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Wednesday, September 26

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  • Jerry Katz
    GARY MERRILL Looking at the conflict that is going on in the world right now and has gone on for millennia, peaceful folk wonder what they can do and it seems
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2001
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      Looking at the conflict that is going on in the
      world right now and has gone on for millennia,
      peaceful folk wonder what they can do and it seems
      the power is always in the hands of the very people
      who seem to have created this mess.

      This mess being the fundamentalism, dogmatism and
      generally closed minds and hearts which still
      permeates the political, religious, social affairs
      of the world. The consequence of which is the
      division of humanity and endless war.

      So I ask the question is it possible to wage war on
      dogmatism, fundamentalism of all kinds, to speak
      out against every ism there is whether it be
      nationalism, patriotism, communism, capitalism, all
      the religious isms and all that think they are the
      sole keepers of truth.

      This is not rocket science. Can we drop bombs of
      open mindedness on the world? The other sort of
      bombs don't work. This would be a serious work but
      with humour as our guide less we fall foul of our
      own zealousness.

      Rather than go on, I would welcome any feedback
      over the next few days as to what anyone else
      thinks? whether anyone else would like to help with
      this task?, how it could move forward? whether
      anyone thinks this is stupid and can't be done? If
      we can do it together perhaps we can have a world
      voice for inner freedom.


      ........peaceful people and those without power are
      just as much creators of this mess as anyone.
      Though actually i would say we are sustainers of
      this mess not really creators. We perpetuate the
      mess we incarnated into. Those peaceful and
      powerless people suffer the illusion of separation
      as much as anyone. Every human being is born
      suffering the illusion of separation and piercing
      that illusion is the only thing that will make any
      kind of real difference.

      .......isms and closed minds are not the issue. the
      division of humanity (and all other percieved
      problems)is the consequence of abiding in the
      illusion of separation, which is what we all do,
      until we dont, which for the vast vast majority i'm
      sorry to say will not be this lifetime, but we
      might as well trying. what the hell else is there
      to do anyway? Oh i know, some fundamentalist
      nondualist will say "stop trying".

      .......isms are not the problem (though i would add
      non-dualism to your list), "i" is the "problem".
      Wage "war" on yourself, on the "i" you belief
      yourself to be, which changes about every 15

      ..........Drop the bomb of "who am I" on yourself
      (and never let up on the bombing) forget about
      trying to change any one else.


      As usual, we have the choice of how to take any

      Involvement or attachment is voluntary.

      Humans 'have' inherited 'hard-wired primate nervous

      Primary among the inherited characteristics, is the
      drive to homogenize the 'tribe'. This seems to be
      the root of 'fundamentalism'. To cause the total
      populace to live in fear of harsh discipline or
      death, for the sake of regimented sameness, is
      unfortunately, still seen as a worthy goal.

      The same drive exists among those who would reform
      the fundamentalists.

      The battle between 'democracy' and 'fascism' still
      rages, in part because the same drive motivates
      libertarians and fascists. This drive itself must
      be confronted, outside of the context of any

      As seen from here, only human individuals can do
      the work you call for. If there are to be groups of
      human individuals dedicated to doing this work,
      such groups must work primarily to counter the
      drive to homogenize said group. No mission can take
      priority over the need of the human individual to
      maintain balance.

      To live life moving forward while always making
      space for human individuals to bloom into,

      If one feels no opposition to one's own flowering,
      one may assume a most basic commonality with those
      who offer no opposition.

      To be nurtured in this way, allows the space to
      eventually realize that acceptance is of Being,

      and that ideas and concepts and beliefs and
      ideologies are inevitable artifacts of experience,
      instead of arbitrary regulators of experience.

      In the vastness of this Universe, there is space
      enough for everyone;

      beware the urge to homogenize. The true family is
      qualified only by Being.



      Light is the daily illumination of Gods vision in
      us. Just as the moon is lit by the sun, the world
      is lit by the heart. Without heart radiance the
      world is the dark side of the moon.

