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Friday, September 14

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    DAVID HODGES The Dalai Lama s letter to the President of the United States of America Your Excellency, I am deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks that took
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      The Dalai Lama's letter to the President of the
      United States of America

      Your Excellency, I am deeply shocked by the
      terrorist attacks that took place involving four
      apparently hijacked aircrafts and the immense
      devastation these caused. It is a terrible tragedy
      that so many innocent lives have been lost and it
      seems unbelievable that anyone would choose to
      target the World Trade Center in New York City and
      the Pentagon in Washington D.C. We are deeply
      saddened. On behalf of the Tibetan people I would
      like to convey our deepest condolence and
      solidarity with the American people during this
      painful time. Our prayers go out to the many who
      have lost their lives, those who have been injured
      and the many more who have been traumatized by this
      senseless act of violence. I am at tending a
      special prayer for the United States and it's
      people at our main temple today.

      I am confident that the United States as a great
      and powerful nation will be able to overcome this
      present tragedy. The American people have shown
      their resilience, courage and determination when
      faced with such difficult and sad situation.

      It may seem presumptuous on my part, but I
      personally believe we need to think seriously
      whether a violent action is the right thing to do
      and in the greater interest of the nation and
      people in the long run. I believe violence will
      only increase the cycle of violence. But how do we
      deal with hatred and anger, which are often the
      root causes of such senseless violence? This is a
      very difficult question, especially when it
      concerns a nation and we have certain fixed
      conceptions of how to deal with such attacks. I am
      sure that you will make the right decision.

      With my prayers and good wishes

      The Dalai Lama September 12, 2001 Dharamsala, India




      From reading many of the posts the last few days
      it's becoming clear that most Americans are pretty
      much clueless about who and what the terrorists are
      and what their view is.

      Of course we all know they are Moslem
      fundamentalists and we consider them evil demented

      But most Americans don't realize that what the
      Moslem fundamentalists think is that AMERICANS are
      the evil demented monsters and the terrorists are
      Holy Heroic MARTYRS

      YES ... MARTYRS in the cause of making the world
      safe for Mankind under the sanity of Islam.

      They want to do this by TAKING OVER THE WORLD by a
      Jihad (Holy War) and thereby bring about a
      "Messianic Age"

      I am not condoning anyone but just wanted to shed
      some light on a confusing situation

      Rabbi Yossi Markel


      º>From reading many of the posts the last few days it's becoming clear
      ºmost Americans are pretty much clueless about who and what the
      ºare and what their view is.

      Here in Spain, terrorism is from ETA - they want
      independence from Spain for the Bask country -
      although there is a far reaching autonomy already.
      Having lived in Holland, neighboring Germany, in
      Germany there was the Bader Meinhoff group,
      responsible for a lot of killings - they were
      against the capitalist society, but weren't
      "pro-communist". And in Belgium, there have been
      terrorists, massacring ppl for no known (political)
      purpose at all... And in South America, Africa and
      Asia, there also have been (still are) groups with
      specific goals...

      ºOf course we all know they are Moslem fundamentalists and we consider
      ºevil demented monsters

      And what does such labeling like "Moslem" bring?

      ºBut most Americans don't realize that what the Moslem fundamentalists
      ºis that AMERICANS are the evil demented monsters and the terrorists are

      ºHeroic MARTYRS

      What most Americans don't know either, is that what
      birthed fundamentalism... Poverty, hopelessness,
      corruption, enforcing UN resolutions on Iraq but
      not on Israel, to name but a few... Life in the
      occupied territories (since '67) has been described
      as "worse than Apartheid in South Africa" by a team
      from the BBC world service... But nobody even
      wanted to hear...

      ºYES ... MARTYRS in the cause of making the world safe for Mankind under
      ºsanity of Islam.

      Well, the world isn't safe under the banner of
      commercialism either - irreversible climate change
      to mention but 1 ...

      ºThey want to do this by TAKING OVER THE WORLD by a Jihad (Holy War) and

      ºthereby bring about a "Messianic Age"

      The same could be told of multinationals.... In the
      process of taking over... Wasn't it Eisenhower,
      warning against the military-industrial complex?

      ºI am not condoning anyone but just wanted to shed some light on a

      The Buddha shed quite a powerful light - to no
      avail either. But it keeps the talking going on.



      Terrorism , term usually applied to organized acts
      or threats of violence designed to intimidate
      opponents or to publicize grievances. The term
      dates from the REIGN OF TERROR (1793-94) in the
      French Revolution but has taken on additional
      meaning in the 20th cent. Political terrorism may
      be part of a government campaign to eliminate the
      opposition, as under HITLER, MUSSOLINI, STALIN, and
      others, or it may be part of a revolutionary effort
      to overthrow a regime, a common tactic in guerrilla
      warfare. Terrorism by radicals (of both the left
      and right) and by nationalists became widespread
      after World War II. Contemporary revolutionary
      groups that engage in terrorist activity include
      the "provisional" wing of the IRISH REPUBLICAN
      the SHINING PATH, in Peru.

