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Wednesday, December 5

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  • Jerry Katz
    MATTHEW FILES How is one to look at the suffering of the world? Its not that it shouldn t be. And it s not that we are happy. But Ok how is one to look at
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2001

      "How is one to look at the suffering of the world? Its not
      that it shouldn't be. And it's not that we are happy. But Ok
      how is one to look at it?" --Rashmi

      ............how? there is no how. there is no "should look at
      it a certain way," there is no better way than the way you
      look at it now, however that is. why? because for right now
      that's all you got. For me i don't give a damn about the
      starving masses, couldnt care a whit about all the people
      killed on 9/11, the hate and fear in ireland, israel,
      afganistan, africa, watts and harlem, doesn't touch me. But
      looking into the eyes of people i meet daily, all i see is
      suffering. Desparation, confusion, denial, anguish, fear and
      shame and i have no choice but to feel that. Is this a right
      or wrong way of looking at the suffering of the world? beats
      me. It's just what is.




      The Atman - taken to be the individual consciousness, and
      Brahman - the all pervasive single Universal Consciousness,
      are not 2.

      The body and mind is like a complex prism that filters a
      spectrum of images from the Infinite Light that is our Self.

      Each body begins with certain predispositions or lenses
      through which segments of the One all-pervasive Light that
      illumines the body/mind are seen and these images are then
      held in focus, through the mind's mechanism of attention, as
      the Atman.

      To the body, it means that certain nerves are gradually
      brought to carry a greater charge than others and the organs
      resonate and glands secrete accordingly.

      Over time the nerves and organs and glands that carry a
      weaker charge begin to accumulate the flow of toxins that
      crystallize in the capillaries further preventing the
      possibility of a wider perception of the spectrum of Light
      (reflected consciousness).

      These images are then stored in what we call the
      subconscious, which is really the conglomeration of takes,
      which then act as lenses through which we see the world and
      imagine Atman, our self, to be. As our True Self emanates
      through the subconscious lens, with the feeling of "I," we
      assume an identity to these images, and assume that these
      images make up the Atman.

      Ancient Sages have been able to notice that these nerves,
      organs and glands are grouped into seven major psychic
      spheres (5 along the spine, one behind the forehead and one
      at the crown), 5 major nerves (ida, pingala and sushumna,
      with the sushumna having three sections the silver cord or
      spinal cord along the spine to the throat, then the passage
      to the crown, as one; the gold cord from the point behind and
      between the eyebrows to the Crown; and the Atma Nadi or major
      vagus nerve between the synod or pacemaker of the heart
      located to the right of sternum to the Crown); and 3 Centers
      of Force through which the single all-pervasive Light
      emanates (the Kandal - between the 4th vertebra and navel,
      which regulates the generative energy flow; the Tenth Gate
      stemming from the hypothalamus through the crown of the head;
      which governs the involutionary energy flow; and the Hrdayam
      - the synod of the heart, which is the Singularity that sucks
      in and dissolves the illusion of separation of the reflected
      consciousness - like a Black Hole from which emanates Zero
      Point or Substratum of Being-Consciousness-Energy).

      Through the specialized practice of Kundalini Yoga, involving
      innumerable postures, movements, combined with long deep
      breathing and Breath of Fire and related variations, and in
      different specific combinations of Kriyas, pressure is put on
      the psychic spheres, nerves and force centers, through which
      the Infinite Light passes and is diffused into the spectrum
      of numerous images we assume to be real. Blood charged with
      the powerful effect of the specialized breathing techniques
      saturates these areas, causing the capillaries to open, then
      discharg their accumulated toxins and crystallized toxins,
      until the cells also begin to discharge their waste.
      Gradually through toxins filter out of the body and the blood
      begins to become pure and vital. Then gradually the nerves,
      organs and glands begin to regenerate, building up and
      carrying a charge that brings about a normal balanced voltage
      natural and inherent to each area.

      As the charge builds, the weaker areas within the nerves
      groupings and centers begin to charge and balance with the
      other areas that carry the charge that previously
      predominated in bringing about the resonance of the vision
      spectrum we had of the world and the related idea of who and
      what the Atman is.

      Once the body field has become charged and begins to balance,
      as a result of the practice of many varied Kundalini Kriyas
      and sets, specialized Kundalini meditations, which are made
      up of mantras and mudras and angles and positions, channel
      the energy into areas that further open and balance the
      nerves, spheres and centers so that a greater spectrum of
      Light can pass through the body/mind field.

      Gradually, the entire field begins to balance and resonate to
      a level above thinking and images, to the level of pure still
      intuitive consciousness. The subconscious now resonates as
      pure reflected consciousness, which is to say that it
      reflects the Truth purely.

      When such a one (whose generative center in the Kandal has
      openned to adequately supply the bio-chemical energy
      necessary for the nerves to carry a balanced charge
      throughout the body field), is now told about or reads about
      or hears the Truth, their mind fills with devotion to That
      Truth (Sravana or hearing), which opens the Force Center in
      the Crown, and that brings about the absorbtion in the Truth
      (Manana or contemplation), until the Truth Itself, the
      all-pervasive Brahman (the Father), suddenly and entirely
      dissolves the reflected consciousness altogether (the
      subconscious mind), and we abide as our True Self
      (Niddidyasana or Mahamudra), as eternal, unconditioned,
      uncaused spacelike Being Consciousness. The body field now
      resonates as non-dual undifferentiated pervasive Light and "I
      as I" - without the illusion of distinctions or separations.

