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Wednesday, November 14

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  • Jerry Katz
    JODY AND HARSHA JODY: An abiding presence is nothing more than a pose. The Self is beyond caring and not caring, but the apparent individual is never beyond
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2001


      An 'abiding presence' is nothing more than a pose.

      The Self is beyond caring and not caring, but the apparent
      individual is never beyond these.  No matter how much 'abiding'
      we are doing, we will always be called by life to be human.


      Beautifully put Jody. It is no one's fault in using such terms like "abiding
      presence" and all. These seem to have become part of the nondual lingo. To
      be authentic and natural is simply to be yourself. Physically, mentally,
      emotionally, etc. There is no point in carrying the additional burden of
      "abiding presence" or enlightenment, etc.

      I will pass this on to HarshaSatsangh as well.

      If wisdom was inconsistent with being human, it would not be true wisdom.
      The Truth of the Self is both obvious and subtle. It's subtlety lies in its
      being so obvious that it is overlooked. It is deep, but its depth is not
      separate from the surface.



      This morning I was reading something that said that when there is
      life there is no death and when there is death there is no life. Just
      like when there is light there is no darkness and when there is
      darkness there is no light. So what do I have to deduce from this?

      No difference -will that do?


      The darkness remains darkness - light is only perceived when photons touch the eye.
      As light does travel freely in space (darkness), the darkness is not affected
      by the movement of light in it. That the mind easily interprets otherwise could be
      called "hoodwinked by the senses" - the mind being one of them.
      Likewise, awareness is not affected in any way by life forms and their vicissitudes.
      Not surprisingly, "peace" cannot be "enhanced" or even "shown" by sentient life - as can be
      sentient life is what more than often seems to veil it :)




      leadership - idle phrase
      talented man - lamented ant
      God bless America - obliged massacre
      clever politics - rip collectives
      sunny delight - nightly nudes
      more on ethics - other incomes
      the greatest business - huge interests as best

      biped animal - I'm a blind ape
      average man - amen, a grave
      as married man - remains drama
      an omnivore - naive moron
      enlightenment seeker - the meek, gentle sinner
      matter and space - apeman detracts
      fiery snake - sneaky fire
      like and dislike - I killed sane kid
      experienced yogi - I index creepy ego
      nondualist in space - speculation and sin
      this and that i am - hitman said that



      There is no difference between Jesus, Moses,
      Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha and the humble ant or
      even a mosquito. These are all manifestations of

      After the events, Hitler and his victims were
      congratulating each other [in heaven] for playing
      their parts so well. Actually [don't tell anyone or
      they will think you are mad] it was God who was
      playing all the parts.

      Of course, you will want proof for the above
      statements!? It is very simple really. Just find
      out Who is playing You!! How? Simply follow a
      genuine mystical path.

      Hint: When you are driving a car and someone bumps
      into your car, you'll say, "That **** hit me! Well,
      he did not hit you, he hit your car. We are so used
      to our body/minds that we assume these are us. In
      reality our body/minds are just vehicles that allow
      us to exist in this dualistic world. So if somebody
      punches you ... say, "Hey! Why did you hit my
      body?" Slowly a wedge will be driven and you will
      prise yourself free from your mistaken
      identification [solely] with your body/mind.

      Here is Rumi saying something similar:
      The spirit is like an ant, and the body like a grain of wheat
      which the ant carries to and fro continually.
      The ant knows that the grains of which it has taken charge
      will change and become assimilated.
      One ant picks up a grain of barley on the road;
      another ant picks up a grain of wheat and runs away.
      The barley doesn't hurry to the wheat,
      but the ant comes to the ant, yes it does.
      The going of the barley to the wheat is merely consequential:
      it's the ant that returns to its own kind.
      Don't say, "Why did the wheat go to the barley?"
      Fix your eye on the holder, not on that which is held.
      As when a black ant moves along on a black felt cloth:
      the ant is hidden from view; only the grain is visible on its way.
      But Reason says: "Look well to your eye:
      when does a grain ever move along without a carrier?"

      "Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"
      Camille and Kabir Helminski
      Threshold Books, 1996




      Thank you, Collette. You said: "The mask is painted
      to try to present to the world what is deemed
      acceptable." Yes, if I am off-center and cannot
      admit it or have noone to cry to, I feed my
      self-hatred. I know from experience and from the
      support of others I respect that disappointment is
      a great teacher, and I try to remember this and
      allow that process to unfold. I allow my self
      moments of blaming and anger and coming to
      conclusions, moments of fear that this world of
      change will suddently stagnate while I am
      uncomfortable, confused, etc., and then I begin to
      sit, because I don't have a choice. And I gently
      remind myself to notice bodily sensations, listen
      to the sounds in the environment, notice some of
      the thoughts... not to worry about whether the heat
      and expansiveness are physical, spiritual, or
      whether I'm losing my mind...

      I was in a lot of pain yesterday. Today the back of
      the head feels tingly and exposed, like the brain
      is just under the skin. I dreamed about Allen
      Ginsburg. He gave me some kind of an old, ripped-up
      wrapper with little pictures of himself on it; he
      knew he was dying and was just giving things away.
      Smiling, and giving things away. He couldn't speak,
      but used some sort of an augmentative communication
      device. I wanted to be like him. Happy at peace and
      joyfully giving it all away.

      Hagiography, related: Two people in particular that
      I knew who died at the World Trade Center on
      September 11th are trying to set an example for me
      too. Quiet, humble, living one day at a time,
      leading by example, doing service in their
      communities, pillars of gentleness and strength,
      both unmarried heterosexual men older than myself,
      one black, one white. I didn't know much about how
      they lived their lives before they died, only the
      impression they gave. One was a fire captain who
      was in the marines in viet nam. At his funeral at
      St. Patrick's Cathedral, a friend of his said that
      he had said of himself: I am an angry man, but
      underneath the anger is sadness, and underneath the
      sadness is unconditional love, and underneath the
      unconditional love is innocence. It's not the words
      so much as the fact that he knew who he was that
      gets me. He was guiding some severely burned people
      down the stairs of the second building that
      collapsed when he died, knowing that that building
      would come down too. When he entered the building,
      a fellow firefighter asked, "You're not going in
      there, are you?" He replied, "Are you crazy? That's
      our job."

      They didn't have it all figured out either. Just
      woke up in the morning and did their jobs.


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