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12/10/01 Monday

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  • Gloria Lee
    ************************* MICHAEL READ who is enlightened? silly! turn that inquiry inward aha! where is god? silly! turn that inquiry inward aha! when the
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      who is enlightened?
      turn that inquiry inward

      where is god?
      turn that inquiry inward

      when the beliefs and concepts begin to drop
      let them go!
      the universe is relieving you of a great burden.
      why, indeed why, do you want to carry such a heavy load?

      peace and love eternal - michael

      Hi Gary,

      I care and I do exist.

      love hellman
      No problem then :-)


      Is your existence enlightened?

      The other way around:  your existence isn't enlightened. Instead, enlightenment is (your) existence.


      If you have full faith in God, if you have full faith in the truth
      that whatever happens to you happens according to the will of God,
      then every place, every moment, and every event of your life will
      begin to feel sublime.
         --Swami Muktananda



      Whether events happen by fate or by chance, who can argue with either one?
      It's the acceptance that gives peace, regardless of how things happen.

      Someone I know was able to accept the death of their young son in a freakish
      accident only because such things do happen, so why should he be exempt? And
      there are many with "full faith in God" who do not see how this requires any
      belief that God be some controller of events. To them this is not even a
      comforting idea, more an offensive one. The relaxation of surrendering control
      does not require there be another entity to turn it over to. It may be a matter
      of just waking up to the fact that my self as controller was illusory from the
      get go. There are many, many other ways to see blessedness in every event.



      The New American Taliban?

      Or merely a retry of a Very Bad Idea?

      The worst of duality, may be coming soon to a national government near you...

      Public service posting

      ==Gene Poole==

      ASHE from ConsciousnessIsAll list

      We swim in it. This thing
      that all of us,
      without exception,
      are searching for; we
      swim in it. Its waters
      warm as a steaming bath
      while we shiver
      in the cold climate
      of ourselves. Stop
      looking somewhere else
      for something that you are not
      as though there will be answers there
      waiting. There will not.
      you are wet with it.
      Drowning in it.
      Drifting down and through and across it.
      You are surrounded.
      You are swallowed
      whole. And it swims too,
      in your hungry stomach.
      Fills you, weary head
      down to weary toe.
      You can be drunk anytime.
      Or sober as common sense.
      Feel free. Either way
      I'm diving down again
      to where the question mark
      is obsolete, frowns extinct
      and blowing bubbles
      is the only language
      left to speak.

      How far do we have to go to find peace?
      Can I ever find peace? It may be an impossibility.
      If there is any distance travel,
      Any movement to make then there is no peace
      There will be a mover
      A subject will be born to in search of its object

      Time will be required for the subject to create in
      As soon as there is time then choice appears
      I can be right or wrong because I am now projected outside of myself
      An actor, a doer, a thinker, a controller, a chooser, a causer

      But does time and distance really exist apart apart from me?
      Can I really separate myself from myself?
      Separate 'now' off from me?
      Can I make myself better, whole, when 'I' means apart?

      When there is no movement to peace I am peace.
      When there is no distance to travel I am home
      When there is no choice about 'what is' I am 'what is'.

      That it could be otherwise is our disease.
      The disease of self.


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