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Friday/Saturday, August 24 - 25

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  • Jerry Katz
    ERIC BLACKSTEAD HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT? Valerie, How much do you want it? For me, this is the prime question. How much do you want to be free of this man? How
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      How much do you want it? For me, this is the prime

      How much do you want to be free of this man?
      How much do you want to be free of the memories of
      this man, and their effect on you?

      Let's not talk about yogic abstractions like
      discrimination or dispassion. Let's talk about
      change and addiction, And how much you want to
      change and stop being emotionally addicted.

      I don't know you except as a text. Let's call
      Valerie a "text with a heart". Now the question is:
      How much does a "text with a heart" want to change
      it's story?

      Only you can answer this question. What I can do is
      point out to you that outside of this question, not
      much of any of the rest of this matters. If you
      haven't built up enough:

      self hope
      self disgust
      or some other motivating emotion, you're just whistling in the dark.
      You can read every religious text, self help manual or "surrender prayer" out
      there &
      it won't do a thing for you.

      How much do you want it?

      If you want "it", however you define "it", enough,
      then I've got one modest suggestion. All I can tell
      you as a former alcoholic (I know, former is
      supposed to be a no-no, but why should I lie to
      you?) is that it worked for me, and discrimination
      and vairagya came along eventually for the ride.

      I've just checked with Amazon.com and Handbook to
      Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes is still only
      $8.95, ($7.95 for you, kid) brand new. Not bad for
      a book that's been an underground hit since 1975.
      And (because I like your style) I'm going to allow
      as how the same vendor will let you have a 'used'
      copy for only (get this) $2.60 (that's right) only
      $2.60 (just tell'em I sent ya).

      It tore me up to learn a technique that calls
      itself the "Living Love Method", and I didn't carry
      it around with me out in plain view. Believe it or
      not, the paper that the cover's made of actually
      seemed to be the same material that the Boy Scout
      Manual came in, so it didn't even 'feel' right. I
      don't know what a new one is made out of but my
      1975 model was built to last, and, unlike other
      'handbooks", this one is built to be handled.

      Buy it, ( you can't tell me that you can't afford
      it ) read it, and then ask yourself, "How much do I
      want it?" If you want it enough to train yourself,
      and face a little more pain, then you'll be on your
      way. It's like AA, if you want it enough, it always

      yours in the bonds, eric

      Ps. Don't worry about me, I get my commission at
      the end of the month.


      A long time ago I met Hilda Charlton, a teacher
      popularized by Ram Dass' writings. A friend asked
      about her on the Bhairava site, and in thinking
      about my answer, I thought to consult her site (a
      commemorative site, as she died some years ago). I
      found this, and thought it might be applicable
      here. The words are Hilda's. She is speaking of
      Bhagavan Nityananda, as well as breath control.

      In my own case, as soon as I stood before this
      spiritual giant, this mahatma, a change took place.
      All outgoing thoughts turned inward, a peace and
      bliss was felt, and the mind became calm and quiet.
      Not an outward word had been spoken, but the change
      in consciousness had taken place within, silently.
      He knew everything without talking. I was standing
      in front of him and motioned to him that I was
      doing pranayama, to get his approval. He nodded
      that he understood. Later, I was carrying his book
      on yoga, "Chidakash Geetha", and I opened it on a
      bus thinking about Swamiji, and it opened to his
      answer. There on the page I turned to was, "A yogi
      is no yogi who does not have control of his

      When I was writing this article, I went to the
      bookcase and took out his book and said aloud to
      the air, "Where in your book is that about
      breathing?" I just opened the book at random. Yes,
      Swamiji still lives and blesses, for I turned to
      the following: "Those who do not concentrate on
      breath have no aim, no state, no intelligence and
      no fulfillment. So, concentrate and think.
      Concentrate on indrawing and outgoing
      breath...Breathe, concentrating on the sound the
      breath produces...Breathe in so that the internal
      sound may be audible to the ears."

      And in this subtle form, Bhagavan repeated his
      former silent diksha of "Soham" to Hilda, not, I
      think, to confirm her already consistent practice,
      but rather to provide her with this story to tell.
      But that's just my opinion.



      Dear Valerie,
      Become whatever you like...
      I think you are already a pretty great person!!
      Love, Glo
      Saints Bowing in the Mountains

      Do you know how beautiful you are?

      I think not, my dear.

      For as you talk of God,
      I see  great parades with wildly colorful bands
      Streaming from your mind and heart,
      Carrying wonderful and secret messages
      To every corner of this world.

      I see saints bowing in the mountains
      Hundreds of miles away
      To the wonder of sounds
      That break into light
      From your most common words.

