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9/30/01 Sunday

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  • Gloria Lee
    *********************** JAN SULTAN Quiet & Silence - Nisargadatta When you are not in a hurry and the mind is free from anxieties, it becomes quiet and in the
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      Quiet & Silence - Nisargadatta

      When you are not in a hurry and the mind is free from anxieties, it becomes
      quiet and in the silence something may be heard which is ordinarily too
      fine and subtle for perception. The mind must be open and quiet to see. You
      need not worry about your worries. Just be. Do not try to be quiet; do not
      make "being quiet" into a task to be performed. Don't be restless about
      "being quiet", miserable about "being happy". Just be aware that you are,
      and remain aware. Don't say "Yes, I am. What next?" There is no "next" in
      "I am". It is a timeless state. (508)
      When you sit quiet and watch yourself, all kinds of things may come to the
      surface. Do nothing about them, don't react to them; as they have come so
      will they go, by themselves. All that matters is mindfulness, total
      awareness of oneself, or rather of one's mind.
      Silence is the main factor. In peace and silence you grow. (375)
      In peace and silence, the skin of the "I" dissolves and the inner and the
      outer become one. (483)
      Keep quiet, undisturbed, and the wisdom and the power will come on their
      own. You need not hanker. Wait in silence of the heart and mind. It is very
      easy to be quiet, but willingness is rare. (494)
      To go beyond the mind, you must be silent and quiet. Peace and silence,
      silence and peace - this is the way beyond. Stop asking questions. (450)
      To go beyond, you need alert immobility, quiet attention. (217)
      These moments of inner quiet will burn out all obstacles without fail.
      Don't doubt its efficacy. Try it. (217)
      Whatever you may have to do, watch your mind. Also you must have moments of
      complete inner peace and quiet, when your mind is absolutely still. If you
      miss it, you miss the entire thing. If you do not, the silence of the mind
      will dissolve and absorb all else. (215)
      Keep quiet. Do your work in the world, but inwardly keep quiet. Then all
      will come to you. Do not rely on your work for realization. It may profit
      others, but not you. Your hope lies in keeping silent in your mind and
      quiet in your heart. Realized people are very quiet. (402)


      We assume we know what is true. Politicians tell us what is true, religious
      leaders, scientists, economists, but what is the basis of truth? Isn't there
      always a belief, an assumption at some point? It is obviously in the
      interest of those in power to proclaim to have truth. If there was
      consciousness of the belief nature of our knowing it might be difficult to

      The structure of our language also gives the impression of truth eg 'This is
      true' is to make something 'true' by making it equal to something else. But
      what is the something else equal to? We have a little metaphysical word 'is'
      that lets us think we know truth when we might just be believing.


      An interview with David Godman, on realization.org
      From then on I stopped caring about money. In the period that I was worrying about money, all I did was spend. When I stopped caring, complete strangers would come up to me and give me money. Whenever I needed money, money just appeared out of nowhere.

      When I volunteered to look after Lakshmana Swamy's land in the late 80s, I had about $20 to my name. Somebody in Canada whom I had spoken to for about ten minutes two years before got out of bed and suddenly felt that he should give me some money. He sent me $1,000, which was enough to get the garden going. I lived like that for years. When you work for Gurus, God pays the bills. That's my experience anyway.

      An Interview with David Godman | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



      Nothing comes between sky. Nothing can divide it. Not night
      nor day or anything within it. There is nothing between the
      seen and the unseen, for there is no such thing as false sky.
      The nature of emptiness is that it can be filled infinitely with
      its own reality. Reality is self-fulfilling.

