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Wednesday, July 18

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    oops, forgot to send Wednesday s highlights! --jerry JOYCE SHORT ***Who is Longchenpa? Sounds Tibetan?*** Longchenpa (1308-1363) was one of the most celebrated
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2001
      oops, forgot to send Wednesday's highlights! --jerry


      ***Who is Longchenpa? Sounds Tibetan?***

      Longchenpa (1308-1363) was one of the most celebrated adapts
      of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, king of Dzogchen
      practitioners. What you were saying happened to reflect what
      I was reading at the moment and I know there are some here
      who resonate to Dzogchen. It is not primarily a Buddhist

      "Just as the images on television are nothing more than
      light, so are our experiences merely the dance of awareness.
      Often we form attachments to, or feel enslaved by, these
      experiences, but they are only reflections. As easily as
      television pictures vanish when the channel is changed, the
      power of our experiences fades if we penetrate to the heart
      of reality-the light of the natural mind within everyone.

      So -if anyone finds this interesting, you can find "You Are
      The Eyes of the World" which presents a method of discovering
      awareness everywhere, all the time. "This book does not
      discuss how to turn ordinary life off, it does not describe
      how to create beautiful spiritual experiences; it shows how
      to live within the source of all life, the unified field
      where experience takes place."

      Book is written by Kennard Lipman, Merril Peterson-students
      of Namkhai Norbu who writes the introduction to the Dzogchen
      text this book elaborates. This book is complete in itself
      but those interested in Dzogchen can also find a longer
      reference: "The Supreme Source"-the Fundamental Tantra of
      Dzogchen Semde (Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Adriano Clemente)

      So-of course, no "trick" involved-more like walking down the
      street and all of a sudden you recognize a friend coming to
      meet you. You recognize this person because you have met
      before, but as they get closer and closer, you (mind) sees
      more intimate details. The aim in Dzogchen is the reawakening
      of the individual to the primordial state of enlightenment
      which is naturally found in all beings. The master introduces
      the student to (or one happens upon) his or her real nature
      already perfect and enlightened, but it is only through
      recognition of this nature and remaining in this state of
      recognition in all daily activities that the student becomes
      a Dzogchen practitioner. So the practitioner is aware of the
      absolute clarity and purity of his/her own mind, and, without
      trying to modify what is already perfect in itself, without
      trying to obtain from somewhere else the state of
      realization, remains always in the real nature of existence,
      in the supreme spource of all phenomena. At this point, all
      conceptualized, dual seeking drops away. But on occasion one
      gets involved with the TV drama for a time.

      "Those who try to meditate and to realize this condition
      through effort are like a blind man chasing the sky."



      **Who is Longchenpa? Sounds Tibetan?***

      Thanks for the info. Tibetan Buddhism used to be very special
      to me back when I was a teenager starting out with all this
      stuff. Then there were very few books available to me and the
      only ones I could get hold of were the WY Evans Wentz series
      of books - The Tibetan Book of The Dead of course and several
      others. I still remember fondly the book on Milarepa, which
      you may know. A few years ago I did come accross Dzogchen too
      and much of it does seem to capture the essence of Tibetan
      Buddhism and Buddhism in general. The only problem I see is
      that people into Buddhism tend to be Buddhists and like all
      followers seem reluctant to take the step into the void of
      themselves. Instead there is generally some sort of practise
      going on in the hope of spiritual progress. Trying to make
      that Void personal again!

      "Those who try to meditate and to realize this condition
      through effort are like a blind man chasing the sky."

      Good quote, that was Longchenpa? You see I think that
      religious followers will take a quote like that and start
      practising 'non-doing', which is to miss the point. The point
      being the simple one of no-self. No meditator.

      Having said that, effort is done by no one (no efforter! new
      word!), all that seems to happen is that the programming
      speeds up and there is a lot of banging into things :-) Where
      is that darned controller just when asked to present himself?




      Or, as Longchenpa would say regarding the passions:

      "So then, not eliminating passions, as do those who are
      content with preaching and listening or being independent, or
      refining away passions, as do bodhisattvas, nor transforming
      them, as the tantrics do; these judgmentally-conditioned
      passions are transparent and pure in their own place. This is
      called the spontaneously perfect, universally creative,
      self-generating, majestic state of pure presence. In here
      lies the distinguishing superiority of this approach over all
      others. By means of this sheer presence, whatever passions
      arise are freed as facets of pristine awareness. Thus one
      definately gets in touch with, right now, the naturally
      perfect state of buddhahood."

      The trick, of course, is recognize pure presence, our natural
      state of total completeness and intrinsic freedom and remain
      there. When this occurs, passions and anything else are
      naturally freed in their own dimension, the dimension of the
      total field of events and meanings. Nothing is dropped.


      Hi Joyce,

      True words, indeed!

      But it's too funny, isn't it?
      Longchengpa has dropped all ideas
      that anything must be dropped (or gotten rid of).
      He doesn't even see anything to drop!

      And this is not the "usual human condition", to
      be trying to get rid of, change, manipulate, etc.

