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Sunday, July 29

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  • Jerry Katz
    GENE POOLE Rational question: Are you able to actually see space? Space is decided by extrapolation, based upon certain assumptions which are derived from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2001

      Rational question: Are you able to actually see

      Space is 'decided' by extrapolation, based upon
      certain assumptions which are derived from habitual
      use of the sense-data of vision, hearing, touch.

      In other words, if you really seriously ask
      yourself if you can see space, what is the answer?

      Is this an issue to dismiss, upon deriving a
      certain depth, or are you able to discipline
      yourself to delve ever deeper?

      Have you decided that this is merely, after a
      certain point, a play of semantics? If that is your
      decision, then what... what position are you

      Most importantly, of this issue of contemplating
      the nature of space, is the understanding that the
      position you take is your own responsibility.

      {Only when space knows itself, will you find the
      nature of position.}

      And this is the issue, and if you have read
      carefully this far, and have contemplated the
      questions I ask, you may understand the issue of

      If you take a position relative to space, you
      are... and pardon me for being blunt... indulging
      yourself in delusion. And that delusion is simply a
      confession of ignorance. Your fear, and your
      dissatisfaction, are consequences of taking a
      position; you have made the classical error of
      concluding on the basis of incomplete evidence, and
      you may now be living the consequences of that

      Angst... is derived, as a remainder, via the
      mathematical process of subtraction, but the
      calculation is deeply flawed, for you have not had
      access to the true figures.

      It should be easy to allow the echo of error to
      fade, to once again start with a blank slate. But
      if it is not easy, you are contaminated with a
      hidden algorithm, which includes the unrest-state
      as a necessity.

      And this is seen easily by anyone who does not
      need, who does not incorporate the unrest-state, in
      their way of Being. Yet, it is invisible to those
      who have as their handmaiden, the unrest-state, a
      ready servant, the verging excitement of the risk
      of toppling, and thus the eternal heroic quest for
      balance and 'reason'.

      Reason is helpless against the unrest-state,
      because the unrest-state is akin and allied with
      biological life and deeper, to the instability of
      all compounds, of anything made of more than one
      thing. So it can be said that the unrest state is a
      'demon' in the original sense of the word, that
      being a 'dumb force' or 'mere automaticity of

      In this sense, the unrest-state is the force which
      must be controlled, and the failure to control it
      is the original sin, and more revealingly, it is
      also the sin of Lucifer.

      The unrest-state, if taken as a component of
      reason, will always lead to error. The unrest
      state, as an ally of matter, must be taken into
      account in another way, as other than a component
      of reason. The unrest-state must be assumed to be
      'normal background radiation', and thus
      nonvolitional, or in other words, involuntary.

      So my advice is, to assume a position relative to
      the unrest-state, rather than relative to space.
      This position takes movement into account, not as a
      force of reason, but as the primal push which can
      be ridden upon or exploited, much like the radiance
      of the sun, which as a violent photonic shower is
      translated into biological life.

      Being next to movement, allows rest. Being next to
      space, is denial of your nature.


      > Being next to movement, allows rest. Being next to space, is denial
      > of your nature.
      ***** Not only *next to* but an actual "coinciding" such that we see
      our identicalness to it. There is no movement into or out of it.
      Here is here. Nothing too difficult about it. :-)



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      Realization is about death, but it is NOT brought
      about through ideas of escape. It's all a matter of
      understanding, and it's the very ideas of wanting
      to escape, or go *somewhere*, or get *something*,
      wherever or whatever the fuck that would be?, that
      must be undermined and understood! So life for most
      of humanity is spent trying to cure the symptoms by
      bullshitting themselves and each other with one
      bullshit story after another, instead of , DUH,
      looking to goddaman disease itself. Your *self*

      I was sitting talking with this woman yesterday and
      she's telling her tale of emotional woes and how
      unhappy she is. And I sat there listening to her
      and then she stopped for a moment and I leaned
      across the table, looked at her, and said, "Uh, I
      don't give a shit." And then she quickly started
      her story up again and I said, excuse me, didn't
      you hear me, I said I don't give a shit. And she
      got this shocked *how dare you!* look on her face
      and I said, and I don't know why you give a shit
      either? And then I said what's the matter with you,
      are you nuts? Her eyeballs got as big as saucers
      but she started in again, with her but, but, buts.
      And I got up and walked away and said, sorry, I
      have no interest in your shit.

      She came to me a few hours later and said, I really
      liked our conversation.


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