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Tuesday, October 2

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    MICHAEL READ from the Avadhut Gita (The Song of the Avadhut) chapter 1 verse 51 When water and water are mixed There is no difference between one and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2001

      from the Avadhut Gita (The Song of the Avadhut)

      chapter 1

      verse 51

      When water and water are mixed
      There is no difference between one and the other.
      It is the same with matter and spirit.
      This is very clear to me.

      verse 52

      If I've never been bound,
      I can never be liberated.
      How could you think that the Self
      Is limited by formlessness, or limited by form?

      Nice little verses, no? Inspirational, direct, and
      powerful? Perhaps. Or, they are nothing more than
      sentimental spiritualistic - drivel.

      When I first read them I just laughed! The message
      in these two little verses state the truth of the
      matter. There is no separation from god.

      God - what a concept! No matter what we believe god
      is or what our philosphy for living may be, there
      is something that encompasses everything.
      Instinctively we know this to be so. We look at the
      vastness of a starry night's sky and often wonder
      what is there? How big is it, this universe? And
      what is our place in it?

      How was it created and why?

      And so we may become seekers, scientists,
      philosophers, athiests, diests, and so on and so
      on. We strive to make sense out of this existence
      by carving out a little slice that makes a personal
      sort of reality. A zone of comfort that defines
      sanity for us, if you will.

      I remember something absurd from my largely
      christian upbringing. It was the explanation that
      'God' wants us to love him. If we love him, we get
      to go to heaven. God gave us free will so that we
      could love him or not. And, 'God' already knows who
      loves him and who gets to go to heaven and who will
      be sent to hell. Huh? What's the point - that's
      what I thought at the time (age 16 or so).

      Is god some sort of sadist? Does he/she/it hang
      around with a bunch of 'yes beings' amusing
      themselves with creatures such as us? Does god say
      'hey look, there's old so and so! Having a nice
      little life - tell you what - let's screw him up a
      bit and see what happens!'

      And does god say, 'hey look, there is somebody who
      needs a little help. What do you say, my angels,
      should we help him out a bit?'

      All religions have an element of the fantastical
      and dramatic about them. They are designed, to some
      extent, to be a guideline on how one can lead a
      beneficial life. There are moral and social
      guidelines found in each religion. And the basic
      truth is often covered up by religion - though it
      is stated.

      That truth is, god is all there is - all there is,
      is god.

      Ah, but we are a naive, gullible, credulous, and
      somewhat childish species. We prefer a good fairy
      tale to the truth. We enjoy being tricked -
      sometimes. (big grin here)

      I'll tell you the big secret to finding god - there
      is no secret to finding god.

      And that is why 'awakening' is so difficult. It's a
      trick! You and I are god in the flesh. We are not
      separate from god - we only appear to be. Why? So
      that the drama can appear to have meaning!

      Gosh! IS it only a play? Well, in a word, yes. We
      are god and we are playing all the parts.

      Of course everything I've said here is only
      blabber! There is no need to take it at all

      A quote from the late Scott Morrison:
      "Enlightenment is nothing more than being totally
      in love with everything."

      From me: "Your life is the universe's way of
      enjoying itself."

      From the delightful universe of 'Star Trek': IDIC -
      Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

      Live long and prosper.


      Created Me

      To know myself
      I created me
      And set me down
      In eternities garden.

      There I wove
      A mask of tears
      To hide myself away
      And play the game of seeking.

      Teasing myself with visions of me
      As a higher truth
      I drank of bitters and spice
      And became noble and delved in vice.

      When then I seemed to have enough
      I dropped the ball, refused to play
      And gave to me another day
      Of dawning joy.


      Peace - at play in the fields of eternity - Michael

      ps without a passion for life - how could all of THIS exist?



      from The Sun, October 2001.

      no man consciously chooses evil because it is evil;
      he only mistakes it for the happiness that he
      seeks. .......Mary Shelley




      Q: What do you mean by 'it was done'? You became

      CI: Enlightenment is not a word I use. I prefer to
      call this a natural way of being, the most natural
      actually. Or just radiant presence or dear
      awareness, clear seeing. I don't use the word
      enlightenment because the term itself is very
      loaded. To many people it implies a kind of Big
      Bang after which you are eternally in a steady
      state called enlightenment. While in fact the
      actual experience is a kind of opening in
      spaciousness, here and now, which allows anything
      to come and go, with no resistance. It is not a
      state, it is just relaxing into a natural ease of
      being. It's already here. When people use the word
      enlightenment, it implies some point in time that
      you hop into or it happens to you and then you are
      there for ever more... I don't think this is a good
      way of thinking about it.