      Mind is its own reality, being nothing but infinite potential
      for self-fulfillment. Knowing this, there is nothing between
      the mind and it creations. Resistance to space is the only
      illusion. The false coin. Then what are these resisting
      illusions? They are both a contradiction and a contraction.
      A density that does not resonate with the space of itself. We
      may mistake this for a limitation, a wall, but really it is a
      depression of unfulfilment. To open our sky consciousness is
      to give more space to creation. We manifest space not

      When a healer looks at the body, he looks at the space the
      body fills, and seeks out the resistance to its fulfillment. He
      knows that all disease is a contraction of space. There is a
      resistance to well-being. The laying on of his hands is a
      similitude for his transmission of space and light, to that
      which is temporarily closed. He opens.

      The soul to, is a space that is both bud and blossom. Being
      both temporal and eternal, it is both closed and open at
      once. Within it, the latent possibility of You, is both
      perfectly fulfilled and transiently becoming. When we lay a
      conscious hand upon it- it flowers. Its desire is self

      To fulfill ourselves is to ask. To pray.  Prayer is the great
      opening.  All conscious realms of being were prayed into
      existence, refusing to be fulfilled with anything but God.
      They have doubted the false coin, and so have learned that
      nothing can be depleted within them. They are the
      expansion of prayer, fulfilling its own intent. Love.

      Seeing nothing between this and that, their sky worlds are
      as clear now, as they have always been. Seeing no difference
      between space and form, they become the prayer of the
      universe in whatever dimension of reality they choose.

      The great healing then, is not to spend a false coin, but to
      open it of itself, that it be fulfilled of itself. It can still be
      used as currency, once the treasury of its light is revealed.
      Manifestation is apparent desire. What appears is equal to
      the content of love given to it.  A desire that is a Yes to all
      potential, is our prayer for God.

             I see you
             in the sight that love sees me.
             Hey good looking one,
             you are the image of Jesus.
             Are we brother or sister
             or are we just our Love?



      Every address for
      Who has just one color of hair,
      One gender, one race,
      The same suntan all the time,
      One rule book,
      Trust me when I say,
      That man is not even
      Half a god
      And will only
      Cause you
      (“The Gift” – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)
      picture by Joseph Riley


      "God: Everything, Everywhere... All The Time."

      This was spontaneously contributed by a good friend, the other day.

      I found it delightful.

      This lead me on a journey of thought:

      If God is real, God is Reality ItSelf.

      If God is Reality ItSelf, consciousness is God.

      ==Gene Poole==

      You are very deep Bob. I would also love to hear from a Sufi mystics of
      today telling us about God being everywhere and God being love.

      There are many intellects of remarkable depth who can analyze any situation
      or statement into its particular elements. Depth helps until one falls into
      the abyss. Then nothing helps because the floor and the ceiling seem the
      same. We all may as well put on our superman costumes and shout up up and
      away! Melody earlier pulled the rug from underneath Thich's offer to help.
      Good for you Melody. I see you seeking beyond superficiality. I doubt if
      Thich or anyone else has any clue at all about what to do. Pope Paul has
      said that he is praying with all his might that there should be peace in the
      world. So am I.

      God bless everyone.

      Love to all


      I hear this, Harsha.   To be honest, though, I
      sometimes wonder if I'm the only one on earth
      NOT praying for peace.

      How can one be 'for' something, without simultaneously
      ' giving life to ' ....energizing..... its opposite?

      Lately I've been rather dumbstruck  be seeing
      how desires (and all seeking) is, ultimately, driven by
      the desire to "feel good".

      I have seen where even my desire to 'expand consciousness'

      .....to make the unconscious conscious....is rooted in
      the desire to avoid being hurt, or hurting others.

      And yet, what happens?  In my unrelenting campaign
      *against*  unconsciousness and *for* increased
      awareness ,

      I have made enemies.  Some of them on this list!  Some
      of whom  react so strongly *against* my efforts, they
      warn other listowners about me - hoping to protect others
      from my 'abuses'. 

      Round and round the mulberry bush.  Crazy, ain't it?
      What we seek to avoid, we meet.

      No,  Harsha.  I'm not praying *for* anything right now.

      Rather, I'm allowing my self to feel like shit, without
      trying to escape that feeling.


