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Thursday, August 23

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  • Jerry Katz
    MICHAEL JOHNSON Taking your advice, I have changed my question. :-) How did you meet the eye of the Master? How do you know that you did meet it and that it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2001

      Taking your advice, I have changed my question. :-)

      How did you meet the eye of the Master?

      How do you know that you did meet it and that it is
      not just another trick of the mind making you think
      you met it?

      What can you say to help me meet the Master's eye?


      doubting seems to be the road you're on, and all
      roads go to the same place, so may as well stay
      with it. at some point it may not seem important to
      waste energy doubting anymore.


      Ordinary mind is buddha mind. Ordinary body is god
      body. Ordinary life is all life.

      When the thought arises that you are not, discard
      it, let it go. When the thought arises that you
      are, discard it, let it go. When the thought arises
      that someone else is not, discard it, let it go.
      When the thought arises that someone else is,
      discard it, let it go.

      Treat all thoughts in this manner, discard them,
      let them go. Persist in this and soon you will see
      that which you have always been, not that which you
      imagime you will become.

      If you imagine that you are bound, you are bound.
      If you imagine that you are free, you are free.
      Truly, neither state is the real state of affairs.
      You are neither bound nor are you free. You are the
      infinite self playing all the parts, suffering all
      the pain, enjoying all the pleasure.

      Entertain no fantasies about what is real or what
      is unreal and the natural state is revealed in all
      its simple splendor. It is not logical. It is not

      Purpose, meaning what are they? More fantasy!
      Simply do what comes to hand to do and you are
      doing everything.

      Combine acceptance with judgement and you wear a
      heavy chain. Practice compassion mixed with pity
      and you wear leaden shoes. Allow all things to be
      as they are and you are clothed in the finest
      silks, shod in comfortable shoes.

      Ignore this babbling madman and you are truly free!


      Peace - Michael


      As I understand it the enquiry 'Who am I?', is not
      a mantra but a search for the source of our origins
      or suffering. Vipassana in Bhuddism follows the
      same route look for the source and you will see
      there is no separate I. This deep enquiry is
      experiential and cuts the ties of the samskaras to
      the personality



      Here's somethnig from the song of the Advadhut.
      Chapter 3 verse 33

      Though you may be spoken of, you have neither name
      nor form. Whether you are divided or undivided,
      there's nothing here but you. O mind, O shameless,
      wandering, mind! Why do you weary yourself so? I'm
      nectarean knowledge, unchanging bliss; I'm
      everywhere, like space.

      And, from the only truly enlightened being in the
      entire universe:

      Hey! How ya doing? Uh-oh! Still believing
      everything you think?




      Baha'i: "Blessed is he who preferreth his brother
      before himself." -- Baha'u'llah, Tablets of
      Baha'u'llah, 71

      Buddhism: "Hurt not others in ways that you
      yourself would find hurtful." -- Udana-Varga, 5:18

      Christianity: "All things whatsoever ye would that
      men should do to you, do ye even so to them." --
      Jesus, in Matthew 7:12

      Confucianism: "Do not unto others what you would
      not have them do unto you." -- Analects 15:23

      Hinduism: "This is the sum of duty: do naught unto
      others which would cause you pain if done to you."
      -- Mahabharata 5:1517

      Islam: "No one of you is a believer until he
      desires for his brother that which he desires for
      himself." -- Sunnah

      Jainism: "In happiness and suffering, in joy and
      grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard
      our own self." -- Lord Mahavira, 24th Tirthankara

      Judaism: "What is hateful to you, do not to your
      fellow man. That is the law: all the rest is
      commentary." -- Talmud, Shabbat 31a

      Native American: "Respect for all life is the
      foundation." -- The Great Law of Peace

      Sikhism: "Don't create enmity with anyone as God is
      within everyone." -- Guru Arjan Devji 259, Guru
      Granth Sahib

      Zoroastrianism: "That nature only is good when it
      shall not do unto another whatever is not good for
      its own self." -- Dadistan-i-Dinik, 94:5

      Compiled by the Temple of Understanding, a global
      interfaith organization



      As Bhagwan Nityananda used to say,"Do what you
      like, but never throw anyone out of your heart".

      yours in the bonds, eric


      Notes from a Mystic Law Compliance Officer

      By Weasel Jones I'm here to set you straight -- you
      and all your pantywaist friends who think Buddhism
      is about inner revolution, doing your best and
      coming to some sort of realization about your life.
      That ain't Buddhism. Buddhism ain't Buddhism unless
      you're kicking butts and taking names. That's what
      I do. I'm a Mystic Law Compliance Officer. I carry
      a badge.

