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Saturday, October 20

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    LAURA AND FRIENDS JERRY: Again, rather than be concerned with the precise teaching of Steiner, how about realizing that you have your own knowledge/teaching of
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      JERRY: Again, rather than be concerned with the
      precise teaching of Steiner, how about realizing
      that you have your own knowledge/teaching of the
      structure of reality and using Steiner as a guide
      to reveal your own knowledge/teaching?

      It's like you're in a dark room and all
      you have is a blueprint of a similar room. To
      follow that blueprint exactly will not reveal the
      room you are in, exactly as it is. But to use the
      blueprint as a guide would be very helpful, because
      it's as though your room and the other room were
      designed by the same architect. Like condo
      complexes where every unit is basically similar,
      but not quite. It's really important to understand
      the room you're in and not someone else's.

      This is a good point - blueprints, yes. We are all
      unique and all similar. If we keep looking into
      someone else's room(s) to see what they have, we
      miss seeing what we have. While it can help us to
      know that some other(s) kitchen is equipped with a
      disposal, a dishwasher, a fridge and so on, we have
      to learn to use our own appliances.

      Well, this is a bit of a goofy (using condominiums
      allegorically) analogy. But, it does point back to
      ourselves as the place to start looking. We are all
      just different enough to keep the game and flow of
      life going. And we are all basically the same.

      LAURA: Oh yeah, is it considered bad form to tell a
      teacher his chosen philosophy sounds bogus? Maybe I
      shouldn't have said that.

      JERRY: You're picking up on the strangeness of his
      room. It's not your room. I don't see anything
      wrong with saying it. If he's worth his salt, he'd
      probably agree with you.

      LAURA: He did agree to a certain extent. "Every
      path has it's poop" was the quote. He also often
      says "Your wound is your gift." and that once a
      person knows what their wound is, they start to
      attract people with the same issue. Then he told me
      that his "wound" is doubt, and that he's had some
      intense struggles with it. I had spent a lot of the
      conversation trying to clarify what Steiner was
      trying to convey with his philosophy. I didn't know
      he doubted, so I was saying things like "Steiner
      said that, but do YOU believe that Dennis? " "You
      know, that sounds really bogus" "That doesn't make
      sense" etc. At one point he got this look on his
      face...sort of like his teacher mask had fallen
      off. Like he was doubting.

      I don't get the sense that he is in the same place
      some of you are, not quite locked down in where he
      is, if that makes sense. I don't want to say
      anything to make him doubt if doubt is a problem
      for him. People around the college seem to look up
      to him a lot. He's very intelligent and he's very
      charismatic. Before I met him I heard people talk
      about him as if he was some sort of guru, but he
      doesn't present himself as one. I feel really bad
      now. Should I apologize? I'm not sure how to
      proceed from here. I can be pretty annoying with
      all of my questions. I don't want to bug him, but I
      did pay the school $6000 for a 7 month set of
      classes and I want to get as much out of it as
      possible. Maybe my questions had no effect on him
      at all, and I just want to think they did because
      that idea makes me feel more powerful. Or, if
      people attract people with similar "wounds" maybe
      it is for the purpose of further healing the
      "wound". How does a person make a decision about
      anything when nothing ever seems certain?

      MICHAEL: Sometimes I just chuckle at all the
      theories of the 'what is'. Can't help meself. It is
      'mind' that throws up all sorts of barriers and
      ideas about 'spirituality'. Well, that's the job of
      'mind' you know, to figure things out. Our mind
      wants a cozy and comfortable 'explaination' for
      this whole thing - existence. The 'mind' is not
      quite comfortable with the concept that all there
      is, is god.

      You see, it is story, the never-ending story. And
      who doesn't like a good story? (big smiles here)

      Hierarchy - ever notice that each philosophy,
      religion, path etc. has its 'own' pantheon of
      saints, beings, dieties and so forth? Should they
      all be taken literally? Well, that can be and is
      done. However, if we start to look at these
      'hierarchies' as metaphorical teachings, then we
      become more open to understanding the underlying
      'truth' of the teachings.

      We all tend to grasp onto 'something' that makes
      sense of 'this'. By doing so the 'mind' seems to
      gain some comfort. It is very disconcerting to
      'mind' to even begin to contemplate the vastness of
      creation and existence.

      The whole thing (seeking and finding) gets rather
      strange and can become twisted around. 'Mind'
      doesn't really want to 'go there' - into the
      vastness of pure 'being'. So, as the 'seeker' comes
      closer and closer to 'reality' the mind just begins
      to analyze and define what is going on. Sometimes
      it freaks and tries real hard to put the brakes on.
      Poor thing - it's way out of its element - so to

      Yah, it is often as not, much more comfortable to
      live in a dream-filled fantasy of god in heaven
      surrounded by all sorts of angelic beings, divine
      symbolism, a separate you/me, and all that.

