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Friday, November 23

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  • Jerry Katz
    JOHN METZGER contributes Man has been here 32,000 years. That it took a hundred million years to prepare the world for him is proof that that is what it was
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2001
      JOHN METZGER contributes

      Man has been here 32,000 years. That it took a
      hundred million years to prepare the world for him
      is proof that that is what it was done for. I
      suppose it is. I dunno. If the Eiffel Tower were
      now representing the world's age, the skin of paint
      on the pinnacle-knob at its summit would represent
      man's share of that age; and anybody would perceive
      that that skin was what the tower was built for. I
      reckon they would, I dunno. --Mark Twain



      although we have no free will our actions,
      thoughts, feelings can affect the facts of our
      lives. Or am I totally off track. --Ron

      Quite on target. Breathing can mean "hell" with
      asthma but "heaven" when an accomplished yogi. What
      would be the difference in one word? "Caring" - it
      has been known that asthma will leave with the
      proper diet and exercise and that makes the
      mind-body fit for yoga too. Without caring, the
      situation is accepted as a kind of "final verdict"
      dependent on medicines but with caring, all
      available resources are used to change it and it
      will - there have been several healers, who, having
      experienced that, were changed for life and became
      health-apostles for the remainder of it.

      Some, attracted to the "spiritual scene" meditate
      for over 30 years in a cave without "success"
      whereas others didn't pursue any spirituality and
      "realized" without knowing what happened to them.
      Without caring, unconditional self-surrender
      remains utopia and without unconditional
      self-surrender, "spiritual life" remains confined
      to "hanging around" and quoting. And yes, "caring"
      has to be to the extend as willing to give up life.
      Not a surprise is it?

      The so called "Bodhisattva ideal" is a "deal" about
      caring - no more, no less.



      Long Live the Feet of the One (Sri Ramana) who
      utters, "Just be (still) without thinking of

      Long Live the Feet of the One (Sri Ramana) who
      sings, "Every day (always) rest the mind in your
      abode (of the Self)". (L1&2)

      Translation of Lines 1 and 2 of Song 2 of the 5
      Jewels in praise of the Feet of Sri Ramana by Sri
      Sivaprakasam Pillai



      The seer is really the substratum of both the
      subject and the object. The individual
      consciousness, when purified is discovered to be
      the same as the Universal All-Pervasive
      Consciousness, like lifting a top off a jar that
      shows that the air inside and outside are the same.
      This isolation of the seer is Yoga.

      These seem to be 2 (subject and object) because
      attention is focused through the lens of the mind
      into images apearing in the mind (whether from
      inward takes or the impressions of the moment to
      moment takes on the senses).

      But when the mind is purified, there arises easily
      an inward pulling, like a graviton into the Heart,
      and attention to objects dissipitates with the
      brightening of the inward consciousness that fills
      and transends the mind and the body. (The wise
      man's heart inclines him to the right. -
      Ecclesiastics 10:3)

      Gradually, a transition occurs, where the mind is
      no longer used to see, rather one awakens to the
      Singularity of the "I as I." There is still a
      world, but it just appears, not separate, without a
      separate self to see or know. It's like the analogy
      of a color coming into the proximity of a pure and
      clear the diamond, which seems to reflect the color
      variously, yet remains wthin its own nature always
      resolute, unchanging, pure and clear.

      When the Sun of the Heart rises, the Moon of the
      Mind is no longer necessary to see.

      From the moment that This awakening emerges into
      the consciousness, the "I" pulsates and withdraws
      as the subject of attention.

      "All is empty, clear, self illuminating with no
      exertion of the mind's power." (Faith Mond - Third
      Zen Patriarch)

      There is no experiencer or experience, no subject
      nor object, no seer nor seen. For the time being,
      these may seem like empty words. But when inward
      hearing arizes, these words are recognized any
      trigger an inward pulling. This is the Truth the
      Founders of all the religions have been saying in
      whatever way that those that haveears to hear might
      hear when the heart is pure.

      A pure heart means that the mind has become clear
      enough through any means that the pulsation of the
      "I as I" is heard. Then we abide simply as That,
      and the subject-object notion in the mind simply
      dissolves, having no relivance at all to the
      emerging Truth. The idea of an identity to images
      is suddenly and simply relinquished.

      Theories, concepts, strategies, methods,
      philosophies ... all just drop off, having no
      relivance to the continuing pulsation of the
      All-Pervasive Self.

      The Truth resonates as soundless sound: "InfinItely
      large and infinitely small, no diference, for
      definitions have vanished and no boundries are
      seen." (Faith Mond - Third Zen Patriarch)

      There needs to be some practice that purifies the
      mind. At the same time there needs to be an effort
      to hear the Truth recorded in the Scriptures of the
      various religions. As the mind becomes pure and
      still true hearing begins to manifest in the
      consciousness. The Truth of one's being Recognizes
      Itself and draws the mind inward to dwell in and
      abide as Truth.




      What's here is a transcript of a group meeting with
      Lex Hixon and people identified only as voices,
      about twenty, loosely on the topic of what a
      nondual community might be like and do...perhaps
      relevant to email lists even? Considering it was a
      live, spontaneous conversation... well, bear with
      the intro, once they get going and into the heart
      of exploring it, I think you may find it quite
      interesting. ~Glo



      LEX: I would suggest that you're not used to
      non-dual communication and understanding. Most of
      us are not used to the atmosphere of non-duality.
      Most of us have the strong dualistic habit of
      immediately making a connection, immediately
      checking out what it is. We give ourselves five
      seconds or five minutes. Is it soul? Is it
      intellect? Whatever it is, we've got the definition
      almost instantly. This is the habit that we have to
      slowly erase.

