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Monday 30th August

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  • andrew macnab
    Todays highlights include posts from; Jerry Harsha Gene Andrew Eric Marcia Melody Kristi Judi Petros and Tomas. ... If you were in my church, I d allow you to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 1999
      Todays highlights include posts from;
      Jerry Harsha Gene Andrew Eric Marcia Melody Kristi Judi Petros and

      If you were in my church, I'd allow you to run it and teach
      what you see fit. If the church is worth a damn, it'll flow
      its natural course and take you along with it. Otherwise you
      can have it to do what you want.

      > Just struck me. Like those ponderous days in church, behind
      > painted windows, when outside, life is just bursting with
      > noisy flavour, fragrances, colours!

      I can identify with that. As a boy and young man, going out
      into the bright city street always felt more spiritual than
      being inside the Synagogue, because in the street I could
      feel life and be free. And I followed that sense of what was
      really spiritual and felt within me what I knew was within
      Moses and all the other guys we were studying about. What's
      so great about them? I'm me!, was my attitude. But it was a
      private attitude nobody knew about.

      No one denies the limitations of words. Still, words are used to
      Reality. Through poetry or prose, It is God pointing to It Self. Where
      to point? Once Guru Nanak was tired and laid down under a tree next to a
      temple and went to sleep. The priest awoke him. "Do not sleep pointing
      feet towards the temple. You are insulting God!" said the priest in
      Guru Nanak spoke sweetly and asked the priest to move his legs pointing
      in a
      direction where God is not. "Tell me where Divine is not, and I will
      my feet there." said the master. The priest was stunned by the depth of
      Nanak's words and became quiet. So if God is the Reality and the Reality
      never absent and everywhere, then, from what is it that we need to
      ourselves? The whole notion of detachment is predicated on the
      that there is something to be detached from. This might appear to
      the notion of Non-Duality and Oneness. Whatever can be undermined is not
      Self-Existent and Real. Therefore, while Oneness and Non-Duality are
      concepts, there is no point in holding on to them as substantial. To one
      Knows the Self, the question of detachment is moot. If dualism is sought
      be rejected as a philosophy, it only proves and reinforces dualism. In
      to reject something, there must be the rejecter, the process of
      and that which is rejected. So Truly Great Sages emphasize a Deep
      of Divine Love and Awareness. This Acceptance leads to Stillness and
      Silence. When All concepts, (including that of detachment, non-duality,
      rejecting duality, etc.) vanish, Reality is experienced as It is in
      Nakedness. It is only the inner core of One's Own Being. It Is What You
      Already Are. This is the ancient message of the Sages. We renew this
      by knowing the Reality of the Self that We Are. Self-awareness and
      facilitate Self-Recognition and Realization.

      >'Paying attention' is an odd phrase isn't it? In English we don't give
      >attention or make attention as we might in other languages, we pay it.
      >Is it a payment of time to attention (attention being the payee)?
      >Or is it payment of attention to the thing being attended to?
      >And what is purchased?

      In this context, the 'paying attention' is a contraction of 'the
      paying of attention', which is a contraction of the (archaic)
      of attention', similar to the 'paying out' of a rope by a sailor on a

      In this context, 'paying attention' does mean exactly 'giving of
      Time for another bar-b-que?

      Money payments therefore are the extensions
      of ropes between payer and payee.

      A fisherwoman pays out her net or her line.
      and draws back sustenance from the ocean.

      A sailor pays out the sheet until the sail draws.
      Or pays out cable until the anchor holds.
      Or the leadline, taking soundings.

      A kiteflyer assembles materials into
      an interesting shape that can fly
      then pays out line as it soars.

      Attention is Indra's net.
      Paying attention is not pulling on the lines,
      it's letting line out, providing
      what is on both ends of the lines
      more freedom of movement.

      Paying attention is the opposite of concentration.

      We could all pay for tickets and sail
      to the Bar-be'Que coast
      we could catch fish
      and fly kites
      maybe meet some cannibals.
      We could have a feast on the beach.

      To eat, one must tend the earth and spread dung,
      to learn, one must be willing to teach,
      to cause a revelation, one must listen - and thus be learning

      paying attention is not concentrating,
      for there is no give and take, no 'meeting'.
      playing attention, in joy, is the feast
      harvesting what i sow.

      dancing between,

      life sowing-tending-harvesting life
      seasons cycling, now are the dogdays
      the hunt approaches
      and winter

      can you keep'em on the farm
      when they've seen Paree?

      ...and millions of blades of grass,
      as far as the "I" can see.

      Attention is real. It is a form of will. If I pay attention
      to the already existing sensation in my body I am adding
      something. Most of the time our attention is just sucked
      out of us by consensus reality. To be able to pay attention
      means a certain level of awareness above the threshold
      of sleeping man. It isn't really required. We can live our
      entire lives as a sleeping person and never consciously
      pay attention to anything. If you can develop the ability
      to keep your attention and actually pay it, you will
      receive much more than you ever would have dreamed of
      (pun intended).

