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Highlights from Friday, Aug. 27

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    Hello everyone. You ll hear some new voices today. And the Nonduality Salon keeps on getting better. These are the highlights from Friday, August 27. --Jerry
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 1999
      Hello everyone. You'll hear some new voices today. And the
      Nonduality Salon keeps on getting better. These are the
      'highlights' from Friday, August 27.


      Madly singing
      Stepping off
      Jack o'Diamonds
      Horizon crack

      Light of darkness
      Blinding bright
      Fall away fall away fall away

      Eat Eat



      Zero approaches unattained
      Until the last syllable
      Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

      Still the tree grows
      birds sing
      precipitation is expected
      Sun and moon circle
      the horizon
      The day never ends



      Why did the chicken cross the road?

      0 I don't believe in chickens.
      0 No chicken, no road, only *that*
      0 Because he was attached to suffering.
      0 I love chickens! (aleks:)
      0 Intuition
      0 I don't give a shit. That chicken's roadkill!
      0 To attend an endangered species rally.
      0 The chicken is not the "doer." Nothing really happened.
      0 To get away from himself.
      0 Who is asking? Find out the source of this "i"
      0 The little voices told him to cross the road.
      0 That's what the book said to do.
      0 I don't need to know.
      0 Just for fun.
      0 Cause "I" wanted to.



      Eric writes:

      my simple, kid laden, kitchen burning
      text ignorant life
      open torn she peals me
      flesh and pain

      dare i do
      compare dying moths
      to clutter
      and mess i make

      frightening, erin and i
      shiva home in orion
      dare the tales
      risk the family

      unyielding, rough
      she takes no other
      like cat and dog

      12 arch angels talk
      on webs of ducks
      dawn rises
      no shots in silence

      to risk, to be peeled
      my skin my roof
      your home
      is mine.

      - - off to work for now,

      I have never been Happier, Ever
      Thank each and all of you beautifl creations-
      I love yu ALl more than this o'duck
      could ev'r express.




      Reality is only the reflection of the self's perceptions,
      and low, IS the best teacher.
      That's is why I keep repeating: GET OVER IT. This is a
      choice, and perhaps that is a teaching. What does one do
      once they realize they want to wake up? Cling to the
      pillow? Ignore the buzzer? What kind of processing are you
      achieving with your eyes glued shut with the pastey sand of
      yesterday's life?



      As Rumi said, The moon and the evening star would dip down
      like birds if you threw the last of your wine into the

      What a party, let's make a mess!!!!!!


      I am looking at Self as meaning unification, organization,
      wholeness. Self has relationship therefore to soul, self,
      peace, harmony and God. All of these are words that relate
      to a unity or organization of experience and perception.
      The experience of all as Self is the experience of no
      outside, no other, total unity. Thus, the Self inevitably
      raises a Shadow. The Shadow being related to "outsideness,"
      "otherness," "disunity." The Shadow can be associated with
      illusion, ignorance, suffering, separation, or evil.
      Thus, realization of Self doesn't necessarily mean the
      resolution of the Shadow. I am using the term wholly Other
      to refer to whatever is beyond Selfness and Shadowness. The
      Other as whatever cannot be subsumed in the categories of
      Self or Shadow (Shadow is not truly beyond Self, as it
      remains associated to Self). Because of this Other, a
      person who has experienced Self would be best not to be
      A person may yet need to encounter and work with Shadow, may
      need to find where Self and Shadow "arise together," may
      need to have any remaining sense of identification with
      Selfness dissolve in the wholly Other.



      I practice a little known healing art called Johrei. This
      tradition suggests that the 'outer' bodies
      (mental,emotional, etheric) can produce 'clouds' which
      impacts the physcial body.

      When the outer clouds are 'cleared', the body is no longer
      in distress.

      And when the Light of Johrei (or Awareness) is focused on
      the 'clouds', often times the discomfort will first be
      heightened, rather than diminished, until the clouds are
      cleared. (This ties to my response on another thread, in
      the example that Satan seems to 'turn up the heat' on those
      who are inviting and embodying Christ.)

      And so, in this tradition, when one has the flu or cold, his
      affliction is met with the response "Congratulations!"
      because fever in the body is seen as reflecting the 'burning
      away' of spiritual clouds, or Shadow.

      Yet one never knows what the result may be when the fever
      clears. The result may be a healed body, or it may be a
      body that is readied for death.

      In Johrei, our affirming, centering prayer before we begin
      is not for a 'healing', but for the clearing of spiritual
      clouds (or attachments).

      We needn't know, nor become invested in, the 'outcome' of
      our focusing and channeling of Light.


