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Saturday July 7th

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  • andrew macnab
    Freedom no need for the moon nor need for sun and planets sunshine without cause Jan Oh boy! You tricked yourself into being all the forms and beings. Such a
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      no need for the moon
      nor need for sun and planets
      sunshine without cause


      Oh boy!

      You tricked yourself into being all the forms and beings.
      Such a good trick!
      You have given yourself the great amnesia.
      You, the infinite self pervading all the universes, once in a while,
      just for fun, try to cure yourself of your own amnesia.
      What a drama!

      So - what will you do today?

      Nothing - Everything - no difference!


      Peace - of pi - Michael

      Found on Usenet from James Allison

      Though I cannot put my finger on it, nor can I quote it verbatim, I am
      reminded of the Whitman poem where he said (paraphrased):

      I could live with the animals.
      They are so self contained.
      They do not lie awake at night
      Weeping and worrying.
      There is not a one of them
      That bows to one of their own kind
      Who lived years ago.

      I know exactly where I stand with my cats. They are not nice to my face
      and critical of me to my back. This is not to say that they don't get
      pissed at me at times... But when they do, they let me know in no
      uncertain terms that they are pissed. And all I have to do is rectify
      whatever it was/is that is pissing them off, and everything is once
      again alright with no grudge or secret disdain.

      And they know to come to me when they are in some kind of trouble or
      have some kind of problem. Yet they also have a sense of those things
      over which I have no power. I have had a number of them just disappear,
      never to be seen again. But this is rare and only happens when the
      circumstances are beyond intervention.

      > Tomorrow morning I will sit in silence and be with you in spirit... you are
      > a good man AW.
      There is an axiom that the only REAL success in life is spending one's
      time the way one WANTS to spend one's time. And for those who have this
      compulsion to worry about one's relationship to goodness, it is an
      evidence of their doubt.

      A person whose attitude is one of care-free abandon, who doesn't worry
      about what they should do, but rather just does what seems to be
      efficacious at the time for THAT occasion, and then whether it turns out
      well or otherwise has no recriminations or regrets... That person is
      healthy in a spiritual way.

      Those who are constantly mindful of their and others relationships to
      whatever it is that they are in constant supplication or apprehension
      are the spiritual equivalent of a hypochondriac. The problem is that in
      spiritual hypochondria, there is no one who can help, for those who are
      spiritual hypochondriacs believe themselves to be in favor and anyone
      who would tell them to just drop all the bullshit concerns MUST be some
      kind of infidel.

      Those who most want you to listen to and accept their religion are those
      who least want to listen to and accept another's religion. And those who
      most want others to be tolerant of them are the least tolerant of

      This never occurs among my cats.

      There isn't a doubt in the world that what they do isn't the right thing
      to do at the moment. I try to learn that lesson from them and act out of
      immediate comprehension of the right thing at the right time.

      It isn't, of course, always the right thing that gets done, but at least
      it is not done with any deviousness, nor with the idea of taking

      And I think that THAT is what makes plotting a good tryst so much fun.
      The intrigue of having things affect multiple levels and having the plan
      interlock so that what happens is the result of having understood,
      planned, and then have the whole thing fit together and come out just
      like it was hoped, brings satisfaction.

      Alas, life and the day to day, ever changing, hour to hour, custom made,
      minute to minute existence is so manifold and complex, that it isn't
      possible to completely prepare for every eventuality.

      It is the difference between training and rehearsing. The difference
      between Boxing and Dancing.

      The Dancers rehearse and then the performance is done with every move
      pre known.

      But Boxers train, and are then thus prepared to take improvisational
      action depending on the circumstances, even when the opponents are
      trying to confound and out-do the other.

      My father used to say that after you've seen the three
      MuhammedAli/JoeFrazier fights, that there just wasn't much boxing left
      that wasn't inferior and less than what was possible.

      Life is more a boxing match than a ballet performance.

      How well we handle it (life) is an indication of how good a man (or
      woman) we are.

      And Perfex handled even her demise with style and grace. She will be
      buried in the same manner. She deserves nothing less.

      Hope you are well.

      Thanks Judi. I enjoy James Allison's writings. Perfex was lucky to have James.
      Dolores use to have dreams about dancing with her cat in life size. As for Walt,
      all I can say is "Yo, Walt, hello?, they're ANIMALS, that's why they don't bow to
      their own kind who lived years ago." sheesh.

      (reincarnated publisher who probably rejected Whitman's poetry)

      Hi everyone,

      Some time ago, there was a link posted, either here or on Jerry's website,
      which pointed a site that included, among other things, a series of
      questions designed to aid in the self-inquiry process. I remember the list
      as being fairly long and the questions as being unusually penetrating and

      Can someone help? I once printed out the questions but can't locate them
      now. I want to use them in a group I'll be leading in a few weeks.

