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Wednesday, October 24

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    JAN SULTAN Let me give examples of some very strange identifications. People identifying more with their clothes and hunger instead of their bodies or even
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2001

      Let me give examples of some very strange
      identifications. People identifying more with their
      clothes and hunger instead of their bodies or even
      lives! All these incidences happened in Arusha,
      Tanzania some 15 or more years ago.

      There was this beggar happily chewing on a roasted
      maize/corn cob which somebody must have bought for
      him. I was about 20 feet behind him. As this beggar
      crossed the street without looking, concentrating
      on his lunch, he was hit by a car and tossed high
      up in the air. He landed on the windscreen and then
      rolled on the ground. As I ran towards him, I saw
      that he was still conscious. He was crawling about
      looking for something. I thought maybe the shock
      has confused him and maybe he was looking for his
      teeth or something! Everybody who witnessed the
      scene was surprised when with a yell of delight the
      beggar found the corn-on-cob he was looking for and
      went on his way as if nothing had happened. At that
      time this beggar was obviously identifying himself
      with his hunger more than with his body or even

      The other incident involved a fight. Somebody had
      knifed a young man and he was bleeding. Instead of
      being concerned about this deep wound in his leg he
      was holding his trousers and trying to get the
      blood off it and looking at the tear in it. He was
      shouting something about having borrowed the
      trouser and shirt for an interview or something and
      worrying about how he could ever pay back the
      'cloth/loan sharks'. So this person was identifying
      more with the clothes than his own body or life!

      In the same way our bodies and minds become so
      important and urgent to us that we start
      identifying with them. We forget that the body/mind
      is just like the clothes we wear and not us. If in
      the above examples somebody gave the beggar enough
      food and the young man cash to pay for the trousers
      they would then start identifying with their bodies
      and their wounds and realize the danger that they
      were in!

      So what would it take for us to realize that we too
      are wrongly identifying with our body/mind and that
      we are in fact pure awareness, not what we are
      aware of?

      JODY R

      There's really nothing wrong with identifing with
      the body/mind. In fact it is quite natural. The
      problem for the aspirant is in the *exclusive*
      identification with the body/mind. Most jnanis are
      still quite aware of themselves as individuals
      while living in the simultaneous understanding that
      they are only the Self. As paradoxical as it
      sounds, it is quite natural and comfortable as a
      state of existence.



      We are a strange land, we must leave in order to
      find again. A pilgrimage is a journey to a region
      that is our own uncharted unearthing. This realm
      must be created as it is explored. It is a path
      without tracks, and therefore can be crossed with
      no concern for paths. The pilgrim must lay down in
      himself in order to be the way of himself. It is a
      territory where discovery is the only measure of
      distance, and translation the only rule of
      direction. A journey that retraces an in-folding
      map in order to find the beginning at the arrival.

      Every pilgrim must go down to the river and pray,
      for he must be shown the way, by a guidance he
      prays into being. Without this fasting from words
      and thought, he cannot learn the language of the
      river, that contours the expression of this
      transpiring world. He must become this stream that
      forms his own mandala. A river that flows swiftly,
      but bears its source, as a stillness beneath it,
      like a fish that drinks its own water, yet never
      moves of itself, but holds the river flowing

      This strange way of traveling calls for a letting
      go of all conceptions of the idea of destination,
      for the journey becomes meaningless if the pilgrim
      looks for a goal to set. Being both the fish and
      the water, he must learn the art of swimming
      without reckoning what it is to be saturated or
      evaporated. This way he can move beyond land, sea
      and sky, to be the wellspring of the river itself.

      It is not enough for the heart to be still without
      the comprehension of what this stillness speaks of.
      This watching must also be known in adoration. That
      this vigil be the prayer of the universe of the
      watcher. Until the prayer is all that there is to
      be known. Nothing but this prayer, that is a
      rivering in the heart of stillness.

      And so the pilgrim becomes the journey, and finds
      that he is the adoration of himself alone. That the
      devotion that stirred him to travel was the guide
      of his divinity that called him to speak of
      himself. A self that returns to this world no
      longer a stranger to its appearance.

      You are appointed to Loves fulfillment.
      Remember your sacred part
      and you alone complete the holy circle.
      Surrender now, to this ineffable grandeur.
      If you have another plan, forget it!


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