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    Dear Reader, Please take one minute and respond to the following question. Please click on the link below to vote. Your vote is anonymous. If you d rather send
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2001
      Dear Reader,

      Please take one minute and respond to the following question.
      Please click on the link below to vote. Your vote is
      anonymous. If you'd rather send me your response personally, feel free.

      Thank you for answering this question. Which of the following
      choices best describes how often and how thoroughly you have
      read the Nonduality Salon Highlights over the last two
      months, approximately? I realize that your reading habits
      will change from week to week, so please give your answer as
      an average of the last two months. I assure you, the
      moderators (Andrew, Gloria, Jerry) will not be able to see
      who answered, nor will they vote. The poll will continue up
      to June 25, at which time the group will be emailed the

      o about once a week; scan it briefly
      o about once a week; read more or less half.
      o about once a week; read most of it.
      o 2 or 3 times a week; scan it briefly.
      o 2 or 3 times a week; read more or less half.
      o 2 or 3 times a week; read most of it
      o 4 or 5 times a week; scan it briefly.
      o 4 or 5 times a week; read more or less half.
      o 4 or 5 times a week; read most of it.
      o 6 or 7 times a week; scan it briefly.
      o 6 or 7 times a week; read more or less half.
      o 6 or 7 times a week; read most.

      To vote, please visit the following web page:




      name=Ron Purser

      I am interested in meeting people in SF area interested in Dzogchen




      An idealist sweeps the floor as though cleaning the world.
      A realist cleans the world as though sweeping the floor.


      Albert Einstein: "Only two things are infinite, the universe
      and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

      Eckhart Tolle: "Humans are a dangerously insane and very sick


      Gene Poole wrote:

      Idealism, friends, is not a good thing, it is poison. It is
      so easy to be fooled by the outer face of idealism. Falling
      for idealism occurs early in life, and is the root of
      fanaticism and destructive authoritarianism.

      Judi wrote:

      ****** Yes, exactly. The "love" that they hold so dear is
      nothing but greed. Aren't they cute? :-) Like Johnny Asia
      says, "the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and it
      couldn't happen to a "nicer" bunch of folks."


      Personally, I have seen and experienced various 'End O' the
      World' scenarios. The planet has suffered various 'horrible'
      fates, from being hurled from orbit (to freeze in the void of
      interstellar space), the ravages of an unforeseen 'RNA-phage'
      which effectively eliminated first consciousness and then all
      life, to the brutal pounding of nuclear MAD (Mutally Assured
      Destruction), to name only a few such ghastly ends of
      'everything held dear including those who hold it'.

      The point of sharing the above, is to illustrate that at
      least on person who now lives (that being me), has seen that
      (apparently unbeknownst to most) 'reality' is displayed
      differently to each and every person. Group efforts, as seen
      from here, are usually doomed to a very particular brand of
      failure. And the flavor of that particular brand of failure,
      eventually (however long it takes for the taste to build to
      recognizable levels) results in 'spitting out of idealism'.

      Idealism, friends, is not a good thing, it is poison. It is
      so easy to be fooled by the outer face of idealism. Falling
      for idealism occurs early in life, and is the root of
      fanaticism and destructive authoritarianism.

      The real joke, which I hope to point out here, is that the
      particulars of any "cause" do not matter in the least, simply
      (!!!) because the 'pro' and 'anti' forces of any 'issue of
      social concern' are guilty of misusing their own personal
      resources, of not only pissing away their own personal power,
      but also of stupidly perpetuating the behaviour of fanaticism
      as 'remedy'. Fanaticism, and its root idealism, cause more
      harm than any of the issues which are contested, and in the
      bargain, essentially 'castrate' each person who is infected
      with the assumption that 'life is made better by taking
      control of externals'. This chronic problem illustrates the
      most profoundly stupid way ever, to 'fall for Maya'.

      So here I sit, knowing something, which is that we have to
      tackle the perceived problems at the deepest root level,
      which happens to be within each person, and this can only be
      done by each person 'to and for themselves'.

      At the deepest root level, perceived problems stem from
      'Samskara', the very essence of attachment.

      Reality is subtle, it has many faces, the question to ask is
      this; "Am I defined by what I perceive?"

      If the answer is yes, then by all means, proceed toward your
      worthy goal, waving flags of ethical vegetarianism, Ahimsa,
      justice, etc. etc. Proceed as 'doer', and please, do get all
      worked up over your virtuous ways and means to your defined
      virtuous 'ends'.

