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Wednesday, October 31

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    ERIC ASHFORD God is a new idea, never an old idea. If God can be spoken of as having done this or that, then let that be someone elses idea of God. A God that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001

      God is a new idea, never an old idea. If God can be
      spoken of as having done this or that, then let
      that be someone elses idea of God. A God that is
      past, is also as meaningless as your past, let that
      God go on its way also. Be ready to receive God on
      the wing of your breath, like a kiss from a hidden
      lover, and live your religion as passionately as
      you would your most secret desire.

      Be the one and only priest of this religion of you,
      this will make you easy to find. The more crowded
      you are with useless dogmas and crippled concepts,
      the more easy it is to get lost in your city of
      dreams. Hold onto nothing but the love you can feel
      this moment, and make like a fish drinking an
      endless stream through the mouth of God.

      No matter how true and intimate God seemed
      yesterday, renew your marriage vows each morning,
      and indeed keep repeating them, until you feel Her
      tenderness embrace you again. Without this constant
      prayer, you might remember yourself and forget God.
      When this happens, a whole universe of divinity
      flashes out, until you recall it back again. A
      million years of karma appears like a tired comic
      routine you have seen so many time before. Boredom.
      You become what God can never be - boring.

      God is a new idea, never an old idea. Today, go
      searching the library of your soul for old books
      that have begun to smell of time. If they do not
      open you when you open them, it is time to be a
      book burner. All those new manuals that keep
      arriving also, if they do not work for you this
      moment, then do not keep storing them up,
      squirreling them away for a coming winter you keep
      faith with. Today write a new scripture, one that
      lives and changes as you do. A love that moves as
      the breath of God itself in you.

      Miracles are habits of Love.
      They bloom without attention,
      and blossom without direction.

      Forgive yourself of every sin,
      for unforgiveness is the only sin.
      Then it is simply respectful of yourself
      to forgive others for what they never did.

      Let all healing be a Yes in your heart.
      No more need be done but this.
      Live in this moment of love.




      Interesting perspective on the body by Emily
      Conrad, developer of Continuum. (Her article is one
      of several on this site. You may have to scroll
      around to find it.)


      My concern has always been with the ingenious ways
      we become self- limiting; and how all our various
      cultures define the parameters of what is knowable.
      Western culture, in particular, has brought about
      the industrialization of the body, with a
      devastating and alienating effect. For us,
      mechanical, repetitive movement is accepted as
      desirable, and this mechanization lies at the core
      of how we live and describe our world. Does this
      have any connection to a flowing vital process
      called a human being, whose form is based on the
      movement of water?

      In these many years of teaching Continuum, whether
      I am dealing with a specific healing process, or
      with the limits we put upon ourselves, my concern
      has always been to bring us to a greater
      participation with the underlying motif of life on
      Earth: organism as environment.

      As each of us becomes more fluid and resonant,
      defensiveness disappearing like worn out flesh,
      there emerges a larger unity in which communication
      at the level of cells and fluids becomes vastly

      We are processes, terrestrial and beyond. Our
      relationship with our planet is maintained by the
      resonance of our fluid systems with all fluid
      systems, human and other.

      Creative "flux" is essential for the enhancement of
      our functioning. In "flux", we cannot identify
      "parts". This "flux" is our existential unity and
      creates a resonant chord with our planet. It
      provides us with an ability to function as
      biological systems rather than cultural entities.
      All distinctions dissolve into flowing variations,
      into a matrix of divine expression. There appears
      to be an intelligence and strength to this flux
      that goes beyond our thinking. Our ability to
      innovate lies, as far as I can tell, in this
      softening of form, where all becomes liquid.

      We are open systems, able to respond to the
      immediacy of change. Our notion of "body" undergoes
      a metamorphosis. We no longer identify with
      ourselves as bounded forms exclusively, but we can
      enter the waters of our own existence without
      reservation or plan. We are the process of life
      constantly unfolding itself. The universe we are
      living in is in a constant exchange of information
      and nourishment. I see this as a fundamental
      activity of the human on this planet and perhaps
      beyond our Earth as well. Blood, rivers, oceans,
      cerebro-spinal fluid, all fluids are in a state of
      resonance, a unity without boundary.

      Our biomorphic ancestry makes itself known to us
      directly and informs us personally. God is not
      elsewhere, but in the very movement of our own
      formative tendency, continually manifesting itself
      through the play of mutable

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