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Wednesday, June 27

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    Chin, from Wide Open Windows, reports the following: I found a beautiful website of a Danish guy who has put his whole story of becoming enlightened on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2001
      Chin, from Wide Open Windows, reports the following:

      I found a beautiful website of a Danish guy who has put his
      whole story of 'becoming' enlightened on the web. His name is
      Anders Honore. Site URL: <http://awakening.hjem.netact.dk/>
      Worth visiting!!!



      Schizophrenia, Intuition, Mind Reading and Such:


      Still subject to the 'I' and thus... slanted.

      Schizophrenia is a question of the mind that uses all
      internal information to process and arrive at a question
      and/or an answer. Ultimately 'time' and it's relationship to
      'death and dying' is one of these questions.

      A simple answer to the question or a simple question for the
      answer is the cure for this.. unless of course, as our
      know-it-alls would tell you... PhChumps.. or is it chimps...
      (you can teach monkeys anything you know)... the doctors
      aggrevate the schizophrenic patient into violent rage,
      passive aggresive, bi polar.. whatever to literally 'split
      their personalities' to justify their own loose sense of
      grasp on reality...

      ...that can change Doctor Janice and I can change it... I am
      personally holding her responsible for the life of Pat

      If there is no, not enough, inaccurate, or incomplete
      information (0 and 1s) then the 'arguement' function is
      placed outside of the environment of mind/body... what seems
      to be 'voices' is actually a random output of information
      simulating into a flow of input based on the focus of the
      mind at that moment.

      Because you can not take your 'I' out, I fail to see how you
      can know what someone is thinking although a Zen master is
      very capable of setting up the situations to create an
      internal over load thus placing the I that is you out where
      the work (which is this way and or that) is done to set up
      your next programmed responses to what you believe to be

      Thus, one crime, three witnesses and four different stories
      'one is never told' <can you guess 'who has not been
      interviewed'>. Why? Where were there heads at 'and' that

      How come 'side-kicks' can not tell their own futures? Without
      a word from me (and a little acting which is 'intentional
      living' as opposed to the usual stuff) how can they see
      anything that they do not know.

      You read the YiChing and you know how it works? You are a
      JOKE! The message the the I-Ching is that everything is
      changing and that is the 'absolute' point of reference. You
      fart and it literally chages your day! Can you account for
      every fart released between the times of 6-9 am when people
      are getting ready for their day?

      The how do you predict God?

      Funny eh? Someone gets an itchy palm and it means money.
      Problem is that the itchy hand and the money are unconnected
      beyond the observation of the sequence... see it twice and it
      is a superstiction... see it three times and it is a
      belief... when then does it not always work and not always
      for everyone?

      You say you believe in God and yet you have not seen it

      Talking to yourself is the natural progression of having no
      one else to talk to. Because people 'outside' of the
      converation can only here one side who is the crazy one for
      trying to figure out what is being said? What would happen if
      God started talking to himself? Would it make sense to you?

      Then who the hell are you to even dare 'interpret' my words,
      thoughts, and ideas without asking me what they mean or how
      they fit?

      I gave the council 'solutions' not 'good ideas'... perhaps
      this town will forget their names but I will not...

      You see, this city, Cranbrook is being intentionally driven
      into the ground to drive down the market... Not a crime they
      say just bad planning... unless of course it can be proven...
      and IT CAN BE PROVEN that what has taken place in this city
      over the last 10 years is a well thought out marketing
      strategy that 'reeks' of formula! And, that solutions and the
      will of the people 'was and is' ignored on a regular basis.
      Thus, you are all criminals and will pay according to the
      rules and regulations of your various professional societies
      and further, by the extent of the law....

      The competition act is a good place to start.

      Tell the 'City' that I am at the line and my tolerance is
      complete. When all this is over, 'there' will be no where to
      go. Time to turn this Karma around and direct it to the
      source... Shiva destroys Shiva. Vishnu faces it's self, and
      Brahma opens the doors. Now, shall I close the evil
      (unbalanced karma) that lies within? Or shall I loose it?

      Gentle Peace.

      o -- A Christos

      *Brahmatman, Seti



      My article, "Meditation: The Sundering of Causality," has
      been published in "The Inner Traveler," the hard-copy
      newsletter of The Meditation Society Of America. Subscription
      information is at http://www.meditationsociety.com -- I
      believe a downloable sample copy is free.

      The same article will soon appear at www.realization.org
      because it was originally commissioned by that site's
      ex-editor, Laura Olshanksy -- soon after that happens, I hope
      Samuel and Jody will give it an ongoing home at the websites
      they so generously maintain for my words. Thanks to "The
      Inner Traveler" editor, Bob Rose, and the current
      www.realization.org editor, Rob Sacks, for their kind
      interest in my work.


      Looking forward to reading it Bruce. And while we're
      plugging, The Meditation Society of America, headed up by Bob
      Rose, also published an article of mine, edited by Bruce, in
      their last issue called "The End of Seeking - How I Became
      Self Realized". You can order their newsletter at their URL
      Bruce gave above.
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