      The truth is, that one who has (to use an ancient phrase)
      'seen beyond', holds the Administrative Key to reality
      itself. Such a one, is able to simply step between worlds,
      from one to the other and so on, and eventually the point of
      the whole setup can be seen and understood; It can be stated
      to be 'a teaching machine'.

      LIFE IN THE TEACHING MACHINE: An Analogical Story

      Lesson One: You are living in a Teaching Machine.

      _1  The Teaching Machine can take any form; it is actually
      'immaterial', but can mimic or represent any form, and any event. It
      is fantastically responsive to each persons needs. In fact, it serves
      ALL the needs of every person, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

      _2  Each person is responsible for remembering that what is seen and
      experienced during immersion in the Teaching Machine, is
      custom-designed for each individual person, and to beware the
      assumption that ANY properties of experience are actually 'held in
      common' between individuals.

      _3  'Group' experiences are among the most profoundly indicative of
      deep and pervasive blindness to the nature of reality. 'Mob'
      experiences are diagnostic of 'fatal blindness', and the termination
      of those involved ('violence') indicates that those students have
      been 'sent back' (flunked) to a lower grade level in the Teaching

      _4  Living in, with, and AS paradox:  The Teaching Machine uses a
      deliberately generated 'illusion of multiplicity' to reveal the
      nonexistence of 'individuality', by contrasting projected facets of
      'self' (others) as the environment in which experience is had. Only
      when a person has the maturity to withstand the shock of actual
      awareness, will awareness be experienced. All experience is designed
      to cultivate this level of maturity. Awareness grants the ability to
      perceive the nature of reality.

      _5  Compassion VS rejection: All facets of self, projected or not,
      are indeed self; compassion allows wholeness of self, a necessary
      prerequisite to maturity. Awareness is granted to those who have
      surrendered to compassion. Love of self, VS self-rejection, can
      enable the strength and durability needed to withstand the shock of

      _6  The 'graduate' of the Teaching Machine remains 'in the machine',
      and serves as an aware reflector for students. Administrative
      privileges are granted, but are revokable; above all else, the
      graduate knows... 'there is no attainment'... and that the workload
      increases in proportion to competency gained.

      _7 Admin Area (Administrative access only).

      I hope I am making this clear. I figure that as long as I am talking
      about it I might as well make the effort to make it understandable.
      This certainly has been said before, in various ways, but please,
      give it some thought.


      Gene Poole

      Resources: (These links should be 'clickable'. You may need to hold
      down a modifier key as you click on a link. Mac users should
      [command-click] links found in email.)







      "You ask,
      'how to make a better world';
        there is no better world,
      This is a better world".



      dear brothers and sisters....recent events on several of the
      lists i enjoy have errupted into a flurry of discussion over
      censorship....what is and is not proper commentary.....some
      offended ones have left.....others have announced that they
      are censoring members they object to.....mark found himself
      in a position of not even wanting to even post....this
      reaction upon meditation reveals itself to me as a rejection
      of love arising.....a rejection of the beloved.....of
      multiplicity.....a rejection of a non-dual point of
      view.....so come what may....i return to you just as i
      am....one pilgrim among the many seekers....grateful to be
      among the presence of many sincere seekers of the
      way.....here on some thoughts on the
      ressurection/reincarnation.....and of course, the topic of
      censorship is implicitely there.....^^~~~~~

      further up and further in,
      white wolfe

      the bardo states

      It is you who think that you will be reborn.
                              -Sri Ramana Maharshi

      in lower consciousness
      these are and are not so
      i have heard them
      i hear the ten thousand
      the demonic wailing of the undead
      the angelic choiring of the same ones arisen
      even now the ten thousand
      i do and do not hear them
      and this is and is not so too
      in higher consciousness
      birth and death are real and not real
      i have been into the nothingness
      i listen to the sound of my beloved laughing
      within the beckoning brilliance just beyond
      within and beyond the seamless canopy of darkness
      even now i hear my beloved laughing
      she is laughing with and at me and i at and with her
      and this too is and is not so also
      for love always dying love is love arising love for
      ever higher states of consciousness

      we who yet remain are here and not here
      that the beloved may arise from within us
      falling into darkness to streak ever brightly
      further into the deeper darkness just beyond

      endlessly and without effort
      i love you, my dark one, you love me
      without effort and endlessly
      we pilgrim darkly into what lies beyond

      mark christopher valentine
      (june 18, 2001)



      Wheel (Ball) in Negative Motion
      How Karma (Te) Is Generated From Nothing.
      by Tim S Harris

      Wheel or Ball is the absolute term of reference (POV) in this formula.