      Oh, sure, I've seen plenty of dharma bums like you.
      You think the Mystic Law is self-enforcing. You
      think that the law of cause and effect functions of
      its own accord and doesn't need any help from me.
      That's where you're wrong, bucko.


      ....I was working the Conformity detail out of
      Rampart the night the call came through. The lady
      said her husband was starting to think for himself.
      He was developing an appreciation for the fluidity
      and non-dogmatic nature of the dharma. He was
      enjoying his Buddhist practice, she said. I'll
      never forget the sound of her voice. "Enjoying."

      It cut me to the core. It's the kind of thing you
      see a lot of in my line of work. But you never get
      used to it. It can make a tough guy crack. I've
      seen guys go mad.

      I grabbed a thick stock of scriptural quotations. I
      needed the strongest ones, snipped out of context
      and thus made more maneuverable and suitable to my
      purposes. I planned to use them as a cudgel, which
      is the best way to use any religious text, whether
      it's the Bible, the Koran or the Gosho.

      My job is not a pretty one.

      As I sped to the scene, I reminded myself that I
      have security clearance for and access to the
      Buddha's true intent. I'm special. I'm not gonna
      let some punk challenge me and everything I stand
      for. When I showed up at the house, things had
      gotten ugly. The suspect was in his bare feet,
      sitting on his living room floor with a bunch of
      dangerous sympathizers, eating refreshments. They
      were engaged in illicit conversation about the most
      sacred and secret teachings. Raving lunatics all.

      When I flashed my badge and introduced myself, the
      suspect menaced me with the following statement:

      "I have to find the Buddha within me and within
      others. No one can do this for me. So why should I
      bow to a religious authority who is -- ultimately
      -- arbitrary and impotent?"

      His group of pitiful dupes turned their glassy eyes
      to me.

      (more at:



      this good letter was received. If anyone in the
      area would like to contact this person, write me
      for her email address. I've already sent a copy of
      the letter to Greg Goode, who is in New York.


      Hi there, My name is Betty Appelbaum, I'm 37yrs of
      age, and live in the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn area of
      New York. If you have any sources that would enable
      me to make contact with other "nonduality" people
      in my area, I would be very interested. Just
      discovered youre web-site, fing it very exciting.


      We had lunch today. She actually works in the same
      law firm I do, and we've known each other for
      several years - she's very sweet! She's interested
      in the spiritual way of looking at things,
      beginning to become interested in nondualism. One
      of her interests is to meet and talk with more
      people interested in the spiritual way of looking
      at things.

      If anyone lives in the area and would like to get
      together, like Bogie said in Casablanca, "This
      could be the start of a beautiful friendship."



      Valerie stated, and asked:

      > yes, but shouldn't those who live in one's heart
      > only be allowed to reside there within detachment?
      > I mean, what roles do expectations play within our relationships?
      > All they lead to is griefs and disappointments.
      > agreed?
      > so - how does one retain detachment?

      > valerie

      First, we can create a significant distinction
      between 'detachment' and 'non-attachment'.

      Detachment is a disconnect, essentially a denial
      that there is anything going on.

      If something is going on, and you tend to get
      hooked and enrolled and embroiled in it, and thus
      suffer and regret, as you mention above:

      All they lead to is griefs and disappointments.
      agreed? so - how does one retain detachment?

      Then, the lure of 'detachment' becomes very
      attractive, but it is a sop of narcosis, rather
      than a true balm of healing.

      One should not, in my opinion, aim for detachment,
      but instead, for non-attachment.

      Non-attachment admits that something is going on;
      it admits that I am susceptible, that I am
      vulnerable, and that I have more life-experience to
      gain, before I can put it on auto-pilot. Maybe, I
      can never put it on auto-pilot; maybe, my whole
      problem is that I can't get it out of auto-pilot,
      and therefor, keep crashing into obstacles that
      'weren't supposed to be there'.

      Non-atachment rescues me from endless cycles of
      self-punishment, and allows every situation to
      become part of my ongoing illumination. How this is
      so, is by tracking my involuntary reactions, and
      moderating them with my learned wisdom. This I call
      'abiding'. Eventually, my involuntary reactions
      become extinct. I see no goals, no rewards, and
      also no punishments. Movement is eventually
      minimized; I see that the speed of my play, excites
      the game to greater challenge. I allow what I have
      learned to guide me, thus to avoid repeating
      lessons already experienced.

