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Tuesday August the 17th

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  • andrew macnab
    From a dialogue between Kristi and Rob: Kristi: You did raise one point in your last post that was very relevant to me,and about which I have inquired on this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 1999
      From a dialogue between Kristi and Rob:


      You did raise one point in your last post that was very relevant to
      about which I have inquired on this list before....that is, the
      in maintaining a state of spirit or presence....when DOING, (you
      writing). I was pleased to hear that it is possible, with effort, to
      to maintain this effortlessly while DOING....this is my work now.....as
      am DOING alot, re-building my life, with pretty unfulfilling
      meager resources....moving beyond the idea of finding things to DO that
      consonant with the Self's joy....to finding the Self's joy (or presence
      awareness, whatever) in ANYTHING you do...


      Oh yes, it's possible, just keep trying, it gets easier with practice.
      least that has been my experience. I think maybe people get discouraged
      these kinds of things because when they try to practice them, it seems
      they're completely unable to do them, so they feel like the practice is

      But actually, in my experience, you get better at these things
      non-doership, silence, awareness) purely from trying to do them, even
      if the
      attempt is a total failure.

      I think I might have some good practical tips for how to do this, if
      want to talk about it more.

      It's very funny to get into this frame of mind while writing or
      because you don't know what you're going to say until you hear yourself

      But then you realize that's how you talk all the time...the words just
      invented somewhere inside you, and you just imagine that "you" are
      thinking them up....it's an illusion. So you can get into this state
      by watching yourself do things.

      Oops, you brought up the question of mindfulness, and I turned it into
      non-doership. But actually, I've come to suspect these are the same
      along with silence and awareness....they all involve remembering to
      your attention at a detached remove from what is going on. When I
      one, it sort of blends into the the others.

      From: Heart Happy <jarhodes@...>

      It happens all the time in heaven,
      And some day
      It will begin to happen
      Again on earth -
      That men and women who are married,
      And men and women who are Lovers,
      And women and women
      Who give each other Light
      Often will get down on their knees
      And while so tenderly
      Holding their lover's hand,
      With tears in their eyes,
      Will sincerely speak, saying,
      "My dear,
      How can I be more loving to you;
      How can I be more kind?"

      ****** Hafiz

      Gene explains the common cold:

      Thoughts triggered by recent readings here...

      > So, in short, I am mystified that the flower remedies
      do not seem to produce any result with me. I love roses...Enjoy jasmine
      honeysuckle in the wild. Maybe I just don't have a physiological
      mechanism to smells. Pepper makes me sneeze...LOL


      The emanation of energetic _virtual photons_... from the original into
      crystal-of-memory, be it water, alcohol, or lactose, or mineral, such as
      salt... reorganizes that memory-crystal into a structure which then
      re-emanates energetic virtual photons. This is what happens when a
      organism ingests... through nose or mouth, or mind, any amount of the
      programmed memory-crystal.

      Distilled water has no information of existence stored in it; it has
      erased. Living water, from the Urth, has the memory of life, as does the
      natural fossil sea-salt.

      Ingestion; eating, or smelling, energetic virtual photons... triggers
      reaction on all levels of physiology, and thus also possibly,
      consciousness; thus the Bach Flower Remedies... programmed (of
      dewdrops intimate with the blossems in question, store that
      flower-emanation of energetic virtual photons.

      -->"Sinusitis" and the energetic virtual-photonic emanation of the

      A serious competitor and parasite is the Rhinovirus. This 'ubiquitous'
      'Being' is the nonliving memory-crystal of the information of the
      of one 'who' co-exists on two planes; on this, our plane, as a 'virus'
      crystalline emanator (transmitter) of it's own _information of
      as we perceive it to be an 'infection'... and on another and _elemental_
      plane which we also co-exist 'on' in the nature of our own _elemental_
      in the elements of the universe, IE, Fe and NaCl) existence.

      Parasitic and predatory both... jumping from host to host, reducing the
      human to a dull-minded blob of protoplasm. The 'deal with the devil'
      we make with this invader, is to trade the pain of awareness for the
      dullness which is induced by the restricting of the passages of the
      turbinate sinuses...

