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Thursday, October 18

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    I ve finished the major update of Gene s web page. Fifty pages on the website, and it s only a fraction of the material he s delivered over the last 4 years.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2001
      I've finished the major update of Gene's web page.
      Fifty pages on the website, and it's only a
      fraction of the material he's delivered over the
      last 4 years.




      You'll have to sort out the
      wheat from the chaff, much
      like what's necessary at a
      "real" library or bookstore,
      but the selection is pretty
      interesting and the price is



      Thanks for this Bruce. Am now enjoying:
      Call No Man Master
      by Joyce Collin-Smith



      Just Stay At Home.

      If you are religious, I salute you, my souls
      delight. Yet know that the bottle you would drink
      from can never hold the content of this life.
      Please cultivate a deep irreverence for everything
      but love.

      Remember that dead saints and dead poets can have
      no life in you, until you remember the words they
      could not say. Then all the lovers of the world
      that have ever been, will jump from the grave you
      have made of belief, and hug you to their own

      You have a child in your arms, that you will not
      give back to the Mother, who birthed you from this
      same love. Be the one who stays at home, when the
      world goes seeking itself. Everyone knows how to go
      somewhere, but only the seasoned traveler can be a
      crossroads. Every real pilgrimage begins in rest.
      The divine wind will only play in this moment. When
      you move on to this path, the path will move within
      you, a spiral unwinding, to open your Way.

      Just be the one who stays at home no matter where
      you go. You do not read this book of your love, you
      write it. This poem is carried by invisible saints
      that live in the same pocket of the heart that God
      preaches from. Be generous with these words.



      104th Chorus.........Jack Kerouac

      I'd rather be thin than famous,
      I dont wanta be fat,
      And a woman throws me outa bed
      Callin me Gordo, & everytime
      I bend
      to pickup
      my suspenders
      from the davenport
      floor I explode
      loud huge grunt-o
      and disgust
      every one
      in the familio

      I'd rather be thin than famous
      But I'm fat

      Paste that in yr. Broadway Show

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