      Ball is wuji. Is, is.
      Wheel is wuji. Is, is.
      I AM is wuji. Is, is.

      A Ball with an absolute, relative 'position of still' is the
      absolute of the 'slowest state of motion', resting on an
      external, single point of contact with the single plane. This
      is the static state. Taiji.

      Without the position, slowest state of motion, external
      single point, contact, and single plane, Ball is wuji. Wheel
      is Wuji.

      The Ball is capable of movement at the point of any force
      (positive or negative) of energy overcoming it's inertia
      (needs two points of contact to create movement) thus the
      Ball is 'not stopped'.

      Taiji to Wuji is not possible. Wuji to taiji then taiji
      forever. The absolute, first note 'after' the silence of a
      song (Taiji, Wuji doesn't know) is a string of notes no
      matter the time between playing notes, or if the same song is
      repeated, or if mistakes are made.

      Wuji. This is the line. Taiji.

      Some step over the line 'half the distance' into the black
      (other side). Taiji.

      Some people cross the 'imaginary line' that is 'half the
      distance' between them selves and the the line. Wuji to

      A wheel pulled up a hill requires 'more energy' to move than
      the amount of energy required to overcome it's inertia.

      This is negative motion by way of the wheel or ball which
      resists without resistence.

      In other words, it seems to me that the many, many, many
      people are pulling the weight of the very, very, few... time
      to cut the load.

      This can not be understood by a dual mind that can only be a
      witness to a three dimensional screen of which they are the
      central view looking out with a limited view.

      Breathe this way... draw (inhale) your breath from the
      absolute, inner surface area of the 'sphere' aimed at the
      dantain (or the heart chakra or where ever the target) and
      exhale to fill the inner area.

      How big is that 'outer area? How deep can you breathe? How
      much area can you fill?

      Breathe in from 'all' directions (not just down) breathe out
      in all directions not just up. Radiant Breathing Technique.

      Now, if you understand the point of the piece you will
      understand this:

      I simply do not know what you people want me to do. Nothing?
      Then, 'negative motion' is generated and something will

      o -- T. Eagleraven

      ps... even a Taoist understands the idea that a 'divine
      consciousness' is required to see 'it's' secrets.



      sages-cycles of four-DNA-galaxies...

      Ancient sages saw that the cycles of nature like the four
      seasons of a year are echoed in the seasons of a human life
      as in childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

      The phases of the moon are also reflected in the menstrual
      cycle as in ovulation, pre-menstruation, menstruation and
      post-menstrual periods.

      A day is composed of dawn, daytime, twilight and night, and a
      day of a human life is composed of awakening, waking
      consciousness, falling asleep and deep sleep.

      The ebb and flow of waves and high and low tides are mirrored
      in a cycle of breathing as in inhalation and exhalation and
      the natural pauses.

      The four states of waking, dream sleep, deep sleep, and other
      (a variety of names for it).

      Many artists have reflected these natural cycles with the
      four singing voices, four acts is many plays, four movements
      in musical compositions, four line stanzas of poetry/sacred
      scriptures, and dance beats, etc...

                         And there are

           *** FOUR ASPECTS of DNA's DOUBLE HELIX ***


       Do you suppose that there is a connection between the double helix of
      DNA and the double spiral of the Milky Way Galaxy?


             What is non-double?



      Who is?
      What is?
      Is made from what?

      Tell you what - everything that is IS!

      Without the so-called ego/individual to participate in the drama of
      being - why bother?!

      mind/body/ego IS - the REASON is for DRAMA!

      enjoy IT or not

      Who wakes up? Hmmmm?

      What's the difference?

      You all look just exactly like God to me!

      So, what do you all want (you lovely god things you) - candy?
      Have some! It's good!

      How beautiful beautiful beautiful!

      Why think about it! Enjoy!
      Get over it! Live!
      Move along, move along, move along - more's on its way!

      Well - hmmph! Enough babbling for now!

      Loveya - eternally - Michael



      Shhh... it happens.

                           Do      st     in
                             n't     ep      it

      too late, I stepped and fell and got wet.  Now I'm ALL wet.   (Well,
      it's humid here on LI. not to mention TOO hot.)

      Up and down, it's nice
      The temperature drives us
      Wave after wave of ice.

      Ice shrank us... Oh my!
      So global warming expands
      Our consciousness

      By demonstrating
      Beyond the shadow of doubt
      That nothing is right

      'Till we understand
      That neither freezing nor HOT
      Is what we hope for.

      But that we need love.
      And love walks the middle road
      If it walks at all.

      Turn off some lights, please,

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