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Saturday, November 3

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  • Jerry Katz
    MICHAEL READ Over on the Allspirit list someone posted a link to Steven Harrison s web site. http://www.doingnothing.com/ After reading through most of that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2001

      Over on the Allspirit list someone posted a link to
      Steven Harrison's web site.


      After reading through most of that this is what I
      emailed to Steven:


      Dear Steven,

      I just found your web site via a link posted on the
      Allspirit email list on Yahoo.

      What a delight it is to find a 'parallel thinker'
      such as yourself. At some point in my education I
      was taught to think. Who the particular teacher was
      must not be important, because I cannot remember
      that person's name. <grin>

      What I learned about thinking is that thought is a
      tool. Or, a mechanism that one can use to solve
      problems. I was also taught that not every thought
      will be the right one to solve the problem.
      Deciding which thought is appropriate would come
      about through experience or, the process of trail
      and error. The trick about thinking well is to take
      an objective stance or attitude. At least to be
      objective enough to use the answers presented by
      thinking without becoming - um - overly objective
      or disconnected from life.

      I appreciate what you have to say about myth. Yes,
      it does seem that folk will do anything to protect
      their personal myth about - everything. The
      concepts of religion, philosophy, science,
      politics, and so on do seem to hold the world in
      thrall. What a drama!

      Your observations on gurus/teachers/mystics -
      thanks for the grins! The thing about taking on the
      mantle of guru or teacher - hoo boy! - what a trap.
      The guru who allows even one person to worship him
      or her has 'blown it' big time. These types of
      gurus are eventually self destructive.
      Hmm...victims of their own publicity? Perhaps. Yes,
      you are correct when you say it is about power.

      I must confess that there was a time when I wanted
      to gain enlightenment more for the power of it than
      as, say, a process of self discovery. Fortunately,
      I was able to think that one through to its logical
      conclusion <grin>. Basically it is that if indeed
      there is only one thing, one god, one universe, who
      is there to wield any power and over whom could
      power be projected?

      The whole thing fell apart. What a relief! lol!

      When, for lack of a better term, the awakening
      event happened for me, everything was turned upside
      down, so to speak. The events leading up to that
      'fateful' afternoon are only story. There is one
      amusing circumstance which occurred that afternoon.
      I was at that moment reading a passage from some
      book on Buddhism where Gautama is reported to have
      said, "When I gained pure and perfect
      enlightenment, I realized that there is no such
      thing as pure and perfect enlightenment! Marvelous!

      At that point something strange and wonderful began
      to happen. All of my concepts and beliefs about
      enlightenment began to fall away. Then what I can
      only refer to as a 'stream' of information began.
      It was information about everything - spiritual,
      physical, emotional, reality/unreality - just
      everything. And, this stream of information was
      accompanied with power. Great power - the power to
      do anything.

      Good grief, what a temptation! For sure my mind/ego
      wanted to lock this experience down and use it.
      Everything I thought I had wanted was there.

      Fortunately, something, be it grace, luck,
      intuition, or <grin> that ability I learned as a
      schoolboy, to think, intervened. The information
      and accompanying surge of power were allowed to
      drop away like the beliefs and concepts did.

      All that was left was awareness. It was everywhere
      (and not really anywhere) and every person, place
      and thing in existence. The experience was not an
      accomplishment on my part. The whole thing was
      merely another event. Yet, it has changed how this
      character lives and interacts with everything.

      Well, this email is getting quite long. I'll close
      with a little poem I wrote about the whole silly

      Nothing higher
      Nothing lower
      No you
      No me
      Just this

      Love and blessings,



      BOBBY G.

      "The whole notion of reincarnation is based on the
      notion of separateness." Wayne Liquorman

      The idea of reincarnation is about ego death.

      For instance, the present moment along with the "I
      am" (aham vritti) gains the attention of the mind
      with the cessation of the chain of thoughts. I am
      aware of my presence instead of lost in cause and
      effect of a thought nature.

      The ego submerges in this moment. It finally
      re-emerges and it may be some time before it
      sub-merges again during which time thoughts lead
      one to another until they cease again and there is
      the here and now (in a manner of speaking).

      What happens seems to be classic reincarnation
      descriptions. For instance, I (ego) reincarnate
      because of past tendencies or karma. I am "born"
      into situations that provide me with a chance to
      learn and overcome my mistakes. I may have
      thousands of these 'lifetimes' before I am
      enlightened (the mind does not re-emerge). In the
      final death of the ego it never arises again (no
      more rebirth).



      gotta love this guy:

      "On some days he would go out to the bus stop, but
      when the bus actually came he realized that he
      didn't have anywhere to go so he had to go back
      home, even so this happened continuously."


      Dear Honorable Mr. Katz,

      Clearly from an unenlightened point of view, as I
      have no horn on my forehead, I submit the

      My dog Elliott has no horn on his forehead, either.
      However, he has a noticeable lump just over the
      equivalent of a canine crown chakra. What does this
      mean? Should I give him an important name and make
      a website for him? I have been looking for another
      job and wouldn't mind traveling the world, though I
      am not hep on the idea of marketing. Too much
      stress on the nerves. However, if it is for a good
      cause - you know, world enlightenment or perhaps
      simply self- promotion - perhaps I should give it a

      Please let me know what you think as soon as
      possible as I may be out of a job on January 1 and
      need to keep my bases covered. Airplane tickets for
      traveling the world are cheaper if you order ahead.

      Thanks in advance for your consideration. I look
      forward to your response.

      Best Regards,
      Her Hornlessness of Asheville

      P.S. I believe if you study Mr. Tathagata's
      forehead closely, as I did in Microsoft Photo
      Editor, you will discover that the horn is actually
      a very cleverly molded piece of silly putty. If you
      look very closely, you might even be able to make
      out headlines from last Thursday's New York Times.
      It sure is hard to get ink out of silly putty. I'll
      be sure to use fresh silly putty when I get

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