      "Dropping" dropped!

      To speak of "the superiority of an approach"
      is utter silliness. If everything is "spontaneously
      perfect", what approach is there?

      Hopefully, Longchengpa laughed himself to
      sleep the night of the day he uttered
      this hilarious words!



      by Immortal Sister Wu Cailuan

      My body lives in the city,
      But my essence dwells in the mountains.
      The affairs of a puppet play
      Are not to be taken too seriously.
      When the polar mountain fits into a mustard seed,
      All the words in the universe may as well be erased.



      name=eric vasey
      subject=non duality
      text=i think, therefore i think i am, it seems to me it's all in the
      Does anyone in the North Wales area of the U.K. think likewise?



      ****** The avoidance of relationship is the avoidance of you
      are. There is nothing "personal" about it. --Judi

      No. We do not avoid the 'you are' <pssssttt... always knew
      you>. But consider that we would rather journey with you than
      without you. That's it. Your imagination is taking you to
      extremes which is creating separation, conflict, and
      destructive behaviors.

      Besides, fish and chips are better when crispier with lots of
      tartar sauce for dipping on the side!

      Life is life there is no glamour or fantasy about it.

      We still get up in the morning with bad breath. We still wipe
      our bums. We suffer through the good stuff as well as the

      Your fear is of family. Being loved, not desired. Desire
      tarnishes the spirit whereas being loved polishes it to a
      shine. The difference? Commitment.

      Imagine how much better you would be at everything you do if
      you could put this sex, desire, sense of belonging, fear of
      being alone as you watch others coupling up. Not by taking it
      out of your life but by satasfying those areas.

      Consider: There will always be greater and lesser than you in
      every aspect of life. Therefore to become greater or lesser
      is of no consequence as there is no starting point. 'Pretty
      pictures' fade in time and candy coating is used on the
      harshest of medicines.

      Why reach for more or less at the risk of losing what you

      "What do I have?"

      Good question... is there an answer?

      -- hobbes

      ps... perhaps it would be more 'personal' if you placed your
      self behind and with it rather than being out in front
      probing it and creating a cycle of self-esteem vs.
      desirability based on the disappointments and abuses of past



      "Go out one clear starlit night to some open space and look up
      at the sky, at those millions of worlds over your head.
      Remember that perhaps on each of them swarm billions of
      beings, similar to you or perhaps superior to you in their
      organization. Look at the Milky Way. The earth cannot even be
      called a grain of sand in this infinity. It dissolves and
      vanishes, and with it, you. Where are you? And is what you
      want simply madness?" --Gurdjieff

      ***** I owe my entire life and all my happinesses to this
      man. Without his words, without his presence standing behind
      me, I could have, probably would have missed it. Like a
      beacon in the night - "Intentional suffering - go there!"




      Judi wrote:

      "The avoidance of relationship is the avoidance of you are"

      I know she meant to add a `who' in there somewhere, but I
      like the sentence as stated.

      For when "I" am not..you ARE

      When "I" am not there is a surge towards YOU.

      YOU are that potent emptiness where "I" am not.

      Happy daze, clarified haze, Ron



      The act of being human is a necessary and important stage in
      the evolution of a planet.....and more importantly, in the
      personal evolution of the being.

      It allows us to actively participate in self-evolution by
      fusing the intellectual, emotional and physical centers into
      a single *unified presence* through the process of
      intentional suffering; to perfect ourselves through conscious
      labors; and to attain crystallization of the soul through the
      process of the collection and transformation of higher

      *To be human* is a sanctification not possible in any other
      form. Human beings have the unique property of being
      potentially able to make the special conscious efforts
      necessary to help God. Because of this unique property, we
      have the chance to perfect ourselves automatically, through
      the means of *taking upon ourselves a special obligation*.

      The human lifespan is abnormally shortened compared to what
      it could be. Scientists today wonder how "primitive savages"
      were able to live very long lives without the so-called
      benefits of modern medicine.

      Until recently human beings lived normal lives for the
      organism, which was placed under continual tension and
      stress, thus developing the *essence* automatically by
      preventing the formation of personality, which can only
      function under extreme low-voltage conditions of the nervous
      system. Stress produces high voltages, forcing the essence to
      operate the organism.

      At the same time, live was much simpler, allowing one to
      maintain oneself internally without the need for externals
      demanded by todays mechanical culture. Now all this has
      changed, and life no longer presents the stress and
      simplicity it once did...And if by accident it happens to,
      why there is always some pill or otherone can take to make it
      go away...That stress which was in ancient times called the
      *Alchemical Fire*.

      Today these factors are not found in nature and in this
      comfort- oriented, labor-saving, civilization there are very
      few who wish actively for a life of stress and friction for
      themselves, when they can simply slide through life just
      "getting by".

      Under conditions normal for a human being, the continual
      state of tensions keeps the individual at least in the
      organic sense, awake. Through practices of self-calming,
      stress is dissipated, thus allowing the individual to plow
      himself even more deeply into sleep.



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