      We, however, are not separate from the universe.
      Sure, this is just another concept. Heck, it's like
      that old saying -'if you could just bottle that,
      you'd be rich!'.

      As you 'progress' along your path so many concepts
      will arise. Here is some advice - toss the concepts
      away as they arise. Sure, take a look at them if
      you want to - then throw them away. Notice, as you
      are 'doing' this how many arise - like endless
      waves on the ocean, it seems.

      Now, the 'mind' really really really wants to lock
      things down. It is just a wee bit scared, you see?
      So it puts up a good fight. Poor thing!

      But, if you allow intuition/heart to do the
      guiding, something marvelous happens! Yup!

      Please don't take my word for it. After all 'I' am
      only using words and concepts here. It would be
      best if you just ignored what I am saying and dive
      into the 'whole thing' for yourself.

      Sure, I can say without a doubt or a hesitation
      that you are what you seek. But you know that you
      'have to' find out for yourself.

      GLORIA: Perhaps the anxiety you feel "for him" is
      really about you, your own uncertainty? I drove all
      my teachers nuts that way, but most of them
      appreciate a student taking a subject seriously
      enough to simply think deeply about it.

      Anyway, if a few questions, no matter how
      penetrating and perceptive, could destroy his
      "belief system" - whatever you call it, then it
      needs destroying and is already worthless to begin
      with. However, it is also a possibility that he he
      is reflecting them back to you rather than
      answering them on purpose, like any good Zen master
      would. A good question will actually take you
      further than an answer. An answer is a stopping

      Whatever, no need to apologize for asking,
      questioning, doubting... that's what he is there
      for. But I would consider the poop remark
      seriously. It may be difficult to sort out the
      shining truth from the BS, but he is so right that
      every path has some. If you put a lot of energy
      into searching for the "one right path" and leaving
      when you find some crap, you may not get deeply
      enough into any particular one to get past the BS.
      Look around enough to see what resonates with you,
      yet ultimately you are your own path. You make the
      path by wherever you investigate and spend your
      time. Enjoy the process, the journey.

      If there is one useful thing I have learned from my
      spiritual quest, it is to take responsibility for
      my stuff and let people take responsibility for
      their own stuff. If you pushed someone's buttons,
      that is a gift to him, to see how his buttons work.
      Letting go of buttons seems to be the thing. (okay,
      perhaps I can reword that to be more in your
      vocabulary...) If you pushed your finger inside his
      wound, he has the choice to make that useful (get
      some information about the wound that will help him
      heal it), or to let that make the wound larger. If
      you poke him in his wound on purpose, hoping to do
      damage, do apologize, but not so much for him, as
      for you. You have to take responsibility for your
      wound, and acting out of the desire to do damage is
      surely a sign of your wound in action. If you poked
      him there accidently and he makes a big fuss about
      it, I think apologizing only supports him in his
      decision to feel like a victim. (it confirms the
      choice.) Who wants to do that to someone? Does that
      make sense?

      Hi Laura,

      I was fortunate to have a spiritual 'supernatural'
      type awakening before I did any kind of
      metaphysical studies of any type. I only had my
      Christian fundamentalist background as context.

      Although I am not a fundie anymore, when I first
      started looking around the metaphysical landscape I
      saw the same thing, hierarchies. I remember saying
      to a Master, "jeez, why is this all so Catholic?"
      (and I wasn't meaning brotherhoods. :) He looked
      very perplexed and didn't understand my question.

      Later, I came to realize that it is human nature,
      the hardwiring of the brain, to put things into
      organizational structures and not necessarily
      multidimensionally. It is human to try to put order
      into what a human perceives to be chaos or at least
      confusing instead of grokking it all at once. It
      gives us a false feeling of insecurity.

      I find hierarchies to be useful for learning but
      also limiting.

      Haven't humans always been earth centric? :) Just
      as our ancestors believe the sun and the planets
      and the whole planetary universe revolved around
      earth, metaphysical types still cling to the belief
      we are spiritually 'special' and the whole spirtual
      multidimension exists to serve us. LOL! It has
      always been "it's all about me" at its core, don't
      you think?

      If it feels bogus to you, your internal BS detector
      is probably clicking on...hehehe...

      I can imagine we can look at it as not as levels of
      separation, just a stopping place in a non-linear
      pan dimensional infinite field.

      We do not use or exchange energy, rather we are
      unceasingly transforming energy along with the rest
      of the universe. No continuum. No good, nor bad or

      Human beings are more dense energy fields in
      continuous exchange with their environment and the
      universe also wave form patterns of fields. Fields
      are infinite, in continuous motion, and always
      changing. Fields are without boundaries.

      Hierarchies are attempt to categorize and
      personalize those fields.

      Not much but I hope that helps.

