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  • Gloria Lee
    ***************** JERRY KATZ photos and poems. you might like --jerry ... HARSHA Verses From Sankara s Viveka-Chudamani Selected
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      photos and poems. you might like



      Verses From Sankara's Viveka-Chudamani
      Selected and Reset by Sri Ramana Maharshi

      1. Among all the means for Liberation pre-eminent is Devotion: and the quest
      for one's own Reality (the Self is called Devotion.) (31)

      2. The Supreme Self, the eternal, indivisible, non-dual Consciousness, the
      Witness of buddhi and the rest, is other than Sat and asat, and is the
      ultimate significance of the notion conveyed by the term 'I'. It is the
      immediate Reality, the Bliss Incarnate. (351)

      3. The Supreme Self of pure Consciousness, different from prakriti and its
      modifications, shines as the 'I-I', the direct Witness of buddhi during the
      wakeful and other states, and lights up this entire manifestation of Sat and
      asat. (135)

      4. That which clearly manifests itself within during the wakeful, dreaming
      and sleep states, which is directly perceived within as the 'I-I' of
      continuous awareness, which perceives the ego, buddhi, etc., that are of
      diverse forms and modifications, and which reveals itself as the Atman of
      Eternal Consciousness-Bliss - know thou this, thine own Self, within the
      Heart. (217)

      5. By direct experience know thou this, thine own Self within thyself, as
      "This is I", with the mind regulated and the intellect pure and clear;
      (thereby) cross the boundless ocean of samsara of which the waves are the
      (succession of) births and deaths: thy aim thus fulfilled, be established as
      the Absolute. (136)

      6. In the sheath of intelligence shines eternally Atman, the self-effulgent
      Witness of all. Making that thy lakshya, which is quite different from the
      unreal - enjoy it by experience, through unbroken awareness, as thy own
      Self. (380)

      7. Extremely subtle is the Truth of the Self Supreme, and it is not
      discernible to the gross vision (of the mind). It is knowable to the noble
      minded of perfectly pure intellect, through very subtle Self-awareness
      during Samadhi (the State of Transcendental Peace). (360)

      8. When the mind, qualified thus through incessant practice, is merged in
      Brahman, then the Samadhi getting rid of its savikalpa character leads of
      its own accord to the Experience of Bliss of Oneness (i.e., of Nirvikalpa
      Samadhi). (362)

      9. By the Samadhi are destroyed all the knots of vasanas and all karma is
      destroyed. There remains, within and without, everywhere and at all times,
      the effortless manifestation of one's Swaroopa, the Self. (363)

      10. In the cave of the buddhi is the Supreme Brahman, one without a second,
      distinct from Sat and asat. For him who abides in this cave as verily that
      Self, there is no rebirth. (266)

      Namaste Harsha,

      Yes I notice in the last verse, he says distinct from Sat
      (Sat-Cit-Ananda), and asat. which is Nirguna Brahman. I think the
      confusion comes in when people mistake the I-I or Self/Saguna for

      Also the sadhana of samadhi meditation is advised to purify, the

      Hi Tony,

      Since the meaning of the words often depends on the context they are used
      in, perhaps reasonable people can have different interpretations. I would
      not get too much caught up in it.

      Frankly, the Saguna-Nirguna thing does not make much difference to me. Self
      is beyond all words, language, and interpretation. It shines by its Own
      Light and needs no concepts to support it.

      Whatever seems to you Tony to be the correct way of looking at it or
      understanding, that is the way to go. Ultimately, all these way of looking
      at it, all these different points of view are simply due to conditioning and
      background and are in the mental, conceptual domain. Such concepts have no
      inherent meaning what so ever except in relationship to each other.

      When the mind drops, along with it goes the notion of Saguna, Nirguna,
      Sat-Chit-Ananda, etc as well as how these relate to each other and which one
      is superior, inferior, etc.

      Hope this makes sense.



      Mais non, mon frere!  Sais ne pas vrais.

      Speaking of the pair of opposites Sat and asat is distinct from
      the term Satchitananda.  Sri Ramana is referring to the fact that
      the Self is distinct from our being as individuals, as well as
      from our possible nonexistence as individuals. 

