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Friday, October 19

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    RABBI YOSSI MARKET ... JERRY KATZ Everyone s coming. Everyone s on the way. The highway to heaven is jammed. The road rage I understand. Because everyone s
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      > The Lubavitcher Rebbe prophesied that the coming of Moshiach (the Messiah)
      > has already started and that we are the last generation of exile and the
      > first generation of the redemption. It must be understood that the Messianic
      > redemption is not just for Jews but for all the nations of the world. So no
      > matter how bad it looks, remember the Rebbe's prophecy.
      > Rabbi Yossi Markel


      Everyone's coming. Everyone's on the way.
      The highway to heaven is jammed.
      The road rage I understand.
      Because everyone's coming. Everyone's on the way.

      Pull off the road, Mister Messiah.
      Where you exit, that's where I am.
      I'll be waiting for you.

      But you're on the highway to heaven.
      On the road jammed.
      And everyone's coming. Everyone's on the way.
      When will you find the time to pull off the road?

      Where you exit, that's where I am.
      I'll be waiting for you, Mister Messiah
      Like a Messiah,


      your love has made me fearless.
      The Great Ray of your grace
      has cracked the shell of my soul,
      and I have spilled out.
      I have been flowing inwards to you
      ever since.

      I have risen from the ashes of regret.
      I shall spend this life
      like a millionaire
      and count no loss



      I'm trying to put some of Rudolph Steiners ideas
      into a context I can understand. He really liked to
      associate "Beings" with everything. Each human has
      an Angel; On/In the sun lives the Christ Being (my
      teacher said "Well, there is a lot about the Sun we
      don't know. A lot of the Sun is not physical in the
      way we know it"). In Steiners philosophy there is a
      hierarchy of Beings; for instance the Archangel
      Michael was an Archangel, but he was promoted to an
      Archai 100(or so)years ago. Others in the hierarchy
      include Cherubim, Angels, Seraphim, Exousiai etc.
      They apparently live on planets in our solar
      system...This sounds really, supremely idiotic to
      me. They (Anthroposophists) also say that the Earth
      is going to turn into a new Sun when all of the
      people have been "enlightened" or whatever their
      word is for the realization of non-duality.
      Everything apparently revolves around humans on
      Earth. I asked my teacher about human type Beings
      in other solar systems and he implied that the
      question wasn't relevant because All was One
      anyway. "The truth is paradoxical" he said.

      I can understand that All is One, and that the
      truth is paradoxical. I could understand if the
      Hierarchies were symbolic language for degrees of
      Realization. But they are not. Are there spiritual
      beings who are more evolved, as a group, than
      humans are as a group? That makes sense I
      suppose...If everything is One, yet there are
      degrees of separation from the One, I guess a
      hierarchy could happen. Any ideas on this?

      Oh yeah, is it considered bad form to tell a
      teacher his chosen philosophy sounds bogus? Maybe I
      shouldn't have said that.
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