      The more attention I pay the richer
      life becomes. Attention can't be kept in the bank.
      It demands to be payed out immediately,
      burns a hole in the pocket :-)

      Casting my eyes
      upon the waters,

      I seei my image
      reflected before me.

      Yet when I reach down
      to closer inspect

      touching that face
      and staring into those eyes,

      it disappears...

      into the clear, cool waters
      .....as 'I' do.

      The great surging pressure
      that rises in my blood
      and flows
      constricted and restrained
      across the jumbled rocks
      and jagged edges of the
      creek bed I call my self;

      the waterfall of torrent
      called trying

      settles into clear pools
      and ripples form where once
      the river raged,

      Now freely
      I lap the edges
      taste the dirt
      flood where it pleases me
      eddy where I like

      unaware and unconcerned
      that water everywhere does the same;

      ...nonduality is not becoming *like* or the same as anyone else.
      Nonduality is the dropping of the notion of there being any *one* there
      the first place. That's the deal. There is only *being* itself. It's not
      at the end of some chain of events and experiences that you *merge* or
      the same as someone else or even with God. NO! There is no *one* here in
      the first place. That is what there is to realize. It has nothing
      whatsoever to do with
      experience, no matter how blissful. It's the death of the separate one.
      But yet I LIVE! We discover that we are LIFE itself.

      To eventually discover the inevitability of the dream, is to awaken to
      and thus to be able to operate within it deliberately, rather than

      Hey, aside from noticing 'ego' and other similar aspects of Being, what
      else do you talk about?

      What about the good old 'joy of expounding'?

      Is absence of posting, indicative of having 'gone beyond'? If that is
      case, I have bad news; it seems that aside from the participants of this
      furum, 'everyone else' is enlightened.

      Since you have gone to the trouble to expound upon what constitutes
      evidence of being 'trapped', are you aware of any evidence to the
      Or is ours, a universal condition? If so... of what use is the motive to
      'escape' it?

      By defining what it is not... perhaps you have become responsible for
      saying what it IS; not only that, but in such a way, as to evidence no
      'ego' or other 'defined as problematic' behaviours.

      Waiting with breath abated, figuratively speaking...

      I spent some time today in a famous cemetary that's about a mile from my
      apartment. It's now called Hollywood Forever (it used to have a less
      name) and it's on the back side of the Paramount Pictures block. You can
      the big Paramount water tower from the cemetary. It's an old place
      from the 1920s and a lot of famous movie folks from the silent and early
      sound era are buried here, including Douglas Fairbanks and Cecil B.
      The cemetary's symbol is the "infinity" sign. They even have a cool
      http://www.forevernetwork.com, "the world's foremost digital archiving
      remembrance service." The site has Real Audio and you can sign the
      guestbook or search for obituaries. There's even on online mall where
      can buy flowers, urns and caskets, and access a pet cemetary. (The
      top-of-the-line "Millenium" casket, for humans, is $14,000. Add it to
      online shopping cart . . . no kidding!)

      There was this funky little video display at the main mausoleum
      the cemetary's latest "immortality" gimmick, video tombstones. These
      upright metal stands, like a small ATM, with a video screen. The loved
      tapes a farewell message and this can be played anytime at the touch of
      button for future generations to remember them by. (I didn't actually
      any of these, I guess it's still in the selling phase.) Geez . . .

      I visited Rudolph Valentino's grave -- it really is a tiny little square
      in a corner of the mausoleum not a big memorial -- and noticed a sign
      indicating that the cemetary is selling special urn niches "only steps
      away!" from this famous dead guy. The wall is divided into 14
      bands; prices are most expensive near eye-level ($4000) and get cheaper
      you get up higher or down lower (floor-level urn niches are only $800,
      cheaper in the areas further from Valentino.)

      It is always a weird experience for me to visit cemetaries. It's like
      there's some sort of resonance taking place between the living body (me)
      the dead bodies, especially the more recently dead . . . almost as if a
      certain vestigial consciousness remains in the corpse for a period of
      and can "sense" when a higher consciousness is in the vicinity. I
      don't feel a friendly or peaceful vibration -- more like pain or hunger
      desires unfulfilled. (This was not so at Yogananda's niche at Forest
      It's almost like they want to make use of a living consciousness to
      their life, and become angered when it's not allowed.

      In my opinion, the sales gimmicks of cemetaries that play on people's
      desire for phony "immortality" and "remembrance" only make things worse
      increasing the hunger of the dead. I can't imagine what it will be like
      walking through a mausoleum filled with row upon row of video screens
      the faces of the dead talking back at me, hungering for illusory

      struggle is a form of sensation

      sensations dont mean anything

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