      Thanks in advance,


      Here it is, David:

      It's from Phil Servideo's website, which I see has been re-designed and


      The secret of innocence

      DREAM SKY wide open!
      wide open WIDE
      Dreaming JUST of you
      to LIGHT this night!

      Sex me up!
      Get in!
      Get up!
      I desire to fly!
      fly high!
      Take me!
      up the sky


      I'm wait!
      for a moment
      a light flash
      remains in the night!

      I screem THUNDER!
      broken in pieces
      falls off the night

      a SCRATCH in the sky

      one by one
      peace by peace
      little by little
      the night!

      vibrates the hight

      CRACK me open!
      Let's take the flight!

      DREAM with me
      Yes DREAM with me
      to LIGHT this night!

      enter your realms!
      DREAM! You are dead!
      IMAGINE! I am alive!
      WONDER! We are dead alive!

      Look look look

      eyes wide open
      arms open wide
      legs wide spread
      wide spread wide
      DREAMING just of you
      to LIGHT this night!

      Fuck me ALIVE!
      DEAD no more!
      OFF to your shore!
      RUSH I hush!
      MORE I whore!
      You and I and YOU!
      Come in!
      dive in me!
      BREAK through my core!

      Mr. and Ms. WELCOME YOURSELF

      a little intense
      I am your innocence
      just a little girl
      I am your innocence
      sex up with me!

      GET UP GET UP!!

      marvelous carousel of flagrant desire
      gorgeous shiva swerving curves
      blump lips and open dreams
      I suck you dry you FUCK me alive!
      putrid bag of rotting sweat
      I'm softly calling you
      just one more round
      one more!

      SEX up!
      dare you!
      get on!
      SEE me!

      Mr. and Ms. WELCOME YOURSELF

      DREAM! You are dead ...
      IMAGINE! I am alive ...
      WONDER! We are dead alive!

      THANK YOU!
      You're welcome!
      Who said LOL!
      If you would NO!

      Mr. and Ms. WELCOME YOURSELF

      NOW enters HERE
      crowning the virgin
      queen of the night
      prince of the dead
      AGAIN in delight!

      if you are like someone a little diffrent,
      read the virgin of flowers:

      >From and for the light in all of you
      I am in love with ALL ... of you
      Don't forget me :-)
      You are my love!

      In love with you
      I am in love with you
      Your love that radiates from you
      I'm in love with you
      someone strong
      who sees beyond
      my darkness
      that surrounds your love
      pierce my darkness
      with your light
      and find my love is hiding YOU

      light loves you
      I am in love with you.

      All in love
      love in All
      children of the light
      I am in love with All of you
      love is our friend
      I'm in love with you
      light loving you

      OF LOVE

      ************ ************ ************ ************ ************

      I wish!
      I wish I was your mirror
      Dream Mirror Dream!
      I told my mirror
      you are my dream
      my dream is your imagination!
      I am your mirror!
      Imagine Imagine Imagine!
      Imagine I was your mirror!
      what would I say if I was you?
      what would you say if you were me!
      fuck me!

      I am your mirror!
      I told nobody I am your mirror
      Your imagination is my dream!
      what would you say if you were me?
      what would I say if I was you!
      Yes dream!
      dream with me
      to light this night!

      Dear Spirit Guides,

      Like most mortals I have accumulated over the years several
      "possessions" which seemed of value: i.e., a small amount of
      cash savings, a few pieces of furniture and household items,
      a PC, a camera, a music keyboard, and, until yesterday, a
      troubled old vehicle called "Heather".

      Heather's troubles suggested it was time to let go of her and
      opt for a more physical lifestyle, so I gave her to a friend who
      suspected there was some life left in the "old gal". Thereupon
      I noticed with surprising clarity a residue of uncertainty and
      dependency with regard to unresolved need for comfort. This
      is understandable considering the intimate relationship and
      communication between Heather and myself over the years.
      We got along beautifully until her functioning and looks began
      seriously to fade.

      There was certainly strong evidence that by releasing Heather I
      enabled a clearer view of the interconnectedness of things. Yet at
      the same time it was obvious that the perception of material
      temptations was considerably heightened; I can see now why
      some "Gurus" turn out to be "dirty old men". But I didn't drop
      Heather just to lust for some hot new curvy model Corvette
      convertible. I've got better things to do. ;-)

      Nope, dear Spirit Guides, its time to walk the talk, or maybe
      grab a cab when the weather is drab.

      Vintage Ed-sel.
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