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Tues./Wed. - August 28-29

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  • Jerry Katz
    VALERIE is it okay - do people think - if the message works for a person - can we just use the message and NOT shoot the golly durned messager? is it totally
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2001

      is it okay - do people think - if the message works
      for a person - can we just use the message and NOT
      shoot the golly durned messager?

      is it totally neccessary to join in the cult and
      inspect and analyze and devote oneself entirely to
      a GURU - lock stock and barrel - just to adapt his
      teaching(s) - whether plagarized or not? what is
      the benefit of that, as opposed to just collecting
      the tidbits of wisdom from hither and yon as one
      skips merrily along one's own path?





      earth turns to dust
      dust to wind
      twisting, turning
      life in a spin

      touching nothing
      holding not
      letting go
      never caught

      twisting, swirling
      love on fire
      burning in the
      wind of no desire
      flickering in and out
      of time
      i am the wind
      and the sky is mine.



      within the tower of my making
      walls stand firm and tall
      until a light was seen
      a glow that was bright
      and as my soul sang to me
      she called me forth
      and thunder rolled
      and tower fell
      the wall came tumbling down

      i stand alone at this new place
      until i see a face, a form
      out of the sky of clouds and blue
      created here for me, for you

      with love and joy
      it opened my heart
      to all that i did fear
      and with a kiss of mystery
      it flowed back into me

      free now from walls and towers,
      free to roam the world of mine
      i am the beauty i feared the most
      the love that is, the joy that's me
      i am free as wind and sea
      and so my friend are thee



      Get the Blame Straight

      Understanding the physics of God,
      His Indivisible Nature,

      Makes every universe and atom confess:

      I am just a helpless puppet that cannot dance
      Without the movement of His hand.

      Dear ones, This curriculum tonight is for the
      advanced And will

      Get all the blame straight,

      End the mental





      Brain -

      H a l l e l u j a h


      ("The Gift" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)



      Just Be! In the Now! That is all that is required.

      Don't let your thoughts wander into the past or
      into the future. Nor into day dreams or worries.
      Pull back your mind into the now. Let your thoughts
      come and go. But do not let them start forming
      associations and pulling you hither and thither.
      Don't even ask yourself who you are. You are there
      in the now. You only get lost in thoughts. Use
      mindfulness throughout the day to stay in the now.

      Just accept whatever you find in the now. Don't try
      to change it, improve it, or resist it. The world
      is as God intended it to be. Who are we to complain
      or daydream about putting things straight. It
      cannot be done, just accept it.

      It is as simple as that. Just Be! In the Now!



      black and white
      hunting wild cat and racing grey hound
      kids parading and masquerading
      penny whistles and melodies
      sweet fragrance is 'one' and incense
      christmas and Inca ruins
      faith and belief
      goals and dreams
      understanding and realization
      gardens, trails, and homesteads
      teaching children at home, living, and experience
      patience and compassion
      time to breathe and room to think

      a question from the silence of my solitude
      my place of peace and suffering
      that protects
      from the imaginations of desire
      and the promise of fulfillment
      that hurts when it speaks
      while letting go the name of love
      knowing you may return to be mine
      and praying against hope
      that you are safe
      in fear of knowing
      that I may not interfere
      unless you ask
      for which I must direct you to another
      and pray for a return

      the directions we are from to here
      and the me you may never know
      and yet, of these,
      you know me best
      now, and forever,
      as you wish,
      if you wish
      these words,
      may never be known
      yet spoken
      may never be lost
      like trees that mark
      but one way home
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