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9/10/01 Monday

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  • Gloria Lee
    MOnday was for the most part a day of humor on NDS ****************** ... I have actually been moderating NDS through pure mind control. Jerry has known about
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2001
      MOnday was for the most part a day of humor on NDS
      Harsha wrote:

      > Hi
              I have actually been moderating NDS through pure mind control. Jerry has known about it for a while. I am surprised he did not mention it. Thanks for asking

      The above isn't true. At least that's what Harsha told me to say.

      I was wondering about this.  Now I get it.  It did notice almost the
      exact same posts showing up on both lists.  Is this just a mirror
      site for Harsha Satsang?



      If its all the same to you Jerry, lets keep it hush hush for now for
      plausible deniability purposes.

      Jerry,  I am leaving instructions for you in the Akashic records every
      Sunday night on how to proceed for the week. In case you overdose on Viagra,
      and the Akashic records become foggy for you, you can still receive my
      telepathic messages at any time by watching, "Beverly Hillbillies" on
      classic TV and listening carefully to granny. If that's unavailable, turn on
      the Lawrence Welk show and wait for the Polka dance to finish. The
      "Revelations" will follow.

      Right after you finish reading this message Gene, you will feel awake,
      refreshed, and in control of things.

      Clap, Clap! :-) :-) :-).

      I appreciate your attempt at originality, Harsha, but you've plagiarized
      directly from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. I've read the original Chinese and it is
      not hard to pick out the Chinese character for an old woman sitting atop a chair
      in the back seat of a jalopy driving through Beverly Hills.


      NDS Moderator

      Hello Paul,

      You asked a significant question, and I am glad that you have brought
      this topic up
      >I was wondering about this.  Now I get it.  It did
      notice almost the
      >exact same posts showing up on both lists.  Is
      this just a mirror
      >site for Harsha

      While it is true that some posts from NDS do show up on HS, the
      majority of HS postings which
      show up here on NDS are posted by the owner of HS, "Harshsa".

      As moderator, I wonder what is going on with this. I have suspected
      that Harsha drops his postings here for the purpose of advertising
      his own list, based on a 'deal' he made with Jerry, the previous
      moderator and current list-owner of NDS. According to Jerry, NDS
      should retain it's own flavor and direction. He has directed me to
      maintain clear differentiation between NDS and HS, which I fully
      intend to continue to do.

      I do appreciate that Harsha has the time and energy to read and post
      on-topic material to NDS, as in the current dispute over the 'real
      definitions' of various Sanskrit/Hindu terms. Heaven knows that I, a
      mere Reality-Hacker, lack the grounding in Vedanta necessary to be
      able to contribute significantly to this and similar issues.

      Harsha's recent humorous postings referring to his 'psychic
      moderation' of NDS have a grain of truth; his frequent presence, and
      his unabashed self-promotions, do in fact alter the tone of this
      list. But I do not object to this, as every NDS member's
      contributions are in fact an opportunity to exert that sort of
      influence. Still, some may find his method distracting and
      disruptive. If that is the case, please let me know.

      I hope that self-moderation will serve to keep the atmosphere of NDS
      'civil' and productive, enabling the NDS mission-statement to be
      fulfilled to the satisfaction of all subscribers.

      If any reader has any feelings on this matter, please respond to this
      posting. Feel free to modify the subject line, just include
      'Moderator' so that I know to pay close attention.

      These and any concerns are fair topic material, because they have to
      do with the experience of the users of this list. While NDS is not a
      'democracy', we are always open to suggestions which if implemented,
      would serve to make NDS a more effective online experience.


      ==Gene Poole==

      Moderator, NDS

      Thanks for all the nice complements Gene. I know I get to you. :-).

      As far as I know Jerry probably advertises NDS either directly or indirectly
      on HS much more than I do. Jerry and I have had an understanding for the
      last 3 years or so but perhaps that can change.

      If you consider my presence here a serious matter, I would ask you or Jerry
      to contact me offlist and we can work out a different arrangement. Just let
      me know, if you don't want me to post here. Being a list owner myself, I
      fully respect your and Jerry's prerogative to run the list as you see fit.

      I am here Gene because I love it and enjoy it. Pure and simple.

      Remember, I have been here from the very beginning.

      They used to call me one of the founders :-).

      Lots of love

      I thought at first this nirguna/saguna thing was about the madyamika
      "form is emptiness, emptiness is form," but thinking through it again
      maybe the idea is that with-attribute (saguna, illusion) is not possible
      without without-attribute (nirguna, Self). It isn't saying "with" is
      "without" but rather no "with" without "without". Presumably "without"
      by itself is equivalent to the end of perception and feeling, last stage
      of the jhana. Even this isn't altogether by itself though, because there
      is someone sitting there doing it. No nibbana without a buddha. There's
      a thought :))

      XAN  on resistance to hypnosis and other things

      ~ If I may add a comment in this dialogue, I also do not see
      resistance as an obstacle or to be judged against.  Resistance
      is built in to our current state of individual existence.  If
      we didn't have it we would all be fully self-realized already.

      When I notice resistance in myself or someone I am counseling
      I take it as a sign to look more closely into this ego/mind
      pattern and see what kind of attention is called for.
      Often resistance melts away simply in turning to face it.
      Some consists of knots that call for something remembered
      in the personality to be resolved or healed so that it no longer
      serves as a veil over the truth of Self.  At times it opens and
      shifts by a swift butt-kick of mirroring; and some resistances
      I have met are just waiting for the right time to come around
      for the energy and awareness held back to flow.

      Jerry Katz wrote:
      a bookstore about Nothing
      > "The state we call realization is
      simply being oneself, not knowing
      > anything or becoming anything."

      Re: a [show] about nothing

      Did you see the Seinfeld episode where Kramer made "fusilli Jerry"?
      (very funny!) Fusilli is the corkscrew pasta. He made a tiny sculpture
      of Jerry out of the pasta that he thought best exemplified "Jerry".

      Who will make "nondalini Jerry"? and what will it look like?

      A single spaghetti-o?


      Funny you should ask, Su!

      Jerry and I have been long-time collaborators in the world-domination
      game; NDS and Jerry's website are merely the 'tip o' the iceberg',
      while most of our efforts are carried out in hidden, top-secret
      laboratories. The whole 'nondalini pasta' thing was concocted during
      one of our all-nighters, inspired I am sorry to say, by an abundance
      of 'sauce'.

      Lacking the mechanical skill necessary to construct a machine to
      automatically make 'Jerry-shaped nondalini' pasta, Jerry coerced poor
      long-suffering Bobo to hand-carve thousands of tiny Jerry-effigies
      from big hunks of Algonbyonda pasta (one of our previous creations,
      best described as a 'tribute to formlessness').

      After days of painstakingly sculpting these tiny replicas, Bobo, who
      had been on reduced rations as a matter of persuasion (Jerry feeds
      Bobo... what else? "IAMs" pellets!), devoured the entire project,
      followed by an antipasto comprised of Jerry's prized collection of
      exotic tropical plants, and two of the special pure-bred Gerbils we
      keep on hand for certain experiments.

      Needless to say, Jerry was at first nonplussed, but then became
      plussed. He maintained his equanimity, even as he lovingly guided
      Bobo back into his 'meditation-chamber', and firmly barred the door.

      But, that is all in the pasta...

      ==Gene Poole==

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