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Monday, September 24

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  • jerry@nonduality.com
    MATTHEW FILES This is an edited version of a letter sent to me by a friend. I edited out all the poitical/ military commentaries because although both very
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2001

      This is an edited version of a letter sent to me by
      a friend. I edited out all the poitical/ military
      commentaries because although both very funny and
      pointed, what i decided to pass on is i think far
      more relevent. ......matthew

      There's nothing particularly profound or original
      in this message I sent recently, but it does
      document my own process about this. Response to the
      attack on the US of September 11, 2001

      The shaman who does not expect immortality, as well
      as the one who does, is training to meet even her
      own death with equanimity and resolve rather than
      anger, fear, depression, indignation, etc.

      Any disaster short of personal death is considered
      by the shaman an opportunity to practice, such as
      being in a car wreck, losing a close relative, or a
      great disaster.

      Feeling sadness and empathy over human suffering is
      not identical to being a victim to what Gurdjieff
      called "negative emotion". Learning to free oneself
      of negative emotion was the prime directive of his

      There is a famous Sufi story of a young dervish who
      found an old dervish lying in the gutter, dying.
      The dervish of some sects were sometimes homeless
      beggars. The young dervish rushed to the side of
      the old dervish, horrified, and asked what he could
      do to help. "Don't be sentimental," replied the old
      dervish as he died.

      I don't think American shock is due to political
      views or even real compassion for the suffering of
      yesterday's victims. I believe the reaction of
      Americans, including my own shock, is because when
      we watched the WTC collapse we watched our world
      collapse, our feeling of safety and stability. Now
      we have to face the fact that in our world, at any
      moment, buildings can be demolished and bombs can
      go off. This is very traumatic for middle class
      Americans, who in spite of rampant violent crime
      have basically enjoyed one of the most stable and
      secure civil societies in the world. It is a
      completely normal human reaction to feel fear,
      anger and depression at being threatened.

      Alright. If you disagree with my emotional
      analysis, I agree they also might be all wrong.

      To a shamanic practitioner, that sort of analysis
      would be secondary if not counter-productive
      anyway. She is going to regard this kind of
      national disaster as an opportunity to practice,
      because the shaman is convinced that the best thing
      she can do for her fellow beings is to evolve. The
      shaman is going to resist being swept up in waves
      of mass emotions that move through the population
      at times like these. She is going to try to
      navigate through the confusion and hysteria
      remembering her true aim.

      It is not bizarre to continue discussing the
      remembrance of the miracle of Being or shamanic
      teachings at a time like this. For a shamanic
      practitioner, that is the whole point of the

      Of course for someone who doesn't care or hasn't
      understood anything about this kind of shamanism,
      it will naturally appear bizarre- and we should not
      make fun of people who are handicapped in this
      fashion unless they are not around. For a shaman
      practicing remembrance, now is exactly the time to
      make a big effort to remember the miracle of Being-
      which is the same thing as remembering oneself.


      All that is present is nirguna brahman, nothing is
      describable. A description of an object really has
      nothing to do with the present experience, in the
      present experience there are no objects.


      In the present experience, there is
        no present experience.
      Any description is only an aspect
        of this present experience, in which
        there is no present experience.

      Whether using the description "Nirguna Brahman",
        "Saguna Brahman", "an empty box of cigarettes",
        "a toilet being flushed" ... it's all
        the same no-thing.

      In other words, nothing has ever been
        described, therefore descriptions aren't

      The concept "nothing is describable" is
        as meaningless as "things can be described".

      Yet, I don't see any of the schools closing
        down and deciding kids don't need to learn
        to read and write.

      Funny thing about that!

      It's exactly because kids will wake up,
        go to school, learn to say what a zebra is,
        and how to slide down a slide -- and
        later on how to type sentences into
        computers -- that the "indescribable"
        is far more than merely "indescribable" ...


      Attributelessness being completely
      attributelessness does not even have the attribute
      of being attributeless.

      An apple can be distinguished from an orange but
      nirguna cannot be distinguished from saguna.



      couple interesting things on the NDS bulletin



      There is a point at which seeking isn't even
      considered, the mind being embroiled in living out
      its conditioning. There is a point at which there
      arises a seeking and longing for what is beyond the
      beckonings of an unfilling world.
      There is a point at which seeking is seen to be a
      joke... since You are It and have been all along.

      I tend to be inclusive of all these points as they
      show up in folks around me. And since I truly am
      all of everything and no thing .... well.....



      Dear Friends,

      Many of you may know that Sri Arunachala
      Aksharamanamalai (Arunachala Siva) written by
      Ramana Maharshi at the request of devotees is
      availabe to be heard as an MP3 file on the
      following URL. It is recited by J. Jayaraman.


      Love to all


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