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Saturday, October 13

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    MICHAEL READ ice cream, popcorn, lemonade, corn on the cob, baked potatoes rainbows, sunsets, mountains, oceans, deserts, forests babies, toddlers, kids,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2001

      ice cream, popcorn, lemonade, corn on the cob,
      baked potatoes rainbows, sunsets, mountains,
      oceans, deserts, forests

      babies, toddlers, kids, youth, mommies and daddies,
      relatives snow, rain, wind, sun, clouds, thunder
      and lightening

      These are some of the reasons all this was created.

      Body - Mind - Awareness

      tall short fat thin lanky stout medium muscular
      petite extra-large gigantic dwarf agile clumsy
      graceful athletic

      quick smart slow dumb bright genius average idiot
      savant sane crazy deluded stable sound unhinged

      perceptive aware seeing there vacant lost hazy

      All this and the universe made flesh too! Who
      woulda guessed it?!?!

      Is it any wonder I smirk so?

      Putt putt putt on through life. And don't let the
      crap get you down. Be careful what you wish for -
      or someday wild monkeys just may fly out your butt.
      Pain sucks - rework is a bitch, so love everybody
      the first time. Too much pleasure turns one into a

      Acceptance doesn't care what you've done, may do,
      are doing. Compassion cares not for reward. Doing
      is doing and will be done - even non doing is
      doing. And rama-lama-ding dong makes a good song.

      These words were destined to be written - I know
      because I do choose to write them.

      If you are in a pickle, I hope it has something to
      do with your new job - in Hollywood. Maybe you are
      in a jar of shaving cream, or a hot dog. Seen you
      on TV perhaps?

      I am nothing more than a character in the infinite
      play - a speck. I do what I want, what is before me
      to do, what I imagine is good and fun, what is
      needed, what is frivolous and so on and so on and
      so on.

      I am vast awareness in all places and all times all
      dimensions. All beings arise in me. I am both the
      laughter and the scream of life - the joy and the
      terror are all the same in me. For what I am there
      is no word unless it is you.

      No big deal!

      Just imagine that you have stopped all imagining.


      Peace - hiya mule! giddup there! - Michael



      If the falling of a hoof
      Ever rings the temple bells,

      If a lonely man's final scream
      Before he hangs himself

      And the nightingale's perfect lyric
      Of happiness
      All become an equal cause to dance,

      Then the Sun has at last parted
      Its curtain before you -

      God has stopped playing child's games
      With your mind
      And dragged you backstage by
      The hair,

      Shown to you the only possible

      For this bizarre and spectacular

      Go running through the streets
      Creating divine chaos,

      Make everyone and yourself ecstatically mad
      For the
      Friends beautiful open arms.

      Go running through this world
      Giving love, giving love,

      If the falling of a hoof upon this earth
      Ever rings the Temple Bell.

      ("The Gift" - trans. by Daniel Ladinsky)



      Hi everyone,
      I used to post here a year or two ago. I think I
      introduced myself at the time with a plea for the
      best way to get enlightened. I was in a hurry :-)
      Well, I haven't reached my goal yet, but have
      calmed down quite a bit. I was glad to see that a
      lot of the same people are still posting. I was
      more of a reader than a poster, so though I might
      not have said much many of you feel like old
      friends to me.

      In the time since I was last hanging out here I
      moved from West Virginia to California. The NDS web
      site mentioned that there are people who read the
      list that live in the Sacramento CA area that are
      interested in getting to know others who are
      interested in non-duality. I'm in Sac now, and
      looking for people who are "on the path" or who can
      point me toward some resources in the area. I've
      hooked up with some people who are into
      Anthroposophy-a philosophy by a guy named Rudolph
      Steiner. It's sort of like Theosophy...Have any of
      you heard of Rudolph Steiner? I had never heard of
      him until I found this school that teaches his
      stuff. What he taught is interesting, but it means
      I have to learn a whole new set of terms and
      translate them into the other stuff I've studied.
      I'd really like to meet some people who talk in
      terms I already know. I'm getting tired from all
      the reading and trying to figure out how all these
      different philosophies and religions fit together.

      Thanks to you all for keeping NDS alive. I was
      afraid when I started looking for it again it would
      be gone like so many other internet communities
      I've come across in the past. It's great to be


      Hi Laura,

      Welcome back!

      Funny you should mention Steiner and Theosophy. For
      years I studied many of Steiner's books and looked
      into Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism,
      Hermeticism, Tarot, Kabbala, Freemasonry,
      Co-Masonry and a few others. Much of it is either
      veiled Christic mysticism, like an indirect version
      of the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL or the CLOUD OF
      UNKNOWING, or cribbed from Vedanta and Buddhism.
      These mystical schools are fun, mysterious, secret,
      with covert, secret meetings, veiled teachings,
      secret documents, passwords, code-words, some even
      having uniforms and regalia, lodges, temples,
      musical meditations. My Rosicrucian lodge here in
      NYC even served Haitian food after the weekly
      "Mystical Convocations." MMmmm, mmmmm, good! What a
      sense of belonging and cosmic purpose! We can speak
      in terms of these schools - surely! But if one is
      not quite ready to let fall the grandiose
      conceptual structures, why then it's much easier to
      find a simpler scheme - one containing fewer
      concepts doing the same work as the more
      multifarious ones in the more ornate schools....


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