      The seeing of God is the object of God, for
      everything can be seen in Her light, nothing really
      appears without this light. The mind is a
      lampshade, that either covers or elucidates. The
      lucid visionary is the seer of God.

      The heart must sing its song. It seeks God out in
      itself, to carol Her madrigal. That singing is Her
      shining vision in the world. It affirms - I only
      have eyes for you. Light seeks the echo of itself
      and finds God reflected there.

      It attests to the miracle of lights nativity,
      revealing a Bethlehem of creation in every mindful
      gaze. The seeing of divinity is its own sacrament
      and confirmation. In daffodils and dog shit the
      risen Christ is revealed.

      No matter where we are, we always have the perfect
      view. No walls or clouds can dim the perception
      when the eye of love shines. Time is not a road
      that leads anywhere, but a space to remember in.
      When we see only the present, we will witness Love
      in every particle and the countenance of Beauty in
      all things.

      This everyday enlightenment is our extraordinary
      gift to each other. We open the look of love on
      every face to see the Beloved there. Seeing Her
      eyes, cast within that golden moment. Love is
      begotten of itself within rapt attention.

      Look deeply into that which is laid before you, and
      the glory of unceasing dawn will be heaven sent
      from within. Your kith and kinship to Holiness
      disclosed upon the field of vision. This daily life
      a ceremony of angelic blessings brought forth with
      lights intent.

      Seeing the apparel of love arrayed in diversity,
      heart flies to the heart of each inward sun, to be
      again, the nova of endless wonder. We all wake up
      in the one heart, and open a million soul windows
      to the world.

        The lover finds the Beloved
        in this moment only.
        Yesterdays bed is empty
        tomorrow the graves may be full.
        Love is the desire of now.



      In his Live Journal, Dustin points to this article by Cat Stevens


      Games games games - it is all games. No doubt about

      Folk will play and change the rules from time to
      time. Folk will play and change the game from time
      to time. Folk will take their games so seriously.

      And you are right - in the end, after all the rules
      have been followed, broken, changed - we all end up
      dead! what a hoot!

      Or .. ?

      Stop by the buffet and eat a good meal. It will
      clear the head and strengthen the body. Relax a bit
      and see what other games are available.

      Whatever game we play let us not forget that it is
      only a game.

      There is an old song. I don't remember it all and
      the title eludes right now. But there is a line
      that spoke to me then and speaks to me now.

      'Give your love and all of your heart And do what
      you do do well.'

      The game of seeking god is being played on many
      lists. Well, we don't play that here. How can we,
      if we see that everything is already god?

      See how I play? By my 'rules' god is not
      capitalized. ":^)

      What fun! Hate is transmuted to love and I cheat

      Break all the rules! How else can you find out what
      works and what doesn't?



      aily Words of the Buddha
      September 26, 2001

      Little though he recites the sacred texts,
      but puts the Teaching into practice,
      forsaking lust, hatred, and delusion,
      with true wisdom and emancipated mind,
      clinging to nothing of this or any other world --
      he indeed partakes of the blessings of a holy life.

      Dhammapada 20



      Humans have capacity for maturity.

      Humans should recognize their capacity for

      As the human fetus grows into a human baby and is

      So also is the human mind born in the born baby.

      As the baby grows into child and eventually adult,

      So also may the mind born in the born baby grow in
      a similar fashion.

      The baby is born, then the mind is born, and as the
      body matures, so may the mind.

      Imagine judging a month-old human fetus to be
      defective, because it does not resemble a grown

      Now imagine judging a young mind to be defective
      because it does not resemble a mature mind.

      What is mature mind?

      It is not ideal mind, for mature mind does not
      entertain ideals.

      It is not enlightened mind, for mature mind does
      not entertain abstractions such as enlightenment.

      It is not fanciful mind, for mature mind has no

      It is not problem solving mind, for mature mind
      does not solve problems.

      Mature mind is careful to avoid multiplying or

      Is interested only in generating space for mature
      mind to flourish,

      Seeks only of what it already is,

      Thus has endless abundance of itself.


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