      The turbinate sinuses... are the spiralic passages through which air
      flow, in and out; a trap and transverter, to gather Prana/Chi for the
      of the body. It is this elemental and etheric sharing with the universe
      which is the first step in the process of the sharing of cosmic
      consciousness; it is breathing. If this process is attenuated,
      consciousness is diverted to the plane/level of the elemental, which is
      where the 'body' of the Rhinovirus 'lives'.

      The 'white-noise' of sudden, ballistic 'sniffing', is the
      'burst-transmission' of information of one population of virii to
      human-socially, the 'sniff-noise' denotes dismissal and invalidation of
      'other'. It says: "Join me in the bliss of dullness". This is the offer
      made by the Rhinovirus.

      Only the _drying effects_ of oxygen can salvage the colonized
      mucus-membranes of the turbinate sinuses. That is why I advocate keeping
      the sinuses clear. Clear sinus-passages, with a free-flow of air, keep
      mucus membranes free of the accumulation of (inflammation-created)
      which the Rhinovirus needs as a refuge for its own survival.

      Use of mild (natural only) salt-water nasal-douche at the first sign of
      sinus-inflammation will purge and strip the excessive protective mucus
      the membranes, eliminating the dark, moist, and oxygen-free swamp needed
      the Rhinovirus for it's reproduction and subsequent contagion.

      Blowing-out the obvious excess mucus is good to do, carefully.
      and swallowing mucus leads to an inevitable condtion of anaphylaxis
      of immunity). But the first thing to go, is the body's ability to digest
      and assimilate proteins.

      Mucus is a sugar-water-protein compound and is a specific TISSUE of the
      individual body. A constant post-nasal flow of mucus, provokes the
      of a specific stomach-enzyme for the digestion of that mucus. It is this
      enzyme, created to digest mucus, which subsequently attacks the tissues
      one's own body. It is from this 'attack from within', this attack of the
      body upon itself, that all auto-immune disease arises.

      A weakened body and a dull mind, subjugated to the realm of physical
      survival, is the product of this 'space-invader' which is the
      Loss of immunity and subsequent death by fast or SLOW anaphylaxis is the

      Hundreds of millions of tons of flavored and carbonated sugar-water are
      consumed each year, and more every year, by those addicted to the
      which is the gift of the Rhinovirus. Only the sugar-induced "damp-heat"
      condition so induced, can keep the human organism off-balance _enough_
      allow complete colonization and domination by this ancient foe. This
      "damp-heat" condition is what underlies the "yin" state of the average
      'american' body; retention of water, for the purpose of quelling heat
      (induced by sugar), leads to deleterious vulnerability of all tissues.

      Think of these things before you dismiss the 'common cold' as a minor
      nuisance. The Rhinovirus is an incredibly successful invader, using the
      human as a willing and dulled host... to alter the human environment for
      more and more and deeper infection and subsequent takeover.

      ==Gene Poole==


      Quoting does not necessarily mean one doesn't have one's own
      experience. I
      read a lot of the teachings of the sages and I know when I agree with a
      statement or understand a statement it can only be because there is
      duplication of it in my own experience.


      Dear Whoever May Find Meaning In This:

      It has come to me several times to tell this story on the list, so I
      guess I

      Several years ago (about 15, my how time flies) I was working a medical
      shift at the Berkeley Free Clinic. I walked out into the lab area and
      discovered Steve squatting in the hallway. Steve was a local street
      and frank psychotic. This one particular evening his 6'4" stark naked
      and long dreadlocks rocked gently too and fro while he moaned and keened
      "mama, mama." I couldn't see calling the police to have him 51-50'd,
      tied in
      restraints and hauled off to the mental ward, where they'd put him to
      for 72 hours and then release him.I touched his shoulder and he
      shrieked, sobbed and had the wild rolling eyes of a tethered horse in an
      electrical storm. That wasn't going to work, so I just decided to do
      what he
      did - I'd read this somewhere as a method for entering the world of
      children. I squatted down next to him and rocked in the same rhythmn. He
      paid no attention except a slight stiffening in his body. When he
      moaned, I
      moaned, but very softly...when he whined for mama, I was his
      a couple of minutes he began to glance sideways at me; his eyes were no
      longer terrified and his body no longer acted as though it felt
      although he would not permit any meeting of his gaze...after a couple of
      minutes he consented to eye contact....after a couple more minutes he
      maintained the contact for a few seconds whereupon I asked him if he'd
      a blanket...he nodded, closed his eyes and called for his mother
      brought him a blanket, and crouched and rocked with him some more, he
      closer and dropped his head to my shoulder....It felt like every bit of
      tension drained out of his body and he began to sob huge wracking sobs
      held his arms out like a little kid wanting to be picked up. I sat down
      cradled him....when his cries abated I asked if he'd like some
      said yes and I got some from the free box....by now he was
      communicating, so
      long as no one else walked into the room or there were no sudden noise
      visual or energy intrusions...anyway, to make a long story short, I
      him to the "pillow room", a soft room with dozens of big pillows and
      carpets, and held him for the next four hours, sang him lullabyes,
      stroked his brow; finally he ate some soup and went to sleep. The next
      morning he got up and showered; I doubt he'd taken a shower in several
      months before that.

