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Thursday, August 30

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  • Jerry Katz
    JERRY several new names in my Live Journal box on the home of page of these people tend to write about nondual stuff. i really like
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001

      several new names in my Live Journal box on the
      home of page of <http://www.nonduality.com>

      these people tend to write about nondual stuff.

      i really like the Live Journal concept and format.

      everyone has their own style and look.

      an email list is like everyone swimming in the
      ocean together. Live Journal is like private
      cabanas on the beach, where people come and go, and
      visit each other.

      the site is run by a 21 year old college kid. he
      gets up to 60,000 hits a second and often his
      servers are down for maintenance. but it's all
      worth watching what he's doing. His focus is work
      and not soaking his users for money or bothering
      them with ads.


      if you're in the Santa Barbara area, give richard a

      name=Richard email=flynbuddha@... Your
      Location=Santa Barbara text=Interested in all
      nondualistic teachings Advaita Zen unknown unnamed



      I am writing an article "awakening vs
      enlightenment". Does anyone feel that these two
      terms are/not clearly distinguished in advaita


      Which advaita circles are you referring to? There
      are several. Sometimes the terms are used
      interchangeably, other times a distinction is
      drawn. Even the single term "enlightenment" is used
      in 15 different ways by any 10 people. One can hear
      meanings ranging from relief from neuroses all the
      way to the explosive and irreversible experience
      that nothing other awareness ever was. All over the

      Good luck!


      It seems that people talk about 'an awakening', as
      though there could many awakenings. 'Enlightenment'
      conveys a finality. The terms are interchangeable,
      though it seems more likely that someone would
      refer to 'an awakening' than they would refer to
      'an enlightenment'. However, these are my
      impressions and not the result of any scientific



      Everything is green in heaven. I don't know why,
      but it's true. Grass, trees, leaves, bugs, clothing
      (when we wear clothing), and your eyes...




      We are at
      The Nile's end.

      We are carrying particles
      From every continent,
      creature, and age.

      It has been raining on the plains
      Of our vision for
      millions of years

      And our senses
      Are so muddy compared to Yours -
      dear God.

      But I only hear these words from you
      Where we are
      all trying to embrace
      The Clear Sky-Ocean,

      "Dear one, come.

      Please, My dear ones, Come."

      ("The Gift" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)



      In these groups I find the best friends that I may
      never know.

      How much heaven? The required amount.

      Where then do I apply my protection or, more
      generally, aggressive nature? I have fought the
      'gods' for the way back to here to prepare the way
      for those gentle, precious things that are yet to

      Enlightenment is like a dream that one can not wait
      to get home to.

      Hate is not contained or defined by a color but if
      captured by the mind, it is colorless, odorless,
      and lethal.

      The darker the light, the brighter the flame that
      remains. The blacker the night, from further it may
      be seen.

      Would you give your life for aWay?

      Like a ring, I have surrounded you and you me. Nao.
      Take your time.


      To the JOKES in charge and the COWARDS and
      PUPPETEERS that run their asses:

      Your persecution and explotation of innocence is
      coming to a very dark knight and in 'that end' your
      head shall be destroyed, your heart left cold and
      incapable of love and your need left right will be
      overwhelming... how do I know?

      This is the prison in which I was wrongfully placed
      as a sacrificed pawn to another's game. I have
      fought my way back from there and, in doing so,
      have sealed that door forever. How? All those that
      enter this place, this space that is my own, my
      self in body and mind is the holy temple of the
      risen king and it is here that you shall toil
      solving my every internal struggle and argument
      until I am satafied and at peace. And then,
      perhaps, you 'may' be released. Your in... find
      your own fucking way out.

      If you claim to have the skills to build a 'heaven'
      around a single life then it seems that all things
      should therefore equal and attainable. If not, then
      you have choosen unwisely. But then, it was the 0=1
      choice, that tricked you into missing 'what is
      warmth' is not what is strategic... ooppsss to you.

      Passion creates blind spots. Are you passionate
      about power? All the power in the universe is
      meaningless (doesn't exist and never did. Power is
      a creation of the mind. Now why do you think that
      petty men and women can never comprehend God?
      Simple eh?) if you don't have the strength to move

      The political leaders (especially Bush and Chretian
      <pst... I have seen your future and those of your
      associates... take your time.>) of this cursed
      world... your 'retirement' vs. my future. That is
      all that remains to be decided. Nao. Still think
      it's a joke? They all-ways do until they get here
      to Krishna (not the hare hare kind). As I tell my
      boy 'Joel' (Arjuna), it is never going to happen to
      you until it does and then it is too late. How
      close are you? Look at it this way... there is no
      'missle shield' to protect you from the karma that
      is headed your direction.

      Global revitalization and energy alternative
      technologies 'not' the continued desecration of our
      sacred mother. All countries that defy this order
      shall be held accounatable (and given no chance of
      time off for subsequent acts of good behavior)
      before my throne and accountable for everything you
      do including the burdening of the karma created by
      those that you have stricken the masses with
      blindness and an eternity of labourous servitude
      shall be your lot.

      Does it sound like an altimatum? You are right. Or
      else what? Exactly. God knows what and ensures that
      you will never know.


      tewangel -- is it you? Please. Be gentle. We have
      waited too long for someone just like you as you
      are and with what you bring. Do not hurt us. We can
      see that you belong. Sensuality is the sight and
      what is needed to get the job done.

      >From the 'origin-desk' of the
      'chair-man' of the bored,


      <for real>

      Jesus Christ

      <is fact>

      Tim Harris


      first in; last out

      Someone owes me a poncho liner.

      -- hobbes; 0,0,0,0:00.00 Nao

      The process of 'thinking' is a comparison/negation
      of what you do not know as it relates to what you
      do know creating a natural erosion of the purity of
      the moment.
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