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tuesday, july 10

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    NOEL KETTERING ... God loves to pretend that It is a Human, just so It can lose Its carkeys - and then enjoy finding them again. The same as God loves to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2001

      >> A human being, per se, isn't God,

      > Tralalala! Who ever told you God never loses his carkeys?

      God loves to pretend that It is a Human, just so It can lose
      Its carkeys - and then enjoy finding them again.

      The same as God loves to pretend that It is Human, just so It
      can lose Its identity - and then enjoy finding it again.


      > Having beliefs about God
      > is as useful as having a picture of
      > a water fountain when one
      > is thirsty.

      Who, but the One, has these beliefs?

      For that One first enjoys thirst,
      so that It may then enjoy the fountain.


      The picture of the water fountain reinforces the thirst thus,
      it is useful whether this is realized by the possesor or not.
      The belief in God, or not, is not required. I do not need
      your belief in me to exist. Why would God be any different?

      This is the ego suggesting that the importance, role, belief,
      etc... in or of God is based solely in my belief or nonbelief
      of the subject.

      Consider.... any and all organized forms of government is
      based on the foundations of pure communism. Elitism. Social
      Class. Wealth. Connectedness.

      Do you believe in communism or democracy? Ultimately, what is
      the difference? And yet, we are lead to believe that there is
      a great divide bewteen and 'those people' are the enemy...
      yawn. It is all pretty boring. Just like God, karmiccaly
      stunted people need 'fear' of something to fool the masses
      into submission and slavery whether they feel the chains of
      bondgae or not.

      Just like this idea of a free world with the universal
      guarantee of human rights for all beings... sounds pretty
      easy.... so then, how many thousands of years have our
      leaders been promising these things and yet... we are no
      further ahead then before and there is no end in sight...

      We all know the need to change our energy consumption and
      seeking alternative renewable resources and yet... we still
      dig and harvest and destroy.... joke is, where do they think
      they are going when they die? Back to here is all there is.



      That's it. Just yeehah! Wild abandonment of self identity!
      The film gets stuck in the projector and burns up! All the actors
      are running loose without a script or a plot!



      Peace - Michael


      first you say it is all an illusion
      then you say that it is all god
      next you say that you have to become one with the universe
      followed by you are already the perfect self

      hey! shit or get off the pot!


      Peace - loveya - Michael



      >DAN: Yes. Dying to the known completely, including
      > belief, memory -- hence, beauty, ugliness, and
      > knowledge of experiencing.
      >Dying causelessly, because it can't be
      > helped -- the known can't be sustained
      > in/as "now" ...

      >MIRA: When there is nothing to do this "dying to the known", not even a need to
      >die to anything known, everything known was always deathless.
      >Love, Mira

      Hi Mira --

      I won't speak quickly or too easily
      of dying to the known.
      Such dying, as I see this, is no small thing.

      It has nothing to do with a need, as
      needs are the known.

      There is no "everything known" which
      could claim to be deathless, when there is
      dying to the known...

      The known is millenia of human thought,
      associated sensations and memories,
      identities, preoccupations, and mutual conditioning ...

      And that is just the surface of the known,
      to which one dies now, as now --
      ever dying, ever born deathlessly as "this" ...



      As there is only enlightenment (Self, awareness, truth),
      there is no such thing as enlightenment (Self, awareness, truth).
      The God that is no such thing is far more potent than the God that
      one is...

      Having left Kansas forever, there is only the memory
      of a map, and the territory itself is eternal fire ...

      This idea/belief that "I am God" seems to trip many people
      up, for some reason. Thank God, Gautama came
      along to give insight into how to release that trap ... ;-)
      Gautama and Will Blake had a cup of tea
      and agreed that God is "Nobodaddy" ...

      God is a name given by humans with limited
      knowledge for *That* of ultimate knowledge,
      the Alpha and Omega ... beginning and end
      of all things ...

      A human being, per se, isn't God,
      as a human can't begin and end all
      things. Although humans love to play with this idea,
      build pyramids, nuclear reactors and advaita web sites,
      they still get colds, lose their car keys, get angry
      when a friend snubs them, get blisters if they
      touch a hot stove, etc., etc., etc.