      I think this memory has been coming up for me because of the posts with
      about Sharing as Being; being available with no agenda....I had no
      with STeve because I had no clue what I was going to do or what outcome
      desired....I think it also seems relevant to me because I am eternally
      interested in how non-dual thought serves not only individual growth,
      depth of understanding in relating to other human beings (one must come
      the other, and,I think it is a loop and can happen in any order)
      those that are overtly scarred and wounded....the idea of presence
      evaluation frees one up to transcend fears of failure, or fears of
      and lice, or fears of the insane, or fears of whatever....and makes
      for the Infinite Wisdom to provide spontaneous guidance. Steve wasn't
      or anything...although we didn't see him in crisis again for a long
      time....but, I think as in Hafiz' poem, we can ask the question
      anywhere, of
      anyone, at anytime, "how can I be more loving to you, how can I be more

      Love, Kristi


      Kristi, this is for you and others who have performed the
      secret kindnesses. It was a favorite poem of my late wife
      Dolores, who could recite it by heart. I found a copy of it
      in her personal belongings and tacked it on my wall:

      Abou Ben Adhem

      Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
      Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
      And saw, within the moonlight in his room,
      Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
      An Angel writing in a book of gold:
      Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
      And to the Presence in the room he said,
      "What writest thou?" The Vision raised its head,
      And with a look made of all sweet accord
      Answered, "The names of those who love the Lord."
      "And is mine one?" said Abou. "Nay, no so,"
      Replied the Angel. Abou spoke more low,
      But cheerily still; and said, "I pray thee, then,
      Write me as one loves his fellow men."

      The Angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
      It came again with a great wakening light,
      And showed the names whom love of God had blessed,
      And, lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest!

      ---James Henry Leigh Hunt


      I cried that strange undivided joy and sadness when you
      this Aleks....

      ....then the big love takes over, the love
      which contains us all, and holds us, as we hold our loved

      I may never be able to tell my story.....it is too unusual
      and can't be understood without This. I am deeply grateful
      for yours and Kristie's beautiful posts. They have opened an
      ever widening understanding of who the non doer is, in me.
      It is always that which I can't find words for. That which
      motivates me to comfort those who are afraid to love when
      others can not bear them. It has made the unacceptable a
      joy to embrace tirelessly. It is that which fills my sails
      and takes others with me over their sea of pain as we look
      playfully together. This always was the healer. This always
      has blessed my life.


      I felt tender, and I floated...and I waited...and I acted....and I felt
      tender some more, and i brought a blanket and I had no thoughts about
      holding a tall naked man; I rocked, I waited, I offered, I felt what it
      like to be in "his space" and know deep down that however I/he looked on
      outside; I/he was ok on the "inside". The showering, scabies, lice thing
      didn't bother me; I knew I was "protected." I had lots of protected
      in the street too; lots of experiences with the physical self re:
      and stuff that were not "normal." Sometimes you just "know" that it's
      that you're not going to catch the disease or whatever...that you have
      spiritually conferred immunity....if you have no fear you are safe....if
      have fear...you are probably still safe in an immune sense....but you
      know it and so it can't help you....trippy stuff....bodies are not
      they can and do act in accordance with the "higher" laws of mind....I
      absolutely no conscious control of this stuff...
      and not much experience or access to it since I returned to a more
      worldly,limited state of mind...jeez, I still smoke cigarettes for
      out loud...
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