      The words that will be spoken by such a one might be "I am
      the Truth." "I and my Father are One." "This Atman is That
      Brahman." "God and Me, Me and God are One." even "I (the
      universal consciousness) am the Light of the world."
      (Spacelike imortality giving nowledge absolute am I" "By
      nature Truth eternal am I. I am perpetual immutability."

      The whole matter comes to "hearing" - bringing the body field
      to a point of resonance to where this "hearing" can become
      possible, as with hearing, the True Self awakens and
      recognizes Itself as the True Hearer. From that point on you
      know and abide in the Truth, even as the body field goes
      through a process of relentless purification.



      "How important is it to be a vegetarian?(well it doesn't
      actually imply to nondoerlity) There is a chinese saying
      "what you eat is what you are" but I really wonder if that
      has got anything to do with our diet." --Rashmi

      Precisely what we eat, and do not eat, are only two issues of
      many many thousands of issues and factors which will
      determine exactly how enlightened we will become, and when we
      will become enlightened.

      As you may suspect, dietary concerns rank high on the list of
      'need to know' facts. In fact, ordinary, non-enlightened
      individuals may take up to 80 years to learn enough about
      food and the body, to be able to make the correct choices.
      Given this daunting schedule, it makes good sense to simply
      seek out a perfect Dietary Master, and follow directions to a

      Not only is vegetarianism usually ranked high on the list of
      correct conduct, but the spiritual rumor-mill has it that
      those who eat meat, will be reincarnated as cannibals or
      worse, as a cow. And that would be a mighty lesson, for as we
      know, every cow is a vegetarian. (Which gives a whole new
      spin to the phrase 'vegetarian meal', eh?)

      Now that we have covered the dietary issues, we can turn our
      attention to the seemingly infinite list of other probable
      obstacles to enlightenment, such as the color of clothes that
      you choose to wear (or not, for nudism is also seen as a sure
      path to high spiritual attainment!).

      Red clothing denotes raging anger, held deeply. But red can
      be offset by liberal amounts of green, unless you are a
      capitalist, in which case green denotes money, the 'root of
      all evil'. And you surely know how evil clashes with
      enlightenment, yes?

      Black clothes denote that you are in mourning for your lost
      soul, but this can be offset by wearing a white carnation,
      unless you are a member of the radical Live Bouquet Power
      faction, which does not allow the picking of flowers. If so,
      you must wear a mauve ceramic flowerpot on your head, filled
      with the most pure organic loam, in which is growing an
      exotic aloe vera plant, to be used as medicine in case of
      jaundice or, alternately, mild sunburn. But the sacrifice of
      this sacred aloe plant must of course be accompanied by the
      most sincere of ritual prayer and other properly mystical
      and/or esoteric behaviours, which will of course be evaluated
      by your Higher Self and/or Guardian Angel. Such reports are
      then filed in Karma Central Control, to later be tabulated
      and interpreted. The scores are tallied and the number of
      impure thoughts are deducted, while good deeds are added in

      The most mystical Masters compare the path of enlightenment
      to an elevator, which goes up or down according to how we
      'tip' the elevator attendant, also known as 'ego'. Heavy
      tipping will paradoxically send the elevator down, while
      abstinance from flattering Ms Ego will result in rapid ascent
      to the penthouse of higher consciousness. Of course, the
      attendant will resent not being tipped, so the whole journey
      can be a lot of ups and downs. And that explains the whole




      Please consider joining the Hafiz list, if you prefer to
      receive the pictures with the poems. The list owner runs each
      message thru a virus scan before approving it. -Gloria To
      Subscribe: Hafiz-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Here Soar

      Here soar
      Not with wings,

      But with your moving hands and feet
      And sweating brows -

      Standing by your Beloved's side
      Reaching out to comfort this world

      With your cup of solace
      Drawn from your vast reservoir of Truth.

      Here soar
      Not with your eyes and senses

      That turn their backs
      On the earth's sweet stumbling dance
      Which needs you.

      Here love, O here love,
      With your mouth tender and open upon your lover,

      And with your heart on duty
      To the souls of rivers, children, forest animals,
      All the shy feathered ones and laughing, jumping,
      Shining fish.

      O here, pilgrim,
      On this holy battleground of life

      Where there are bleeding men
      Who are calling for a sacred drink,
      A gentle word or touch from man
      Or God.

      Hafiz, why just serve and play with angels?
      They are already content.

      Brew your knowledge well for men
      With aching mind and guts,

      And for those wayfarers who have gained
      The rare courageous thirsts
      That can never be relinquished
      Until Union!

      Leave your recipes in golden drums.

      Tie those barrels to the backs of camels
      Who will keep circumambulating the worlds,

      Giving nourishment
      To all your happiness, dear wayfarer,

      With your beautiful lips and body
      So sweetly opened,

      Yielding their vital gifts upon
      This magnificent

      ('The Subject Tonight is Love '- Versions of Hafiz by Daniel
      Ladinsky; original presentation by David Williamson)

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