      Nonetheless, as there is no other, there is no other ...

      What this means for a human is not a wonderful belief
      that "I am God" to which one can cling.

      Rather, it is the end of clinging, and the end of any
      separable awareness or entity-hood attributable
      to a human being ...

      All things arise in mutual interdependent definition --
      thus there are no things ...

      The human being is the universe, the universe is the human
      being -- *That* which allows universe and human being
      to arise, as if arising could be,
      is neither me, you, nor someone else, nor anything else.

      Not in the dream, not somewhere apart --
      every aspect of the dream is saturated with
      "consciousness/bliss", beginninglessly, endlessly --

      The dream (Kansas), unfolds without disturbing infinite
      original nature in any way whatsoever ...



      GREG GOODE: This is a very good point. The "I am God"
      teaching becomes a belief in many cases like "I am Napoleon,"
      which allows a partition into "I am, but you aren't."

      DOC HOBBES: This is so. I am and you are not God for if we
      were as in the same we would be blinded and bound to each

      The names used, God, Napoleon, etc are 'given' however, if
      you would sit for a moment in the same place as napoleon sat,
      looking at the same picture of the same water fountain with
      the same thirst are you not napoleon no matter the name that
      is simply used to personalize the experience?

      What then sets us apart if not the view as the view in it's
      absolute nondual state just waiting to be intepreted?

      The thoughts that view create based on personal experience?

      Good answer.

      You may not live my life. You may surround me and program me
      and direct my choices by manipululating the circumstances of
      the view around me and calcualting the responses however, you
      are not me and, for those closer to me, you may repeat my
      words, learn my zen and steal my identity but if I shut up,
      shut down, and choose no choice... it will only be a matter
      of time before you are seen for the fraud you are. Your'self'
      will always surface... why?

      You are not me. I am God.

      I am 'that oneGod', Jesus Christ... take your time Judi (not
      this Judi, my Judi here) but when I pull the plug, you will
      be certain of one thing...

      I am God. Jesus Christ. The same today, yesterday, forever
      and I believe that your turn is up... and the very system
      that you have created to encage and enrage me and enslave my
      people is the very one that I shall use to destroy you...
      that is justice that does not create karma.

      Balance is a good thing.




      When you say of belief: "It is belief that creates the world
      through our senses. Where belief ends, nothing is found both
      true or false. No more sagas to tell, no more beauty to
      experience. That, to me, is as boring as it gets", I think
      you are developing the classic arguments of a Bhakta to Dan's

      I think of Ramakrishna, "Don't give me Brahman, Mother. Keep
      your Brahman for the Jnanis. Just give me devotion to your
      lotus feet."

      It's interesting, as the Gospel of Ramakrishna makes clear,
      that the Mother ultimately confronted her son, Ramakrishna,
      with the great Jnani, Totapuri, and he was inducted into
      Nirvikalpa Samadhi with the Mother's blessing. Totapuri
      didn't get let off either; he wasn't allowed to leave without
      accepting, somewhat involuntarily, the Mother's revelation
      and the expansion of his own Realization.

      Bhakta and Jnana. First, it seems it's a matter of taste or
      personal expression. Later I think, each becomes an
      expression, an extension, of the other.

      May we all experience one or the other as soon as possible.
      Yours in the bonds, Eric



      Namaste All,

      I notice that Australian scientists have successfully
      fertilised mouse eggs with cells from its own female body,
      this overcomes the chromosome problem. Babies for lesbians?

      Orgasm can be stimulated by electrodes.

      Mystic ecstasy can be stimulated by a new electrical helmet
      in Canada!

      So this means that all these so called spiritual experiences
      are actually energy experiences within the physical.

      Where does this leave K and sex etc?.

      What are the qualifications for a guru now?....Electronics?

      Actually more proof of illusion and unreality being taken for
      something spiritual.



      ÂșNo one has ever taken a picture of a locationless water fountain.

      Yet is shows on every picture - 'evenly distributed' as?
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