      If I assume that there is some point at which I can
      let it all go, I will be irritated, annoyed,
      depressed, and even despondent that I am not at
      that point 'yet'. This position, one of brash
      idealism, causes the continual comparison between
      'what is' and 'what should be'. The consequence of
      this continual comparison, is a sense of
      discontent, a pain, an angst, which serves to drive
      me to ever-greater feats of spiritual attainment.

      How could I possibly take a rest, how could I
      justify just sitting around, doing nothing? And
      worse, how could I justify having a thought,
      without a concurrent feeling? Shouldn't every
      thought, be accompanied by an emotion? What kind of
      person has no feelings, no attachments, no opinion,
      no preference? Isn't that like brain-death, or

      Certainly, we must always strive to the ever-upward
      direction, cultivating sensitivity to the higher
      vibratory states and realms? I mean, isn't that how
      you escape of the hell that life is? Isn't that
      what transcendence is for? After all, if I can
      sense that something is wrong, shouldn't I strive
      to fix it, and to move to make the world a better
      place, as well? Isn't that how I avoid 'making more
      Karma', too?

      The vast disparity of idealism, is the disconnect
      of detachment; the world 'isn't real', until I see
      it correctly. When I see the world correctly, then,
      the world is real, because I am then proved to be
      real, by my ability to see what is real, as opposed
      to what is illusory. When the scales are removed
      from my eyes, by the advent of my own cosmic
      purity, only then, will I be able to see and
      understand what is real. At least, that is the
      idealistic version of things.

      lacking idealism, I find no immediacy, but what is
      now; even this, is a flux of events, which I
      experience as a conversation to which I am witness,
      but am not conscious of originating. I can imagine
      myself as the creator, but somehow that does not
      lend itself to a wholistic experience; I am still
      drawn to learning. I am still vulnerable, tender,
      and still tend to get hooked. That is why I
      practice non-attachment. I do not deny what is, I
      do not know what is, but I am at peace with what
      is, most of the time.

      There are moments when I feel the arising of
      discontent, I have conditioned myself to ask myself
      just what is really going on. Most of the time, the
      answer I get is that I am running a racket, usually
      one of either fear and selfishness or idealism. And
      each of those camouflages the other; each justifies
      the other.

      By following myself around, I am able to pick up my
      own leavings. As witness, I am aware of when I am
      taking a dump on someone, and thus I strive to not
      dump, no matter how much the other may seem to
      'deserve it'. I understand that once the first turd
      is thrown, certain reactions are quite predictable.
      Non-attachment allows the turd to be seen as a
      neutral entity, rather than as a weapon.

      Our reactions portray our assumptions, far more
      accurately and honestly than do our professings and
      protestations. A person may state high ideals, and
      believe thus to have high ideals, but the whole
      thing can be a circuitous racket, denial enabling
      resentment, resentment fueling incessant
      acting-out, and the inevitable reactions of others,
      justifying endless cycles of this tail-chasing

      I live on the end of the tip of the tongue of the
      Living Universe, a surfer whose balance is his only
      grace, hanging ten over the keyboard here , riding
      the endless wave, propelled by the momentum of
      life, and basically making it up as I go along. It
      helps to have a big vocabulary and a bigger
      knowledge-base. What distraction can I afford, from
      the effect of an unbalanced relationship? Am I so
      skilled, powerful and wise, that I can afford to
      ignore or deny any facet of my seeming experience?

      When I cease depending upon external sources of
      'wisdom', do I find or notice grace balance; I
      cease seeking formulas for liberation, knowing I do
      not have the judgement necessary to know the
      difference between liberation and anything else. In
      the meantime I abide, but I abide as one who stands
      always naked under the downpour of a powerful
      waterfall, not sure what to make of the water. I
      abide not knowing, and in that state of liberation
      from assumption, find that I can understand
      something of the language which the Vast Living
      Universe is constantly speaking and manifesting,
      this conversation known as 'reality' or 'what is'.

      Now I give this back, back and out, a
      re-transmission of what I hear and observe. I try
      to be as accurate as possible in this expression. I
      do not see much in the way of creativity going on
      in me, just mainly a lot of reassessments and
      ongoing modifications of past judgements. It is a
      work in progress, but one illuminated by the
      intense thousand-petaled lotus which creates my
      awareness, a living mandala of form changing in
      emptiness, a fluctuation in space. It is the points
      which shift the least, which I attend to as guides
      to going deeper.

      It is the deepest beacons which create the highest

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