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Wednesday, December 12

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  • Jerry Katz
    JERRY I saw Wayne Dwyer (sp?) on PBS yesterday. He s a great speaker coming from the nondual. I woke up this morning thinking about his talk. He had so many
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2001

      I saw Wayne Dwyer (sp?) on PBS yesterday. He's a great
      speaker coming from the nondual. I woke up this morning
      thinking about his talk. He had so many messages. He said so
      many great things and quoted all the geniuses of all time,
      from Christ to Emerson to Einstein, you name it. Even Regis
      Philbin. Anyway. I guess listening to him is like eating one
      chip after another. You can't eat just one. You can't go with
      just one message. When the bag of chips is done, it all felt
      well and good while eating them, but afterward what is there?
      I'm left with my own suffering and trying to remember all Dr.
      Dwyer's remedies. The bag of chips is empty, but now it
      resembles a medicine cabinet. It's empty too. Maybe that's
      the message. What suffering?


      Are you are trying to confuse me? Isn't the suffering there?
      Who is experiencing the suffering?


      I'm suffering when I start allowing people and events to
      tether themselves to the experience of body/mind tensions
      that show up constantly. If I just focus on the tension
      itself, it goes away, and the slate is clean. Not that I
      always succeed. There's a tension, it is what it is, it goes
      away, it comes and goes. That's basically life. Life isn't
      all the things that glom onto those tensions and one's
      dealings with them, although one would think so.


      Right on, Jerryberry,

      I have a feeling that something similar will happen when I go
      get my physical on the 19th. The doctor will ask me what's
      been going on, how I FEEEEEEEL (/riotous laughter... that one
      word does it!/), and I will have to then focus on possible
      health stuff, tell her, and then BOOM, I've given that health
      stuff hierarchical importance over everything else I have
      been FEELing... and all of a sudden, I feel sick... and need
      to spend more money to go see her again to get blood tests
      done, etc. etc.

      Ok ok, so I was thinking I should maybe perhaps get blood
      tests done before I wrote this message and implied that that
      wouldn't come until after I spoke with the doc... BUT...

      I suppose my point is that whatever I focus my energy on
      grows in importance.

      Why is it that no one ever asks you how you feel well?
      Wouldn't need to fix nearly as much, eh? Couldn't make money
      on it! Couldn't get interviewed on PBS for it!

      Oh good grief, where is my sedative, or anti-depressant, or

      I'll leave you to fend for yourself now. <grin>


      I don't know if it's on the same show that Wayne Dwyer was
      telling Deepak Chopra that the the key to life is simplicity,
      simplicity, simplicity...to which Deepak replied, "In that
      case, one simplicity would do".


      If someone asked me the same question, I'd reply: surrender,
      surrender, surrender.


      Gloria Lee offered:

      Simplify, simplify, simplify. _____Thoreau "I love you just
      the way you are." _____Mr. Rogers

      The above is from the Nonduality Salon Highlights Issue #37.


      Wasn't gonna correct it, but six emails later, I'm kinda
      feelin' sorry for the guy. It's Dyer. Wayne Dyer. No Dubya.


      A nondual nugget from that man with the hair:

      Yesterday's E-mail is no less significant than the New
      Testament, and no more. - Deepak Chopra in How to Know God


      MICHAEL READ from The Way Station

      One of my favorite folks in the satsang game is Amber
      Terrell. She was in Taos this summer so I went to see her.
      Amber is/was a student of Gangaji who is/was a student of
      Papaji who is/was a student of Ramana. So, that's the

      Anyway, Amber said something that pertains to this whole
      rudeness thing. Whe said that the guru doesn't want to
      reaffirm you or reinforce your seeking. Rather, the guru
      wants to destroy you! - to end your concepts of who you think
      you are.

      Nisargadatta would often kick people out of his satsang! He
      wasn't gentle about it either.

      Someone asked Amber about suffering. She told the woman to go
      into it, all the way into it - to see if it is real. No, she
      did not try to alleviate this person's suffering.

      Then there is Judi. Ha! I just had a vision of her giving
      satsang. heeheehee "You guys are full of shit. You think this
      whole thing is about you you you! KNOCK IT OFF!"

      Darn good advice, I say. Darn good. Look, if her words shock,
      look at what is being shocked and offended. Is it real? Or,
      is it a deeply held and cherished ideal of who you are and
      who or what god is, what enlightenment is?

      These days it is relatively easy to find a guru or a
      spiritual teacher. Used to be not so easy to be accepted by a
      guru. They would beat folk, make them do all sorts of
      meaningless and demeaning tasks before accepting them as
      students. Milarepa had to build and tear down 3 or 4 houses
      for his teacher. Why? Well, the concept of a you or a me that
      is going to 'get' something has to go.

      It's tough. I know! To turn inside and realize the illusion I
      created for myself was wrong! wrong! wrong! what a shock. God
      is there/here all the time. But, could I see god? No! I was
      too busy with my finger paints and crayons - dreaming up
      fanciful pictures of god.

      The only person being fooled was me! Why? Because I kept
      looking 'out there' for something that didn't exist. It has
      been said that this old world is an illusion. Truly it is.
      However, the trap that a lot of us jumped into was in
      thinking that it (the illusion) didn't have anything to do
      with us. With our dream of who we are. Wrong! hooha!

      Look, Jesus said that in order to save your life you must
      lose it. Jesus didn't go into the desert for 40 days because
      he was looking for his watch. Buddha didn't sit under the Bo
      tree starving for weeks on end because he was waiting for the
      tea cart. Both of those guys and countless others put their
      lives on the line. They surrendered everything!

      Seeking after god can be such pure misery. Well, that misery
      has to go! Seeking after god can be such (emotional) bliss.
      Well, that bliss has to go! Hanging onto the idea of personal
      misery or personal bliss will not bring a person into the
      light, so to speak.

      Look, if you can't let go, fine. At least be willing to let
      go. Then something can happen.

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