, a huge contraction of impatience while stuck
      in traffic. Now there is a letting go even of the one who is
      aware and all that remains is Presence itself. Imagine
      experiencing the deliciousness of awareness of just being,
      doing nothing, understanding everything, and being free of
      all need to struggle or engage in any intentional effort to
      live this life 'right.' Life just lives itself through you
      and you are the Witness of it, lost in Presence, observing it
      all in the present moment. However, you can't 'do' Presence
      because you 'are' Presence. How could you practice something
      that you already are? Something that is totally effortless
      and nearer to you than your breathing. All that happens is
      this; we recognize the Witness and the state of Presence
      naturally occurs. The function of the mind is to interpret,
      but identifying with the Witness overrides the sidetracking
      of the separated mind. In the cosmic game of hide and seek,
      Source has found itself in Presence, while still in a limited
      mind and body. Presence contains within it an override of the
      normal functions of our divinely designed minds to judge, fix
      or become. It overrides the feeling of separation, the
      identity with the little 'me' that can only live in the past
      or future and doesn't have a clue about the awareness of the
      present moment. When Presence is experienced by the Witness,
      we are suddenly comfortable in a realm where the future is
      always unknown. We are free of the mind's need for certainty
      and assurances that we won't be annihilated someday. We can
      already feel our eternalness growing as the dream of a
      limited individuality slowly dies. Presence is the
      Knowingness that we are not just a fraction of the whole, we
      are the Source of the whole. Presence springs from who we
      are, whether known or unknown at the present moment and we
      become aware that we are the source of our multi-dimensional
      creation. Presence reveals the oneness and discovery of who
      we really are. It is a bridge between the confusion of the
      human predicament and the freedom of needing to become and
      do. Presence is the secret of finally knowing you are home
      for good. Enlightenment means light entering the darkness.
      Presence is awareness that blows away the illusions and
      concepts that formerly kept us trapped in the darkness of
      separation. How simple is Presence! It just sees 'what is-as
      is,' and all the concepts around what it is supposed to be
      just evaporate. What is the Witness present with? Whatever is
      happening, whether pleasant like the taste of good food, or
      unpleasant like self judgment, or how you feel about just
      being present instead of being productive or at least useful.
      Presence shines on all that is happening and knows that all
      is well. We can't direct Presence to any particular aspect of
      our soap opera because that would interrupt the flow and
      would be directed by the mind rather than by the Witness.
      Presence just shines on all of life as our infinite, innate
      wisdom presents it to us. Presence is all encompassing and
      serves as its own reward. Presence is the overall relaxing
      into the active embrace of life as it is, and as it presents
      itself. Presence is beyond questions, doubts and striving.
      The mind goes on override, the breathing evens out, the body
      is relaxed and the view looking out over the third dimension
      as now seen through the eyes of Source is truly well! Our
      senses are more alive than ever before. All of a sudden we
      are touching, tasting, smelling and hearing for the first
      time in a way that is so fresh and original. We are now the
      witness, living in Presence, with our original innocence
      finally regained. Life is now real, passionately alive, and
      we accept it in its absolute perfection. Just bask in it as
      it unfolds. With even a little hint of bliss now and then to
      keep it interesting. All my love,

      Satyam Nadeen

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