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10/7/01 Sunday

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  • Gloria Lee
    ************** NDS Moderator Greeting, NDSers... Recent events have alerted moderation policy: Participants are cautioned to be conservative in their postings,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2001
      NDS Moderator

      Greeting, NDSers...

      Recent events have alerted moderation policy:

      Participants are cautioned to be conservative in their
      postings, concerning statements regarding race, religion,
      nationality, and/or implied motives of those persons or

      NDS Moderator will act to terminate conversations which
      promote hate, intolerance, or otherwise deliberately impugn
      or denigrate any social/national/religious group.

      __This will be enforced without further notice__.

      While NDS is not by definition a political forum, our many
      participants are living in these current times, which are rife
      with potentially disturbing events and news. Thus, it is not
      surprising that these topics make their way to this forum.

      It is suggested to try the 'nondual perspective' as a vantage
      from which to observe and comment upon current events.


      Please remember that my postings as 'Moderator' are separate
      from my postings as 'list member'.

      Love and peace to all...

      ==Gene Poole==
      [ ED.NOTE!!! MUST SEE!! Moderation Headquarters revealed!]
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      GP. con't
      >Hi Gene,
      >I like the console at Moderation HQ, especially
      the wavey red contours;
      >very cool!  BTW what exactly is the "nondual
      perspective"? No opinion,
      >or any opinion? No passion or any passion? Or
      is it <all> and >nothing<?
      >nondually, Larry

      I am glad you like the console, Larry.

      Someday, you may be pulling moderator duty, yourself!

      The NDS Moderation HQ was funded by gobs of money
      from The Illuminators, a fun bunch of people who hang
      out in a secret society sort of environment. They throw
      really great parties!

      The nondual perspective is:

      _1 What I say it is (In the same manner that the Caterpiller
      spoke in 'Through the Looking Glass'). I think he was smoking
      a hookah during his discussions with Alice, if that has any
      bearing on the matter.

      _2  It is the perspective of conscious space itself, IE,
      omni-spective. By nature, it does not exclude.

      _3  It is not remedial, except in the speculations of those
      looking from the 'dual' perspective.

      _4  It is both information and that which is informed.

      _5  It is outside of time, and unaffected by movement.

      _6  It is the great joke, which is no statement, and
      all punch-line.

      _7  It is a spirit which dwells in Krispy-Kreem donuts.
      This has been Jerified by a panel of experts, who
      themselves are outside of time, and immune to movement.

      _8  It is that isness, the suchness in which
      nothingness dwells, illuminating all, yet casting no

      _9  It is the POV of the Third Eyebrow.

      _10  It is the rootless stump of the tree which
      falls in the vacant forest, and is heard by
      everyone, yet they know it not.

      Mix or match any or all of the above choices.

      Or make up your own!

      ==Gene Poole==

      Look to the haven of this present shore. Your life is not a
      coincidence, but the fabric of this moment. A murmur you
      place in the heart of God. Return your engagement ring to
      the hand of the Beloved, and whisper a marriage vow.
      From this sweet whispering, love shall flourish in the
      world.  Whatever you see, shall be found in that flowering.

      Accept the pain of this longing,
      as a thirsty desert accepts rain.
      Do not try to be anything
      but this free falling love.
      Sometimes, the heart,
      is a tear drop
      searching for an eye
      to cry in.

      Every now and then,
      when a river becomes tasteless,
      or its soul too dried up
      to move on of its own.
      It will come to the waterfall,
      and say:
      Catch me when I die.

      "We are what we think.
      All that we are arises with our thoughts.
      With our thoughts we make the world.
      Speak or act with an impure mind
      And trouble will follow you
      As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.

      "Look how he abused me and beat me
      How he threw me down and robbed me."
      Live with such thoughts and you live in hate.

      "Look how he abused me abd beat me,
      How he threw me down and robbed me."
      Abandon such thoughts and live in love.

      In this world
      Hate never yet dispelled hate.
      Only love dispells hate.
      This is the law,
      Ancient and inexhaustible.

      All beings tremble before violence
      All fear death
      All love life.

      See yourself in the others
      Then whom can you hurt?
      What harm can you do?

      He who seeks happiness
      By hurting those who seek happiness
      Will never find happiness.

      For your brother is like you.
      He wants to be happy.
      Never harm him.
      And when you leave this life
      You too will find happiness.

      The fool in his mischief forgets
      And he lights the fire
      Wherein one day he must burn.

      Better than a thousand hollow words
      Is one word that brings peace.

      Better than a thousand hollow verses
      Is one verse that brings peace.

