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Sunday, June 24

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    cee i put up a new chapter on if anyone wants to check it out. for anyone who hasn t been there -it is words and pictures
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2001
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      i put up a new chapter on <http://www.presentnonexistence.com>
      if anyone wants to check it out.

      for anyone who hasn't been there -it is words and pictures
      about nonduality

      if you would like a little handmade poetry book just e-mail
      your physical address to wordswithcee@...

      also if anyone is in the san francisco bay area i am
      available to you if i can help in any way.

      or just for the sheer pleasure of your company.

      in joy!! cee


      JOHN JABLONSKI (via Gloria Lee)

      The link below is to a message I wrote on my recent trip to
      Germany to hear Ramesh talk.

      -- John

      Excerpt: The highlight of the whole trip was the very
      precious time spent in Satsang with Ramesh. His talks started
      at 10:00 on Th, F, Sa and Su and went for about 90 minutes
      each day. My friends, having been there the year before, knew
      the drill on how to get a good seat. This meant arriving at
      the seminar center 2 hours before the talks were scheduled
      and waiting in a line formed near the doorway to the Satsang
      room. At 9:00 AM when the room was opened, there was a mad
      rush into the room to grab seats near the front. This
      actually worked out well, as aside from the couple minutes of
      dashing around, this gave us a good two hours to meditate and
      talk quietly before the Satsang. It was well worth it to get
      good seats. We were in the front row each day. Anna and I
      commented that it felt a bit like college classes. Although
      this time I did not pester the "professor" with questions
      designed to show off how much I knew.



      from HarshaSatsangh:

      Hello. Walking alone and very happy.} I love you all for
      every drip of light I find. I am truly grateful. Never know
      who is right or wrong just love the input. Someday maybe, I
      will be a light that is needed in your life. For now I have
      no clue and not shore I am ready to be one. Simple talk, From
      a simple person, and I am sure I am off topic. So Sorry. JJ


      from eXXo:


      > And then we listen with our eyes
      > And with our fingers
      > And with our hearts
      > And they know what's important
      > I hope.
      > :)

      :) many years ago, while living in sinai in a small seaside
      cave, i used to run barefeet at moonless nights along the
      rocky mountain paths. i would tell my feet: "my dear ones,
      the eyes are useless now as an organ of sight; all they can
      do is shed tears of sympathy if you hit a rock... so watch
      out for yourselves, beloved!"

      and it worked...


      from Loominaries:




      from Bhairava:


      Namaste List,

      I am ecstatic to offer you this website, given
      today to me by a list member and friend, that has a very nice
      introduction to Kashmir Shaivism, as well as other topics.
      Just click on Trika when this page comes up. If it is not
      showing in Engligh, just click the English version at the top
      of the page.~M



      from eXXo:


      Let's Get Ready to RRRRRRRRRUMBLE!!!!!

      WAIT!!!!!....what's this???...what's happening????....oh my goodness...it's
      JP's manager Judi the Terminator Rhodes climbing into the ring!!!!- and
      she's got a *How's THIS For Awakening* metal chair!!....and Ohhhhhhh!...down
      it comes on Lobster's head!!!!....

      That's it!!!!! The Ref calls it!...It's over!!!!...It's a disqualification

      Hold on...this isn't over!!!!...Oh man!!!!!

      Here they come!!!! Yosy jumps into the ring....and V...and Paul...and
      Therese....Jen is running in with Germaine....here's Percyval...oh my
      goodness!!!...it's Thunder Ant too....and Yogi Cy...eBon....it's
      shadowseekergrl...and robertmo.....oh my goodnesss!!!!...it's a free for all

      Oh can you believe it???!!...Commissioner Jerry Katz in jumping in
      too!!!!....swinging his *Non-duality Baseball Bat* to clear the ring!!!!
      its a Free For All your hynisses, and you can bet your ass
      steaks are high,  ant so am i, its in the air tonight
      Love it!,

      suck it!, its a free for all

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