      There are quite a few organizations looking like
      terrorists which are but criminal organizations,
      working for profit, be it from diamonds, drugs,
      gold or oil... Tibet and Afghanistan are supposed
      to be rich in quite a few "treasures" buried under
      the soil... Hence, terms like "state's terrorism".

      If only the human rights as defined and accepted by
      the UN would be enforced, there would be no
      terrorism - that simple. Enforcing the human rights
      would mean fulfillment of the prayers of Tibetans,
      Africans suffering from poverty and aids, and the
      poor suffering from dictatorships - some of which
      are Islamic and yet supported by the West, for

      How to treat war criminals was shown well after
      WWII - the Neurenburg trials. There was no excuse
      for "Ich habe es nicht gewusst" (I didn't know).
      The Germans learned the lesson well - damages
      inflicted were paid for and it wasn't "covered up"
      in the history books. Contrary to Japan...

      The only lesson from suffering is, prevent it from
      happening again! That is what moved the Buddha...
      That was why the UN was founded, and why Europe
      went on a course of uniting... The events in the
      former Yugoslavia could be called a "test". A coin
      has two sides - no law is forbidding both sides to
      be be bright and shining.



      I do not look upon this as a romaticised 'battle of
      good versus evil' yet no one can deny the actual
      horror of these evil choices.

      I will not be silent nor will I shirk from my duty.
      I will not go into this battle armored with
      righteousness and indignity. Nor will I hate those
      who deem themselves my enemy.

      I will not shirk my duty. Nor will I hold back
      though my limbs may quake and my heart lose its
      resolve. Nor will I prop myself up with emptyness
      and false ideals.

      Let my sword be love and my might compassion. For I
      see arrayed on this battlefield the multitude of
      the one who sets all in motion.

      May we all learn to walk in peace - Michael



      <Imagine no possessions, its easy if you try>

      My friend Dave always got upset with that line from
      John Lennon (whom he loved, by the way) pointing
      out how could he say that when he had his big
      houses and millions.

      Yes its a big ask. It would mean giving up my God
      and your God, my Nation and your Nation, my Person
      and your Person, my religion and your religion, my
      self and your self.

      People would end up giving their life to each

      No it'll never catch on.



      Why did they kill so many innocent people?

      That's all that keeps coming to my mind. I'm still
      trying to understand/grasp/measure the extent of
      loss of human life. When I saw the survivors
      describe what happened, I shed tears.

      I'm a Muslim, but I think this has scarred my heart
      and I can't stop thinking about it. My hands are
      trembling as I write this message and I'm holding
      back my tears...

      I hate terrorists, whatever their religion, this
      has increased my disgust.People see me on the
      street and I can see the expressions on their
      faces,they can't see the man behind the beard. They
      just see the painted media image of people like B1n
      1aden. But I go out of my way to remove the false

      It' might be just too easy to say, but I wish I had
      died instead, stopping the terrorists and
      preventing what happened. We can't change the past.

      The Quran says:

      "Whoever killed one innocent human being, it is as
      if he had killed all mankind. And whoever saved one
      human life it is as if he saved all of mankind"

      I hope and pray that nothing like this happens
      again and that the terrorist sare caught and
      punished according to the Law. I offer my sincere
      condolences to the friends and families of the
      victims and the brave men and women of the Fire


      Wang Hui.



      What is the key
      To untie the knot of your mind’s

      What Is the esoteric secret
      To slay the crazed one
      whom each of us Did wed

      And who can ruin
      Our heart’s and eye’s exquisite
      tender Landscape?

      Hafiz has found
      Two emerald words that
      Restored Me

      That I now cling to as I would sacred
      Tresses of my
      Beloved’s Hair:

      Act great. My dear, always act great.

      What is the key
      To untie the knot of the mind’s

      Benevolent thought, sound And movement.

      (“The Gift” – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)



      Here are some links which lead to what may be of


      911: Background and thesis

      Monolithic powers in combat; ancient struggles
      resurface in modern times







      Namaste All,
      It is virtually impossible to defeat 'terrorism',
      without annihilating the entire population, and
      then some would escape.

      The British Govt with all its relative power,
      technology, military, MI5, SAS, etc etc couldn't
      defeat 200 IRA members. Only after the bombing of
      Canary Wharf in London did the negotiations get
      serious. Even now the Real IRA, and Continuity IRA,
      have recently set bombs in London, and they are
      even rejects from the orginal IRA, which thankfully
      is now at peace.

      It is not really possible to defeat terrorists,
      only removing the cause or politic can do that. It
      has been proved time and time again that small
      bands can bring Empires to their knees, but the
      Empires never learn, it is an ego thing.