      Chuck sends this excerpt from his new book.


      WISDOM in the ROUND An excerpt from…Seeds for the
      Soul By Chuck Hillig copyright Ó 2001

      Do you think that you could ever write something
      that would be the perfect ex-pression of the
      greatest wisdom….the very quintessential core of
      Reality, itself? Then, in that same description,
      could you also include the most practical way of
      living out your day-to-day existence in the light
      of such an awesome Truth?

      One more condition: Could you then limit your
      summary of these profound teachings…both spiritual
      and psychological…to only 18 words?

      That's right: only 18 simple words!

      Give up? Well, relax because someone else has
      already done it for you. In fact, you already know
      these 18 words because they've been a part of your
      Amer-ican heritage since you were very young.

      Remember some of the campfire songs that you used
      to sing as a "round?" One of the old classics was
      "Row, row, row your boat." Well, I contend that
      this simple little ditty describes not only the
      ultimate Truth of the Universe, but also that it
      gives very practical advice about how to live your
      life out in the face of that Reality.

      For those of you raised on Mars, the words to this
      little song go like this: "Row, row, row your boat,
      Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily,
      merrily, Life is but a dream."

      In the very first line, the song implies that
      you're making some kind of journey over water in
      "…your boat." Most importantly, however, the line
      begins by repeat-ing the very same action word
      (row, row, row…) three times…reminding you that, on
      this journey, you'll need to be expending energy,
      persistence and on-going effort.

      In the second line, however, the song implies that
      you also shouldn't be "pushing the river." Instead,
      it suggests that you should be performing all of
      this rowing activity very "gently." Not with anger
      or resistance or by using brute force, but "gently"
      which means, (according to the dictionary), with
      ease, grace and with both "courtesy and kindness."

      The second part of the line reminds you that, while
      you're gently rowing along, your boat is still
      headed in a particular direction….specifically
      downstream. It doesn't suggest that you could go
      against the current or even across it. Instead, the
      line implies that, inexorably, (and, like it or
      not) your boat is still going "…down the stream."
      And, since it's carrying you along some
      pre-determined route, (the streambed, itself),
      there's no reason to struggle against where it's
      taking you. So, the first two lines of the song
      suggest that you need to make an on-going effort on
      your own behalf ("row, row, row") but, on the other
      hand, you also need to be willing to surrender to
      the whole inevitability of the process.

      The third line is the key: it tells you not only
      how you should perform all of this "rowing," but
      what you should be feeling in your heart while
      you're doing it. The song suggests, quite frankly,
      that you should be "merry"…that is, happy and
      joyous. Not only does it say "merrily" once, but,
      for greater emphasis (and to make sure that you
      really get the point), this same word is repeated
      four different times. In exhorting you to be
      "merry" as you're rowing "gently down the stream,"
      the song implies that your attitude and behavior
      should be "full of fun and laughter," (the
      dictionary definition), festive and even

      The big punch line, of course, comes in the last
      five words: "Life is but a dream." At the end, it
      seems, none of it has ever been "real." There never
      was either a real boat or a real passenger. There
      wasn't any water and there wasn't any actual
      journeying down a stream to some final destination.
      This last line plainly suggests, instead, that all
      of it…boat, passenger, water and the journey…has
      only been Maya…the Great Illusion.

      Amazingly, this same core Truth about the illusory
      nature of the universe has also been spoken of for
      centuries by the cross-cultural Perennial

      Isn't it absolutely incredible that such profound
      wisdom could be successfully distilled into only 18
      simple words, and that it's cleverly disguised now
      as a simple little ditty that's sung with friends
      around a campfire?

      And isn't it ironic that it took me only 722 words
      to remind you about it!

      Chuck Hillig is the author of Enlightenment for
      Beginners, The Way IT Is and The Magic King. The
      above excerpt is from Seeds for the Soul which will
      be published by Black Dot Publications in 2002.

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