      Our primate nervous system is anything but
      vestigial, and consciousness 'as we know it' is
      built atop the ancient bicameral mind.

      The bicameral mind, as a gambit for species
      survival, worked so perfectly, that the human
      population increased to the point that tribal
      warfare became not only incessant, but deadly. At
      this point, was consciousness 'as we know it'

      Consciousness 'as we know it' is also called
      'ego-consciousness', and ego is essentially a force
      of mediation or referee. Ego mediates between the
      arisings of the bicameral mind, and the criteria of
      identity. Identity is an assemblage of mutally
      cohesive memory fragments, which are acquired
      through life experience.

      Consciousness 'as we know it', or
      ego-consciousness, intercepts the constant
      transmissions from the bicameral mind, or 'id'.
      'Ego the referee' blows the whistle on foul plays,
      as certified by the criteria of of identity, which
      is learned social egalitarianism.

      Chief among the residual aspects of the bicameral
      mind, is the persistent arising of the spirit of
      the alpha-male primate tribal chief, or as HE is
      otherwise know, 'God'. Primate tribal life as
      perpetuated by bicameral mind, provided for the
      appearance of Big Chief Alpha-Male God, even in the
      absence of other living Beings. We continue to have
      this hallucination, whenever 'consciousness as we
      know it' wavers or breaks down. Under those
      conditions, 'God' makes an appearance, issues
      orders, emits glamors, and generally compels
      obedience to the way of the tribe.

      Schema of layers of consciousness: (hierarchy)

      * (invisible space as receptive 'female' emptiness destination)

      * Top: Higher Self, Self, Universal Spirit (Superego)

      * Middle: 'Ego-consciousness' ('Ego', 'Do-er') =
      = (Identity [ego plug-in] =
      = acquired criteria for social regulation)

      * Lower self: (substrata collectively known as 'id')

      -Bicameral mind (survival strategy)

      -Physical layer of Being (possibility of reproduction)

      -Organisation of DNA (cohesion by ordering principle)


      * Self (active ordering principle/ thrust/ 'male' issuance)

      If you carefully examine the above list, you will
      see that Self rests upon Self; from Self, emanates
      the entire hierarchical structure, and atop of this
      structure, is poised Self.

      As we do not see where we came from (Self), we also
      do not see where we are going (Self). We thus do
      not see what is in between the arising of
      everything from Self, into Self, as Self, and
      finally and 'eternally' as Self.

      The beginning Self is emptiness, and arising in
      this selfsame emptiness, comes forth organized
      (according to periodicity) matter, and patterned
      flesh (bound by DNA), a mobile bit of food on the
      run, chasing other food on the run.

      Now arises the bicameral mind, to spare the
      individual the fatal effects of individuality
      (ignorance) and share the collective (tribal)
      wisdom; the group survives, but the price for
      survival is to live always in hierarchy under the
      eye and hand of the Top Monkey/Alpha-Male/Tribal
      Chief or as we know him now... GOD.

      Consciousness was invented in order to halt the
      incessant tribal warfare which was a direct result
      of the success of the bicameral mind!

      Warfare became a way of life (holy war) between
      tribes SIMPLY BECAUSE each tribe had a unique God,
      as unique as each lineage of tribal
      Alpha-Male/Chief. It was the clash of the Gods,
      which compelled endless bloodshed, and which
      eventually necessitated the invention of
      consciousness, identity, and egalitarian social

      Ego consciousness means "ability to know the

      The human ability to cogitate/think/calculate
      depends upon or actually emanates from the
      bicameral mind. It is the eternal conversation
      between the two hemispheres of the brain, which is
      the basis for the cyclic interaction of the
      inductive-deductive phases of thought. It is this
      cyclic digestion of sense-data, also referenced to
      remembered information, which is generally called

      We can become acutely aware of the internal
      conversation, and furthermore, we can attain veto
      power over any conclusion drawn by this ancient
      computer. We can choose to suspend any actions
      which would emanate from any conclusion. We have
      the power, if we choose to employ it in service of
      abiding, in abiding the conversation, and in
      abiding the impulse to react.

      So recently have humans gained consciousness, that
      our recent history is peppered with records of
      purely bicameral behaviour. The deep-seated impulse
      to 'purify the race/tribe' can be seen in the
      actions of many cults, including the Third Reich of
      Germany under Adolph Hitler.

      So recently have humans gained consciousness, that
      we have not yet learned to call in the referee in
      times of great tribe-ulation. Still, the shimmering
      and magnetic image of the God of the tribe is
      hallucinated by those who are in crisis, those who
      feel disenfranchised, those who have been banished
      from their own tribal lands. In the absence of an
      actual God, the projected/hallucinated God takes
      command, bypassing the enfeebled and unskilled
      referee, and launching holy war upon those whose
      God differs from tribal specifications.