      Q: Then let me put the question this way: with
      Poonjaji you realized your true nature?

      CI: Yes, but what I saw was a recognition of
      something I already knew. I just hadn't been paying
      full attention to it. I hadn't given it it's due,
      it's importance, until I met Poonjaji. 1 didn't
      realize: this is IT. And then I saw it really was
      ~. And it became more and more IT, over time.
      Everybody has the potential of knowing and living
      in this vastness. Everyone has an awakened nature
      and is consciousness manifesting. It just has to do
      with what you are paying attention to. Some people
      are paying more attention to this ease of being.
      They are allowing their attention to rest
      essentially in this ease of being. Little bubbles
      on the screen may come by and sometimes they get a
      little attention, but that's about it. While
      normally people are lost in the bubbles on the
      screen; they focus on them. That's the difference.
      It is a switch of perception.

      Q: A switch in perception which usually takes place
      as a gradual process?

      CI: Well, it can happen totally instantaneously
      too. Some people recognize their true nature right
      away and that is where their attention rests from
      that moment on. But for many people it is a process
      of getting used to it. It is not a process of an
      occurring; it is a process of a consistency. It is
      a deepening and a slow relaxation into that
      recognition. .... It takes a moment to realize that
      the central problem is gone before you realize that
      all the other problems that were hanging on to it
      are also gone. The moment you recognize your true
      nature, it takes a moment to realize that all your
      problems were hanging on the central erroneous
      belief that you are somebody. When this belief is
      gone, all the problems are gone at the same time.
      To realize this is waking up fully from the dream.

      Q: How did the process of realizing your true
      nature develop for you?

      CI: When I first recognized this pure awareness,
      that nobody ever touches, which nothing ever sticks
      to, it was very thrilling to me. I thought that I
      would never again notice anything else. But the
      little bubbles, neuroses and all kinds of things
      came up again. They caught my attention for a
      little while. And then they fell away again and
      there was this spaciousness, vastness again. So on
      one hand I could say it has been a gradual process.
      But on the other hand I would say it has really
      gone quite quickly and continuously. And it still
      goes on and on.



      The stars poured into the sky
      Out of a Magician's hat last night,
      And all of them have fallen into my hair.
      Some have even tangled my eyelashes
      Into luminous, playful knots.

      You are welcome to cut a radiant tress
      That lays upon my shoulders.
      Wrap it around your trembling heart and body
      That craves divine comfort and warmth.
      I am like a pitcher of milk
      In the hands of a mother who loves you.

      All of my contents now
      Have been churned into dancing suns and moons.

      Lean your sweet neck and mouth
      Out of that dark nest where you hide,
      I will pour effulgence into your mind.

      Come spring
      You can find me rolling in the fields
      They are exploding in
      Holy battles

      Of scents, of sounds - everything is
      A brilliant colored nova on a stem.

      Forest animals hear me laughing
      And surrender their deepest instincts and fears,

      They come charging into meadows
      To lick my hands and face,

      This makes me so happy,
      I become so happy

      That my rising wink turns into a magic baton.
      When my soft-eyed creatures see that wonderful signal
      We all burst into singing

      And make strange and primal beautiful sounds!

      My only regret in this world then becomes:

      That your shyness keeps you from placing
      Your starving body against God

      And seeing the Beloved become so pleased
      With your courage

      That his belly begins to rock and rock,
      Then more planets get to leap
      Onto the welcome mat of existence
      All because
      Of your previous love.

      The friend has turned my verse into sacred pollen.
      When a breeze comes by

      Falcons and butterflies
      And playful gangs of young angels
      Mounted on emerald spears

      Take flight from me like a great sandstorm
      That can blind you to all but the Truth!

      Dear one
      Even if you have no net to catch Venus
      My music will circle this earth for hundreds of years
      And fall like resplendent debris,
      Holy seed, onto a fertile woman.

      For Hafiz
      Wants to help you laugh at your every

      Wants you to know

      Your life within God's arms,
      Your dance within God's

      Is already


      ("The Gift" -- versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)


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