      It is always the small person that suffers for the
      egos of big men. Remember Franklin's expression,
      Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      Let us pray for the 5,000 dead and living of the
      WTC terror, but let us also pray for the 5,000
      children that starved to death last night, and the
      same number again tonight. Let us pray for the
      thousands killed in all kinds of wars last night.

      Let us pray that nations wake up and understand non
      violence and karma.

      Let us pray that Gaia doesn't wake up.


      Dear Tony,

      Right on.

      Let us also pray for those in government and in the
      military, for the executives of multinational

      Let us pray in awareness of Who we are, as all is.

      Let us require it of ourselves.





      What I am most glad of is when any one of us,
      living in this mixed world of pleasures and pains,
      wakes up in the truth of us. In the meantime, the
      stories we live through are amazing.


      ~ One of the ministers in today's prayer service in
      the national cathedral said this today also....

      "In our determination to overcome an evil force,
      let us not become evil ourselves."



      ... John Lennon's 'Imagine'...

      I woke up this morning with that song playing in my
      head... thought about it several times today. A
      short while ago, the loveliest thing happened:

      I had lain down with the dogs in the study and had
      drifted off into semisleep, very comfortable,
      looking forward to what I hope will be my first
      full night of sleep in some time... delicious
      anticipation, already well on my way. John was
      checking his message board. As I dozed, the song
      began to play again... drifting like mist through
      mountain valleys, thickening, thinning, whorling
      through my awareness. It took me some time to
      realize the song was not in my head, but was
      arriving via the computer speakers. Beautiful





      Cast the coins at facade.com with as clear an intuition of emptiness as
      possible, while yet
      aware of identity's screen.

      Purpose: To see the future! Grandiose? Gosh I hope not...all the words
      about humility in the
      reading seem to pertain to an individual, but I think it can be easily
      interpreted to fit our
      situation of shock and sadness


      The Hexagram
      57. The Sun Hexagram

      1. The first (bottommost) line,
      divided, shows its subject (now) advancing, (now) receding. It would be
      advantageous for him
      to have the firm correctness of a brave soldier.

      2. The second line, undivided,shows the representative of Sun beneath a
      couch, and employing
      diviners and exorcists in a way bordering on confusion. There will be
      good fortune and no

      3. The third line, undivided, shows its subject penetrating (only) by
      violent and repeated
      efforts. There will be occasion for regret.

      4. The fourth line, divided, shows all occasion for repentance (in its
      subject) passed away.
      He takes game for its threefold use in his hunting.

      5. The fifth line, undivided, shows that with firm correctness there
      will be good fortune (to
      its subject). All occasion for repentance will disappear, and all his
      movements will be
      advantageous. There may have been no (good) beginning, but there will be
      a (good) end. Three
      days before making any changes, (let him give notice of them); and three
      days after, (let him
      reconsider them). There will (thus) be good fortune.

      6. The sixth line, undivided, shows the representative of penetration
      beneath a couch, and
      having lost the axe with which he executed his decision. However firm
      and correct he may (try
      to) be, there will be evil.

      Upper Trigram
      Gentle. Wind. Flow. Permeation. Travel and Trade.

      Lower Trigram
      Gentle. Wind. Flow. Permeation. Travel and Trade.

      Upper Nuclear Trigram
      Fire. Sun. Light. Perception. Destruction. Violence. Weapons.

      Lower Nuclear Trigram
      Joyous. A Marsh. Basal. Insufficient. Incomplete. Beware excess which
      can lead to ruin.

      The Hexagram
      15. The Khien Hexagram

      1. The first (bottommost) line, divided, shows us the superior man who
      adds humility to
      humility. (Even) the great stream may be crossed with this, and there
      will be good fortune.

      2. The second line, divided, shows us humility that has made itself
      recognised. With firm
      correctness there will be good fortune.

      3. The third line, undivided, shows the superior man of (acknowledged)
      merit. He will
      maintain his success to the end, and have good fortune.

      4. The fourth line, divided, shows one, whose action would be in every
      way advantageous,
      stirring up (the more) his humility.

      5. The fifth line, divided, shows one who, without being rich, is able
      to employ his
      neighbours. He may advantageously use the force of arms. All his
      movements will be

      6. The sixth line, divided, shows us humility that has made itself
      recognised. The subject of
      it will with advantage put his hosts in motion; but (he will only)
      punish his own towns and

      Upper Trigram
      Humble, Yielding, Earth, Darkness, Female, Form.

      Lower Trigram
      Mountain. Gathering (dust becomes mountains). Immoveable. Unchanging.

      Upper Nuclear Trigram
      The Spark. New Beginnings. New Life.

      Lower Nuclear Trigram
      Water, Gathering (like rain, droplets become oceans), Travel from High
      to Low, Sadness,

      The last is certainly true...our tears are like rain.

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