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Thursday June 14th

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  • andrew macnab
    More haiku: Ron Perrymore; honeysuckle vine welcomes morning visit whirring sipping hummingbird dead mans vow torturing inquisitors molten lead, eye and tongue
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      More haiku:

      Ron Perrymore;

      honeysuckle vine
      welcomes morning visit
      whirring sipping hummingbird

      dead mans vow
      torturing inquisitors
      molten lead, eye and tongue

      sky blue silence
      no more before
      to chew on, thanks jb

      too simple to explain,
      too obvious
      to notice-remarkable!

      ferris wheel took us
      high, no hands!
      girl not impressed by derring do

      braying tipsy
      girls and boys
      strain my window with their noise

      sleep tight,
      til morning chirps and clatters



      Jerry Katz:


      Somewhere I have a novelty birthday card which shows the Dalai Lama
      unwrapping a 'gift'. It showed only wrapping paper on the floor and the Dalai
      Lama shouting in joy, "Just what I always wanted ... nothing!"

      Another time I came across a birthday card which must have been snuck into a
      collection by a rebel nondualist designer, author. It was part of a line of
      cheap and cheesy greeting cards that were sold at a local video store. The
      front of the card was brightly colored, and said, "You are celebrating a new
      birthday!". Then you open the card, and all it says is, "Why?".

      I swear to God I never figured out the meaning of that card in the context of
      the rest of the collection. I showed the card to a couple of artsy, hip young
      people, who thought it was awesome, but they couldn't figure out it's more
      mundane meaning either. But I never forgot the damn card. And the other cards
      on the collection were so bad, people used to read them just see how bad they
      were and laugh at them. I guess they were so bad, they were good. I don't see
      that line of cards around anymore, unfortunately. I don't think they realized
      they were onto something good: cards so bad they're good!



      T. Eagleraven;

      Get it yet?


      Where is it.

      Where is what?


      Only God knows.


      T. Eagleraven


      Mark Otter;

      Hi Jerry,

      thank you for the encouraging words!

      I also look forward to following my next career. (into wealth and
      fame...) But, it's more likely that I'm already doing my next career.
      Begging and whining. Yup, gonna follow my bliss!

      Love, Mark
      ps one of my favorite all time greeting cards has a cartoon of 4 men in
      striped prison suits (is that from the silent film era?) standing within
      a short (enough to step over) picket fence, with the caption "Maximum
      security prison for Morons". On the back of the card, there is a
      smaller cartoon, similar, with one of the men saying "Should we escape
      now?" while another replies "Escape from what?"
      pps it is muggy here. It's only 82 degrees, but the relative humidity
      is 84%. The dew point is 70 degrees. I'm drowning.


      Hi All,

      I just got up off my lazy duff and walked into the kitchen and turned
      off two lights that were burning in a room in which I was NOT. Then I
      turned off another light in the hallway down to the front door. I
      noticed that it was darker in the living room where I was watching the
      Jim Lehrer news hour, so I turned a second light on there. A net gain
      of two lights. 200 Watts!!! Hmmm... I may even turn off the computer
      until I need it again. Yikes! I could save the planet single

      Well, I might need some help, so go turn off one light in your house
      right now. If all 250 million people in the US do it, it will make a
      HUGE difference. I saw a woman sitting in her SUV today in the parking
      lot of the grocery store, with the passenger window open, her air
      conditioner on and the vehicle running. She just sat there smoking her
      cigarette for the 5 minutes or so that I watched. I didn't confront her
      because I am no better at conserving energy. But I plan to change.
      right now. I bought enough groceries for two days. (better than

      Love, Mark


      I just noticed that there were three lights on in other rooms. (I turned
      'em off) I can see that this will be somewhat like spirituality. It
      will take some constant attention.

      Love, Mark
      ps good luck with it. it could be most helpful.

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