      Better than a hundred hollow lines
      Is one line of the law, bringing peace.

      It is better to conquer yourself
      Than to win a thousand battles.

      Then the victory is yours
      It cannot be taken from you
      Not by angels or by demons,
      Heaven or hell.

      Better to live one day
      How things arise and pass away.

      Better to live one hour
      The one life beyond the way.

      Better to live one moment
      In the moment
      Of the way beyond the way."


      "Finally, phenomena of the three periods (previous, present and
      future lives), a moment, infinite aeons, and infinite worlds of the
      ten directions, big and small, upright or titled, suffering or happy,
      as well as mountains, rivers, earth, grass, trees, and forests; all
      these are simply dependent consequences - the world as receptacle and
      direct consequences of this - sentient beings and buddhas.

      All the limitless dependent phenomena and direct phenomena in
      limitless space and time, arising moment after moment, coexist
      without conflict. Because the body that flows out of the nature of
      things exists everywhere and because there is nowhere that it does
      not exist, everything exists within it.

      This body is undifferentiated throughout the entire universe and the
      realm of things. It is true suchness. Everything that is connected to
      it is without conflict or difference: a single point chosen at random
      reveals all, and all enters into the one as well."

                                              .... Master Yin-shun


      great quote that i really identify with. It points to a nice little practice that can be done anywhere anytime. Wherever you are, look at something very nearby, a foot or so away -- it could be a wall, a picture, a tree, a car, whatever -- and focus on as small as speck of material as possible. That 'single point chosen', the suchness of it being seen, shines forth like a wise Master. It's significance is ultimate.

      When this practice is done with eyes closed and the inner vision focused on a speck of light in the center of the field of vision, it becomes a third eye practice, and occult knowledge and powers can be gained. But that's another story.

      In time, when one has really moved into nonduality, whatever that means, the practice can't be conducted, because everything is the ultimate significant particle. I used to practice it as a kid while my teenage friends were talking about hot combing their hair and forming a band called the Continentals. It was 1963, and there 14,751 bands called The Continentals.

      In New Jersey.

      Though I was a fairly well-socialized kid with good friends (that I'm still in touch with), those tiny particles were my best friends. Because they knew.

      so that's why i identify with the quote. and the other reason i'm writing is to see if anyone knows whatever happened to The Continentals?



      Joyce and Jerry,

      Funny you should post this... Right now, I'm involved in a translation project for some more of this same teacher's writings - we're translating several of Master Yin-Shun's works from Chinese to English. The one I'm spending time on now is his overview of Madhyamika - the Middle Way. When the translation reeaches a later stage, it will be posted on the web for open comments. After that, it will be edited further and published. I'll let you know when these stages occur.

      With metta,



      Hazarat Ali was Prophet Mohammed's son-in-law. This shows that non-duality
      has been there in Islam from it's birth.

      The beginning, the end, the manifest and the hidden.
      The seer and the listener, all is Him,
      He is in everything yet He is beyond,
      there is nothing else, everything is Him;
      abandon the duality of me and you,
      see one, there aren't two at all,
      understand this and disappear in it;
      when you are not, then truly He is.


      With Love,
      Cyber Dervish

      Link to main page which illuminates the way of the bicameral mind:


      Topic: Primate survival strategy survives as latent bicameral mind

      Primate species survival depended upon strict adherence to tribal
      cohesion. Alpha-male dominance became the external authority
      which is even to this day, projected by the bicameral mind as the
      "God" of religions.

      Tribal (homogenizing) religions depend upon forms of conditioning
      which keep the  bicameral mind close to the surface of consciousness.

      Today's events are indicators, not causes, of the forthcoming
      evolution of consciousness which will finally make understanding
      of the latent, foundational bicameral mind, universal among
      modern humans.

      Bicameral humans are motivated to destroy all possibility of this
      forthcoming evolution of consciousness, as the new consciousness
      will finally relegate tribal (homogenizing) religion to the dustbin of history.

      Our new consciousness has been previewed many times by individuals,
      but never by groups. Those known as sages, prophets, gurus, etc, are
      those who have 'seen the beginning and the end'. This view is available
      to anyone; it exists, as it always has, as a property of space, and is thus
      bound into all matter, and is viewable by awareness.

      As we may observe the movement of the hand of a clock and know
      that the clock does not 'create time', so we may also observe events
      of current history and know that such events are merely indicators,
      not creators.

      What may be perceived of current events, when viewed in this way?

      "As an old eye closes, a new eye opens".

      ==Gene Poole==

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