      It does little to no good to appeal to those whose
      bicameral minds have stolen control; it does more
      good to appeal to the referee, to rebuild the
      referee, to construct if need be, a referee from
      whole cloth. It is possible to teach consciousness,
      and it is possible to for a teacher of
      consciousness to 'transmit mind' to an other.

      The tradition of the 'transmission of mind' is best
      preserved and practiced as Zen. The master, who is
      a teacher of consciousness, may employ the koan in
      order to disable the regressive reasoning of the
      student. Sudden awakening occurs when the
      transmitted (contagioned) 'mind' has taken root and
      has successfully co-opted the entire hierarchy of
      consciousness within the student. Suddenly, the
      whole human organism is slaved or entrained by the
      imperative of space itself. In this moment,
      emptiness prevails; in this moment, the receptive
      has opened to the thrust of Being, and linkage has

      In this moment, there is connection from the very
      core of the planet, through the root of Being
      (matter) and refined through the existing protocols
      of self-organisation, to emerge from the crown, as
      a beam of ultraviolet 'light'; this light connects
      with the ultraviolet 'aura' of the planet. A loop
      of connection has occurred; lower has connected
      with higher, and the two are one, at last.

      The receptive (space) has always more room than
      there is matter to occupy it; it is up to the human
      to figure how to make this connection. Fortunately,
      there is a lineage of teachers of consciousness
      among us. Mind can be transmitted, and received.

      Mind rages around us like a great fire, ready to
      burn our fables to ash. But we persist in making
      objects, which are conclusions or 'beliefs'. These
      too must be incinerated in the core of the sun!

      What feeds the core of the Earth, comes from the
      core of the Sun; and the Sun itself is fed its own
      information of existence, from the Diehold, which
      itself reflects Self-organising principle. From the
      Diehold emanates information of existence; matter
      which obeys this principle, comes to directly
      reflect the nature of the Diehold itself.

      Temporary, we feel the caress of entropy in the of
      embrace of emptiness, and know love. We know love
      which embraces wholly, our failure to carry through
      with the inevitable transmigration of matter into
      energy, during our short span. Our crude atomic
      technologies are a mere shadow of the nuclear
      metabolism which will someday power us to drink
      directly from the Sun itself.

      * Or you can bypass the Sund and go to the Diehold



      I hardly ever write anything political. I used to
      work as a columnist for a business magazine in
      Turkey and after a couple of years my idealism
      abandoned me and I stopped writing. Like many other
      countries in the Near East, Turkey is not a
      stranger to terrorism. It's a fact of life there. I
      was sad to see that this cycle of violence, which
      was once foreign to the American psyche is also
      taking place in this country. What is surprising to
      me is that even the so called liberal minds lost
      their ideals and become attached to their imagined
      national (tribal) and religious (superstitious)
      identities. When I saw that hardly anyone reported
      the impending genocide in Afghanistan, I considered
      it to be my moral duty to point it out.

      Before this piece let me state that this email

      1. What happened in NY was a horrendous crime
      against humanity.

      2. Those who are responsible for this act of
      terrorism should be brought to justice.

      Let's start with a simple question. What would you
      do if someone burned your house? Would you find out
      who did it and

      (a) Take him to court, which means presenting
      evidence. (b) Don't bother going to court, just
      burn his house. (c) Burn the entire neighborhood.

      While one can argue one does not need to follow (a)
      if one is a super power and simply execute (b) or
      (c), the obvious problem with (c) is that you are
      also punishing people who had nothing to do with
      the crime. This is exactly what is going on in
      Afghanistan today. The innocent people in
      Afghanistan have nothing to do with Taliban or Bin
      Ladin and they are in fact victims of Taliban and
      foreign interventions. The ironic fact is that in
      the long run nothing can help Bin Ladin's cause
      more than killing innocent civilians.

      Most media outlets does not alert the public about
      the genocide that is about to happen. Afghanistan
      was in ruins already. Most farmers could not plant
      and people could not feed themselves which meant
      they depended heavily on foreign aid. The supply
      lines have been cut. The only way they can receive
      food is by trucking it and this is not possible
      under the current circumstances since the US will
      not allow it.

      US proposes food aid by air but it will not work.
      Media reports this fact without even analyzing. Is
      this so hard to imagine? Let's say that you live in
      Colorado. If the high flying military planes drop
      food at random locations in Colorado, what is the
      chance of your getting it? If don't know where and
      when the food will be delivered, you won't get it.
      Although you may find out about it in Colorado by
      watching your local news, in Afghanistan there is
      no way for you to know this logistic fact.

      The undeniable fact is that under the current
      circumstances by the end of winter millions of
      people in Afghanistan will die, not by bombs but
      from starvation. This genocide will not be
      committed by an abstract entity but by you, me and
      all of us.

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