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Friday June 22. 2001

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  • Gloria Lee
    ************ There is life beyond the lists and usenet. Live Journal is a whole other experience. Follow the link to a report and commentary on Ammachi.
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      There is life beyond the lists and usenet. Live Journal is a whole
      other experience. Follow the link to a report and commentary on 


      Links to other Live Journals on my home page:



      You can read UG's "Mytique" on line free. It is one of the most powerful spiritual document that I have read.

      The original version was loaned to a professor who moved and never returned it. UG watered this one down for some reason?

      (from Harsha Satsangh)

      A NET of JEWELS
      daily meditations for seekers of Truth

      June 23

      In the mistaken belief that one is an entity separate from all other people
      and all other manifestation, there is no escape from sorrow.

      ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

      The individual does not finally merge with his original nature any more than
      a wave merges with water.  They were not different to begin with.  A wave is
      nothing more than the shifting shape of the water itself.  It is not a
      question of joining separate things but of the abandonment of something
      inessential and superficial, the false identity of a separate individual


      Wim: UG is a motivating force for my practice. I want to prove him wrong about not being able to control one's thoughts and realize that
      there is no person.

      Hmm...perhaps you are being ironic, haven't had my coffee yet...

      Controlling thoughts, if that is what you really meant, is about as possible and necessary to do as controlling the clouds in the sky. Concentration will take mind into the jhanas, very useful, but will not bring full insight into the actuality that there is no thinker and no practitioner, no doer, no seer, no one smelling or tasting anything, no one tied to sensations of pleasure pain or neutral feeling. When the faculty of mind, investigation, looks fully into the nature of thought, then clear comprehension, deep insight occurs.  Mind realizes that there is nothing at all to cling to and thus lets go...thoughts are not 'my' thoughts. Obviously, only 'mind' can realize 'there is no person' since there is no person to realize there is no person.

      And, of course, any 'person', any mind can have full insight into the true nature of thinsg occur at any time, this is more likely to occur in a deeply relaxed non striving mind than one that is trying to control anything. This full insight will never be thought of as 'mine'. There will be no reflective thinking at all occurring anymore.

      Just a few uncontrollable thoughts.....

      (from Harsha Satsangh)

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