      His use of the term Sat has no relation to the term Satchitananda
      in this verse.

      > As a hypnotist, have you ever induced such a deep
      > that obedience was immediate and without resistance? Or
      have you ever been present while such a trance was induced?

      Yes I have.

      What's interesting to note though is that the deepest
      trance states induced were often experienced by those
      whose resistance was the greatest initially.  (The ones
      who said they could never be hypnotized, for example,
      or who fought against 'relaxing'. )

      Rather than seeing resistance as an obstacle to overcome,
      I quickly learned to USE the resistance....to follow it....to
      amplify it.....and then see where it would lead us.

      This, too, served to be a good teaching for me
      in my 'everyday' life, as well.

      I appreciated your comments, Gene.



      >From: "Harsha"
      >Subject: RE: Hi
      >Hi Gene,
      > I have actually been moderating
      NDS through pure mind
      >control. Jerry has
      >known about it for a
      while. I am surprised he did not mention it. Thanks for

      Yes, it takes a pure mind to exert this kind of pure mind-control.

      Little does the 'average participant' know, of what really goes on here
      behind the scenes, at Mind Control Central...

      First, we (the collective pure mind-controllers) have to manifest the
      illusion of a 'world', and then while keeping that one steady (a feat
      akin to spinning a plate atop a pole balanced on the nose), must
      then create the illusion of 'the internet'. This task is best left to specially
      qualified 'Gages' (Geek-Sages), whose constant attention to such
      details as DNS numbers and routing tables comprises the ever-more
      complicated mantra which must be chanted in endless cyclic
      repetition. The stability of the illusory 'internet' is in their capable
      cerebral cortexes, and depends forever on their rarified abilities!

      Once we have stabilised the illusions of both the world and the internet,
      we must then concoct a veritable witches-brew of criteria which will
      then be set to govern exactly the nature of the experience of every

      It is important to set a 'high bar' in order to induce fear and insecurity
      in the hearts and minds of the neophyte user/subscriber. Once this
      fear is felt, there is no going back, for each and every 'user' will find
      ever-greater validation for conforming to our carefully preset criteria.

      It is this constant feeding of pellets of validation  to those who most
      willingly comply with our criteria, which eventually has them eating out
      of our hands!

      Now combine with the above schedule of reinforcement, the occasional
      zap of disapproval, or 'punishment', and we have encased the user
      in an inescapable stimulus-response cage, happy only if fed validation
      for compliance.

      Even the casual reader will soon realise that even they are trapped,
      or destined to be trapped, for our fiendishly concocted ploy of
      mind-control, for we have left no way out. Once initiated, our plans
      inevitably concatenate to the extremes of the human universe,
      enslaving all in one big automatic and unconscious family!

      Can't you just feel the music of bliss, inducing a celebratory movement
      in mind, heart, and feet? Yes! Dance to our tune, for the utmost in
      validation! Join ranks with those who have already given up any idea
      of 'individual autonomy', whose glazed eyes have been set permanently
      upon the goals of the highest idealism, willing to dash the illusions
      of body, mind and spirit to dull shards upon the sharp stones of
      the only experience worth having!


      Stay tuned for the coming emergence of the premier and ONLY
      World-Rock Band of the Millenium... the inimitable SELF!

      "SELF pounds out a rhythm to charm the K-Snake in each and everyone!"
      ---- John Jackalope, ROLLING TONES

      "SELF is absolutely unique; one is delighted and mesmerized to hear
      the origins of all genre of music, woven into and as the living tapestry
      which is their live presence... "
      ---- Frieda Fahrenwald, One-World Music Review

      "SELF stands alone and unique. Never before (and we suspect never again)
      will any band rise to such heavenly heights of glory. After one live concert,
      thousands were able to shed years of pain and illusion. Several were
      seen to levitate, surrounded by shimmering, coruscating auras of sheer
      bliss-energy. The nature of self, other, and the eternal universe came clear
      during the first ten minutes of their performance; the remaining two hours
      was a cleansing unparalleled in any previous experience...

      ... Highly Recommended... ***** five stars!"
      ---- Susan Stilburt, New Rave Journal

      [End Advertisement]

      ==Gene Poole==

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