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Saturday June 23, 2001

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  • Gloria Lee
    ********* ... Attending satsang with Ammachi the other day in Burbank I found myself preferring to leave the ballroom and sit in the hotel vestibule just
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2001
      forwarding this from Petros:


      Attending satsang with Ammachi the other day in Burbank I found myself
      preferring to leave the ballroom and sit in the hotel vestibule just
      outside, deep in meditation. Rather than listening to disciples'
      testimonies and Ammachi's public sermon I somehow found it more enriching to simply
      meditate on the other side of the wall in relative solitude. I was able
      to enter into a profound meditative state thanks to her proximity, without
      actually seeing or hearing her directly. It has often been said that
      many public gurus offer a fairly mundane verbal message for the public, while
      offering more subtle blessings for those prepared to receive them, and
      this seemed to be an instance of this effect. Incidentally, I also saw
      Bhagavan Das in attendence and he too was clearly in a fairly strong meditative
      state in Ammachi's presence.

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          Reincarnation is about death
          If you do it right - 'you' only have to do it once


      The Sufis are folk who have preferred God to everything,
      so that God has preferred them to everything.

      Happy Days,


       How lovely a response, Judi. That reminds of a story,
      where a seeker comes to Ramana and says he wants nothing else but to reach nirvana. Ramana replies that to want nothing else already is nirvana.

      For some, most, life is enough, for others, the few, only God can
      The important thing is to know which category you fall in and go with
      that and be happy.
      And the ones for whom only God can satisfy, don't have to think
      twice about answering that question if that helps. Their hands
      immediately go up, they know exactly who they are.

      It's for the lovers of God where my interests lie.

      There are those among you who desire this world and there are those
      among you who desire the world to come. But where is He who desires God?

             **** Al-Shilbi

      Happy Days,

               "Serenely radiance illumines the whole universe;
               The ignorant, the wise, all dwell in one abode.

               When no thought arises, One is revealed;

               If the six sense organs move just a little,
                it is covered by clouds.

               Cutting off ignorance causes it to grow;

               Looking for truth is of no avail.

               Living at one with things of the world creates no problem;

               Nirvana and life-and-death are like flowers of air".

      posted on Harsha Satsangh by Joyce Short

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