      Tim G:

      "A man is defined by what he does, not by what he thinks." -
      Kuato, from "Total Recall."

      On a "dual" level, a truer statement has never been spoken.
      Yet on a nondual level, "a man" is not defined at all, but
      remains undefined.
      Curious, eh? How to live life?

      If there is no sense of Being, it seems that acting in a
      positive manner is all-important. If a sense of Being is
      there, neither thinking nor acting are important, but simply
      being Present. Actions will follow from immersion in
      Presence. But that sense of Presence is not always there.
      So again, how to live life? Shall we be doers, when we are
      not BE-ers? Or shall we be thinkers?


      Dan and Gene:

      Dan: It is important to observe, from what is this dream
      protecting me/us? Upon what is this dream playing to gain
      my allegiance in selling it my soul?

      Gene: It is to avoid confontation with the shadow-masters of
      the world-dream... to avoid the cruel fate of Jesus and the
      other martyrs, who have dared to 'speak to the dreamers from
      outside the dream'. It is to live in fear, to avoid the
      uncertainty of freedom. "What profiteth a man, to sell his
      soul, to gain the world?" The payback... is void.

      Gene had said:
      The Living Nondual Realizer knows no precepts, no laws, only
      freedom. Such a one is free of and immune to any
      'teachings' whatsoever. Such a one, may enter
      conversation. In that conversation, all precepts, beliefs,
      teachings, and paths are revealed to be the noise of the
      activity of mind.

      In the clarity, noise is noise; there is no hierarchy of
      noise, no noise which is better than any other noise. The
      world-dream debate as to the relative superiority of one
      teaching to another is itself noise. All teachings are

      Dan: Perhaps some teachings may genuinely point to the way
      to end this dream.

      Gene: Yes. My statement that "all teachings are moot" could
      also read, "all teachings are mu". It is easy for me to say
      that... yet I do not mean to bar the way for anyone to
      assimilate any 'teachings' which they desire. To point out
      the 'activity of mind' as a screen of noise... my be a clue
      to some, to look beyond that screen.

      My point was/is... that knowing that "all teachings are
      moot" is a useful concept to consider, at the beginning. If
      all teachings are moot, what is NOT moot?

      Dan: These are teachings offered by those who were willing
      to end the self, give birth to the soul that had been
      aborted by allegiance to unreality, and who had compassion
      for those lost in trance. They are teachings that don't
      scoff, are not smug, convey respect for the being of all, do
      not enshrine limited human precepts and percepts, do provide
      an opening for light. Such teachings do not treat human
      suffering lightly or cavalierly. They also do not
      substitute either the teaching or the teacher for Reality.
      Reality itself, as it is, is not a teaching - seeing this
      clearly, no teaching is needed at that point.

      Gene: Yes. Agreed entirely. Your POV... is as of one, who
      having intimately experienced the storm of the drama of the
      world-dream, has left the hurricane-shelter, and found
      instead, a sunny and peaceful day...

      Now, how about them daisies?



      again I ask, what do I really want?

      isnt it intimacy with whatever is occuring here-thereby
      including everything?

      arent the best memories we have only a reflection of an
      undefended intimacy with this moment ?

      "I" looks for intimacy- it's a bundle of inadequate answers
      to getting IT

      IT has always been HERE-NOW, everything, nothing excluded,
      is in it

      the truth is that knowing is a myth that emerges, abides and
      can subside in love, in the fullness and bottomless
      unknowing that awareness IS

      choosing is constantly being played out- but what do/does I



      This is a non-duality place. I don't know what non-duality
      means, not in this reality anyway. Make a coin with only
      one side. Show it to me.
      That's non-duality. This Universe is created in duality.
      Can anything in duality claim to be non-duality? It is, I
      suppose, quite possible to believe anything. But it is not
      possible to believe in Nothing. Non-duality is nothing, as
      far as the type of creation we are in is concerned. All
      talk of such is academic, a chasing after the wind, or after
      nothing, because the wind is something. I sense that all
      discussions of 'nothingness' (non-duality) by beings caught
      in duality, is avoidance of the obvious. It is the old
      concept of organized religion upgraded or sweetened with



      The goddess saw herself reflected in the void...and reached
      out to herself....splitting herself....and created the
      polarities....forever joined, forever separate......male and
      female the human incarnation of this phenomenon....

      joined in essence...separate in phenomenology...coming of
      one, returning to one, in the process appearing apart, but
      leaving from and returning to sameness...

      awareness of essential sameness eases the separation and
      allows us to walk "apart" together....
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