      I said earlier that I would try to operate as the
      principle of non-duality, which is always erasing
      distinctions and definitions. If you feel in a
      slightly erased state, that's all right, right now.

      VOICE TWELVE: But the way you're speaking doesn't
      lead me to want to achieve this state.

      LEX: That's good. Why should I attempt to attract
      you? Why should non-duality become another
      achievement? This is going to disappoint Suzanne,
      but we're not going to have a large movement here,
      with people flocking to the door to be part of a
      non-dual celebration.


      We need the courage to present basic truth, which
      is not holding out some glamorous promise, "Get to
      this man, no matter what he charges. This is going
      to be the highest you've ever been." We're not
      enchanting or compelling anybody by eloquence or by

      I suggest that you look at the experience you're
      having in a positive rather than a negative light.
      The fact that you're not feeling any strong
      attraction is good. The spiritual trips are all
      setting up romantic attractions. How about a
      teaching that is plain and profound, that doesn't
      create some tremendous dualistic pull? "We've got
      it over here. We've got the real treasure which
      doesn't exist where you are. We're at the end of
      the rainbow. Come on over."

      VOICE THIRTEEN: One thing that keeps coming back to
      me, and I think I heard it correctly, is that you
      started out by saying that non-duality is a

      LEX: It is revealed by a process but is not itself
      a process. There is a dialectical, dynamic,
      spontaneous clearing away of the notions of
      duality, as they arise.



      Caught unawares - a moment of Zen, unexpected, open
      a package of cookies and find a message.

      "If you re going to have a cookie, have a cookie."
      And. "Never have an ordinary day."

      Alas, both trademarked, can't use them on a T Shirt
      unless you work for Pepperidge Farm. HOHOHO!

      Awakening is like that. You go for one thing and
      find another. Something totally unexpected. Ah,

      The whole of the universe is aware. Alive in a way
      that cannot be imagined. Everything is contained in
      awareness but does not stain it. A very nice
      arrangement actually. Peaceful.

      Only the thinnest of barriers separates one from
      seeing that one is this awareness. Ah, that opaque
      tissue of beliefs and expectations. No matter where
      or how it is pushed, it yields and flexes. It moves
      just out of range and you can't grip it to tear it
      to shreds. Ah, the man behind the curtain, doesn't
      want to be found out. Or, so it seems.

      No, he is just coy with you and loves to play. Then
      one day, one moment of that day, the curtain is
      whipped aside. Oooooo!

      love is eternal - michael


      that's it? ooooo? then for the rest of eternity you
      just ooo and aah over the magnificence of it all? I
      mean it is magnificent truly, and glorious, and
      wonderful, perhaps majestic even but if that's what
      you call awakening then ....then... i just have no
      words for the tragedy of that mistake.



      "Being trapped in this universe is something on the
      order of being caught in a matchbox. You know,
      here's this huge, powerful individual who's
      standing there outside the matchbox looking at it
      saying, 'Boy, I wonder how I'll ever get out of
      that matchbox.' This is the silly aspect which life
      presents to individuals."

      -- LRH, "Solution to Entrapment" lecture series



      Action and Non-Action...3

      The half-century during which Ramana Maharshi lived
      in a state of permanent Illumination (Liberation,
      Satori, identified with Reality) presents a
      remarkable picture of the dynamism of Non-Action.

      From the records of his life (for instance 'Les
      Etudes sur Ramana Maharshi', by five or six eminent
      observers and Arthur Osborne's admirable biography)
      one does not have the impression that he was ever
      known to 'act' in the sense in which that word is
      normally applied to human endeavour, that is in the
      sense of 'do' which implies initiative and
      reaction. He was the living example of the
      philosophy of Lao Tzu. Even when attacked by
      ragamuffins, crooks, burglars, and hornets, he did
      not re-act; he rarely seems to have given orders,
      correction, or to have made plans, yet far from
      living in chaos and disorder his life and his
      ashram seem to have been a model of harmony and

      Only in the interim between his illumination at the
      age of sixteen and the emergence in him of a
      working-model of an ego for the purposes of human
      contact did he find it necessary to act, and those
      few recorded actions are worthy of study. From his
      life it would appear that the I-Reality does not,
      perhaps cannot, act or re-act on the plane of
      seeming, and that the dissolved ego being no longer
      available to that end, the living being remains
      negative to the circumstances of life. The Maharshi
      had no wishes, fear or anger; he merely did what he
      had to do with the directness and simplicity of a
      young child, illuminated by an intelligence of rare

      His real action - Adequate Action, as we may call
      it - which is Non-Action on the plane of Reality
      was in the medium of what we know as Silence. But
      such Silence was not the negative state we
      associate with that word; on the contrary it was
      highly positive, potent, dynamic. Constantly his
      'radiation' was felt, very occasionally 'seen', and
      is even described as 'terrific'. Indeed for a
      number of people it appears to have been too
      powerful - like a high-voltage current. And by
      means of it he administered, directly to
      individuals, and generally to all, present and
      absent, what is adequately described as his Grace -
      which was his guidance, more effective than words,
      and which constituted his revelation.

      His case, as far as one knows, is unique as a
      contemporary phenomenon experienced by innumerable
      people now living, many still young, but its
      importance may be regarded as a function of its
      uniqueness. (© RKP, 1958)


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