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Tuesday, October 9

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    VALERIE, GLORIA, AND GENE VALERIE don t you think that music is like religion is like consciousness - that we can choose our state of awareness by being aware
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2001
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      don't you think that music is like religion is like
      consciousness - that we can choose our state of
      awareness by being aware of that which we choose
      and being that which we choose - the all embracing

      if we are all states of vibrations being perceived
      through filters to other similar mind/souls, then
      religion is like music - you tune it in, you turn
      it on, you vibe...

      why not be the religion of Life within the Church
      of Everywhere Now? every breath and every moment is
      sacred to ourselves - to the gods, the goddesses,
      and the sacred spirits of Nature that flows between
      and within us All including the starseeds...


      Hi Valerie,

      This sounds good to me,"...why not be the religion
      of Life within the Church of Everywhere Now?" What
      you say is the opposite of the "Like That" - the
      key to the poem is it's description of sadness and
      shrines to worship the past. Hafiz is a great lover
      of aliveness in all forms. I heard this poem in the
      way Jesus spoke of those who put on a show of
      religiousness while betraying the spirit of it.


      Hey, I like what you wrote. But I have to say this:

      As you describe religion, religion is a type of

      If one does not 'do', the only doing is the doing
      of Being.

      Being is called Being because it is a doing of
      Being; the 'ing' is the clue, like a bell is

      Being does Being. Give that one a thought.

      While people spend years trying to ascertain what
      created the bell, and who gave it its initial
      strike, the fact is that Being is the doing of

      But it is not the doing of volition,

      (at least not without extensive study and training,
      or an innate ability, like certain proposed Deities
      are rumored to have)

      It is the kind of doing which makes possible the
      whole life thing, a doing which is doing us from so
      far back, that we do not remember how it all

      Or even if it did start. Maybe it was always here,
      so all-and-everything-ish that it generally goes
      unnoticed. Unless somebody points it out.

      One way to find out what it is, is to limit one's
      doing to so little, that the already-always doing
      of Being finally shows itself, as a kind of
      constant background-radiation. Like, what I was
      doing before I did anything. And I am still doing

      Or maybe it shows itself as basically 'everything
      that is', all-inclusive. Like a giant smorgasbord
      of phenomena, laying there raw, everything from
      inanimate mineral elements to the most highly
      developed, multidimensionally psychic

      And the really cool thing is, that it is all 'part
      of Being', and that includes the alive and sentient
      things, too. And that includes us.

      So that means that you and I are Being the doing of
      Being, and are doing the Being thing, so skillfully
      that we can do it in our sleep. Give that a






      "Understand well, Sattvavajra! In the terms of the
      source, the root of all phenomena, there is no such
      things as an observor and an object to observe.
      Whosoever understands the essence without deeming
      it the object of the view understands my nature.

      Listen! All the phenomena of existence, without
      exception, abide in the supreme source in a
      condition of birthlessness. Let those want to
      understand the fundamental meaning understand my

      Were I not to teach this definitive teaching, the
      posterity of the supreme source, who is the
      forebear of the enlightened ones, would be
      interrupted, and everybody would continue to

      Listen! Thus, Sattvavajra, overcome the idea of
      having or not having a view. As having a view means
      covering the true nature with concepts, do not base
      your understanding on the view of cause and effect!

      In the atiyoga vehicle in which nothing is
      confirmed, trying to observe and examine the true
      nature amounts to interupting perception of it.
      Thus, understand that the true meaning of the
      source, the unaltered essence, cannot be perceived
      by basing oneself on a view.

      Listen! I the supreme source, pure and total
      consciousness, am the mirror in which all phenomena
      are reflected. Although lacking self-nature,
      everything manifests clearly; without need for a
      view, the nature shines clear. Understanding that
      the essential unborn condition is not an object to
      observe dualistically is the great understanding!"

      From:  The Supreme Source
      The Fundamental Tantra of the Dzogchen Semde
        Kunjed Gyalpo
      Translated by Chogyal Namkai Norbu
      and Adriano Clemente


      from: The Dalai Lama: A Policy of Kindness, edited
      by Sidney Piburn

      With persistent practice, consciousness may
      eventually be perceived or felt as an entity of
      mere luminosity and knowing, to which anything is
      capable of appearing and which, when appropriate
      conditions arise, can be generated in the image of
      whatsoever object. As long as the mind does not
      encounter the external circumstance of
      conceptuality, it will abide empty without anything
      appearing in it, like clear water. Its very entity
      is that of mere experience. Let the mind flow of
      its own accord without conceptual overlay. Let the
      mind rest in its natural state, and observe it. In
      the beginning, when you are not used to this
      practice, it is quite difficult, but in time the
      mind appears like clear water".



      This was sent to me this morning. It is offered for
      consideration. Be patient and watch through to the
      end of the imagery.


      turn your volume up



      (p 199-200; S,M,L,XL; O.M.A. Rem Koolhaas and Bruce
      Mau; 1995)

      Imagining Nothingness


      Where there is nothing, everything is possible.
      Where there is architecture, nothing (else) is

      Who does not feel an acute nostalgia for the types
      who could, no more than 15 years ago, condemn (or
      was it liberate, after all?) whole areas of alleged
      urban desperation, change entire destinies,
      speculate seriously on the future with diagrams of
      untenable absurdity, leave entire auditoriums
      panting over doodles left on the blackboard,
      manipulate politicians with their savage statistics
      - bow ties the only external sign of their madness?
      For the time when there were still...thinkers?

      Who does not long for that histrionic branch of the
      profession that leapt like clowns - pathetic yet
      courageous - off one cliff after another, hoping to
      fly, flapping with inadequate wings, but enjoying
      at least the free-fall of pure speculation?

      Maybe such nostalgia is not merely a longing for
      the former authority of this profession (no one can
      seriously believe that architecture has become less
      authoritarian) but simply for -fantasy-.

      It is ironic that in architecture, May '68 - "under
      the pavement, beach" - has been translated only
      into more pavement, less beach.

      Maybe architects' fanaticism - a myopia that has
      led them to believe that architecture is not only
      the vehicle for all that is good, but also the
      explanation for all that is bad - is not merely a
      professional deformation but a response to the
      horror of architecture's opposite, an instinctive
      recoil from the void, a fear of -nothingness-.



      TRY IT

      try to see this
      and you will

      you and i are one
      there is no difference

      all there is is suffering
      suffering is all there is

      all there is is an end to suffering
      an end to suffering is all there is

      right now all there is is light
      right now all there is is dark

      weeping or rejoicing
      what are they?

      life is love
      love is life

      try to see this
      and you will



      It is unanimous where I come from.
      Everyone agrees
      on one thing:

      It’s no fun
      When God is not near.

      All are hunters.
      The wise man learns the
      Friend’s weaknesses
      And sets a clever trap.

      The Beloved has agreed to play a game
      Called Love.

      Our sun sat in the sky
      Way before this earth was born
      Waiting to caress a billion faces.

      Hafiz encourages all art

      For at its height it brings
      Light near To us.

      The wise man learns what draws
      God Near.

      It is the beauty of compassion
      In your heart.

      (“The Gift” – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)





      I and other

      Other and I



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