      Speak to me of your mother,
      Your cousins and your friends.

      Tell me of squirrels and birds you know.
      Awaken your legion of nightingales -
      Let them soar wild and free in the sky.

      And begin to sing to God.
      Let's all begin to sing to God!

      Do you know how beautiful you are?

      I think not, my dear,

      Yet Hafiz
      Could set you upon a Stage
      And worship you forever!



      Life is a computer game [or movie] with multiple
      endings. According to the choices you make you end
      up in a different path. So there are choices to be
      made at particular junctures or crossroads but
      after the choice has been made you have to act your
      part according to script and plot.

      You have another choice, however. To refuse to play
      any more. This is partly like the game of hide and
      seek. God or your 'Real Self' hides and you seek.
      If you manage to find, the game is over. Or
      alternatively you could refuse to play by keeping
      the mind blank as much as possible. This too has
      worked for many people. The blank mind results in a
      slow lifting of the veil or spell and you see the
      Reality. Another tactic is to play hard until you
      tire of it all [remember Shakespeare's 'Surfeit']
      and the vacuum thus produced in time sucks in the

      Whatever you do, whatever your plot or story line
      has you believing as being the right path. Keep in
      mind one thing. Don't take things too seriously.
      Its all a game. The joke is on you and the joker,
      who did it to you, is also you!



      "It (tao) can not be defined and as it can not be
      defined, so too can it not be defended. There is no
      moving ahead. Where I am from is a map to here.
      Where to next? No knowing. Get that?" tsh

      Continuation of this thought:

      Thus, we must understand that the 'mechanism of
      reason' is wrongly applied to the past to make a
      feeble attempt to give reason to why I am here at
      'this point' from 'that past'.

      Further, we use 'divination' technics of all sorts
      to skip what is tomorrow towards something that is
      too far ahead.

      This is why we are doomed to repeat our mistakes
      over and over again. We fail to see the things 'in
      front of our noses'. This is the cycle of death and
      re-birth on scale from the smallest violations of
      the eightfold (nine: 'right judgement' as Jesus
      contribution) path to the greatest violations of
      ego and, ultimately, the 'illusion of death and

      The weak rise against the strong (yin to the yang)
      and, in time, defeat the strong, thus becoming the
      strong and the next target for the new weak (yang
      to the yin).

      Do not hate your 'enemy' or you shall become your
      enemy. This is the blindness that cycles. Leave
      your 'enemies' to their own devices. Yes... you are
      correct. This is a much slower road but then,
      consider, where are you going and who will be
      waiting to take your head when you get there? No
      one if you take your time.

      We seek the past as if it holds the key to the
      future. It does not. The future that approaches is
      a karmic reaction and release of what is being done
      in the past. A tight loop of 'none and two' giving
      an illusion of three. Yesterday, Today, and

      'Make reason of what is becoming' and the path...
      'your path'... will reveil itself. The only way out
      is through the self which, to now, has been defined
      by all other things.

      In other words, you do not know who you are because
      you do not know where you are going (although I'd
      bet you know where you would like to go) not
      because you lack the 'God identity (I AM) source'
      <we all have that> but rather becuase you lack a
      direction. It is behind you.

      Jesus Christ

      Gentle Peace.

      -- hobbes; 0,0,0,0:00.00 Nao


      JODY R

      > So the mistake you are making is thinking that the samkaras of Ramana
      > are Ramana, kind of like thinking a hologram is the same as the
      > original if you will, not an perfect analogy but a help for thinking.

      Ramana, like every other being, is Brahman.
      However, Ramana, like every other person, had a
      locus of expression that we could call a
      personality. He may have totally transcended it and
      was not identified with it at all, but it certainly
      existed. If it did not, he wouldn't have been much
      more than a lump of quivering flesh.

      When speaking of Ramana, all we have is his
      existence as a personality. If we say he was the
      Self, that is true. However, that is true for us
      all, regardless of our status as realized.

      The only difference between Ramana and the rest of
      us was that he was realized, while only some of us
      are. Perhaps he didn't think of himself as an
      individual, but he certainly operated as one. When
      a beloved devotee approached him, he expressed love
      for them, just as we would for a beloved friend.

      The point is that whether one is a jivanmukta or an
      aspirant, there continues to exist a locus of
      individuality from which we operate. We may have
      completely transcended it, and are not identified
      with it anymore, but as long as we are in a body,
      this particular collection of samskaras (which is
      what I'm calling the mind) is how the jivanmukta
      lives, breathes and communicates with his/her
      fellow non-existent beings.

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