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Friday, December 7

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  • Jerry Katz
    JOHN METZGER Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name. Thy kingdom nada, they will be nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2001

      Our nada who art in nada,
      nada be thy name.
      Thy kingdom nada, they
      will be nada as it is in nada.
      Give us this nada our daily nada
      and nada us our nada as we
      nada our nadas
      and nada us into nada
      but deliver us from nada;
      pues nada.
      Hail nothing full of nothing,
      nothing is with thee.

      Ernest Hemingway, in A Clean Well-Lighted Place

      There's a joke about Col. Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken
      offering the Pope 5 million dollars to change the prayer to
      'give us this day our daily chicken'. He does, calls in the
      cardinals and tells them, We've lost the Wonder Bread



      John Metzger wrote: Rashmi, check out
      these links. http://beyondveg.com/

      Funny that those links would be posted by the man named

      Along a similar vein, harhar, I was overtaken today by an
      intense urge to eat red meat.

      This compulsion surfaced while on the way to a very good
      vegetarian restaurant with John and his brother, Harrison. I
      simply couldn't stomach, harhar, eating another vegetable or
      piece of bread.

      So, after an intense discussion wherein John and Harrison
      looked at me, the 'vegetarian' since 1995, like I had fallen
      from a spaceship in the sky and were told in no uncertain
      tones (Harrison pretended there was something very
      interesting in the sky, <g>, oh, yes, I was behaving badly...
      that is how strong the craving was) that we had to go
      someplace that served meat and not just any meat but red meat
      and if they didn't want to go I would leave them at that
      vegetable restaurant and go out on my own...

      ...we finally arrived at a restaurant where I could order
      steak. First steak in many more than the six years of
      vegetarianism. Told the waitress I wanted the steak, hold
      everything else. No fries. No mashed potatoes. No green
      beans. No nothing. No kidding.

      When the waitress asked me how I wanted my steak, I couldn't
      figure out what she was asking. I thought: I want it on a
      plate. (Just hurry the hell up. <g>) The word 'medium'
      (middle of the road, safety first, not too much either way)
      popped out of my mouth, unbidden, from dusty parts of my

      Whew, that felt great, though I am a bit confused by it
      all... and a bit surprised that after eating that huge steak,
      I could still be hungry, yet feel like throwing up at the
      same time.

      Ah well.


      from Thomas Merton list

      with just such a kiss

      “....unwished for or wished for, there is only longing for
      itself... forever and ever attempting to define and imagine itself.”
      -Mira Baartmans Valentine


      arianhod is wasting into darkness

      the solar wind whispers into decline

      first frost has come,

      silenced the hoary wind

      slicked the surface,

      stilled frenetic waters

      amethyst amidst pine bows and holly

      bayberry sweetens cranberry candles

      the darkness of yule,

      northern glimmerings

      crackling the snowy hearth,

      a sapphire log


      what holy king arising shines brightly

      with naked feet cracks fragile surfaces

      beyond true north,

      behind all that glimmers

      a new gathering,

      greatness yet to come

      slinks deeper into dark liquidity

      heart of hearts, arianhod’s purple womb

      out of darkness,

      redemption emerges

      golden dancing,

      shivers silver waters


      how this empress soars to bear us a king

      maiden, mother, queen, ancient beyond ages

      whose child hers,

      hoverings on angel wings

      not even arianhod,

      dare us tell

      bitter candles and sweetest bayberry

      the dark amethyst kiss of mistletoe

      frenetic waters lurk,

      beneath still ice

      out of hoary silence,

      a snowflake falls


      a sun whispers to its beloved moon

      darkly fertility comes upon us

      merlyn kisses nimue’s purple lips

      arianhod is pregnant once again

      with just such a dying as that dark one

      we kiss always to begin once again


      mark christopher valentine

      (december 7, 2001)


      from See-What-Is list

      At every moment,
      any remaining rubbish
      is subject to immediate removal.

      All now required
      is clear seeing
      of whatever may appear.

      Every guru appears in experience.
      Indeed, experience is the guru.

      Whether discovering birth,
      weathering crisis du jour,
      or facing impending death,
      everything that may be needed
      is now present for witnessing.

      Experience witnessed
      kindles illumination.

      While even the most ardent effort
      admits no glimmer of light,
      personality is cleansed
      in the radiance of involuntary awareness.

      ~ tomas

      (c) 2001 thomas murphy

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