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NDS Digest for Sunday, 8/8/99

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Hello. This is a digest of posts dated Friday, August 6, and sent to the Nonduality Salon mailing list. This list was established because there are often so
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      Hello. This is a digest of posts
      dated Friday, August 6, and sent
      to the Nonduality Salon mailing
      list. This list was established
      because there are often so many
      posts to the Salon that a daily
      summary seemed appropriate.

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      From Judi:

      It doesn't make any difference
      what a person does when it gets
      down to it, seemingly helpful or
      not, because it's exactly that
      *doing* business that gets blown
      to smithereens. It's like this -
      go ahead, surrender, see what
      good it'll do ya? It's not gonna
      do you a damn bit of good, even
      if you effectively could. Goes
      nowhere. It's just play. And
      while we're busy playing at
      getting enlightened, or doing
      whatever it is that we do,
      awareness IS and remains
      untouched. In other words, all
      our efforts at becoming
      enlightened does not impress God
      one way or the other, not in the
      least. He's got it all covered,
      why should he care?? He's down
      at the bar dancing, having a beer,
      yukking it up with the girls. :-)
      In fact, I just saw him down there
      last nite. He had a white t shirt
      on with the sleeves rolled up. He
      was dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis'
      Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On.


      Another from Judi:

      I permitted myself to lose. And
      it was in that *losing*,
      that stopping, that free space
      (courageously heart broken space)
      that I took a look at myself to see
      what, if anything, it was that I
      did to fuck up and what I could or
      should be doing differently. I
      thought I had done everything right
      up to that point. And when I
      investigated myself I saw that my
      identity was nothing more than a
      suffering activity of selfish
      seeking, looking for a payoff
      somehow or somewhere. And this time,
      my investigation led me into a place
      where there was no way out. This
      insight completely unraveled my
      identity, so much so, that I could
      not get up and walk across the room
      even. All purpose for my continued
      existance came to a halt. I died,
      right then and there. Kaput, over,
      lights out, death. Not bodily death,
      but death of the separate *one*. What
      took it's place was consciousness only,
      the all and everything, which has been
      here all along. In actuality, there is
      no *me* even, there is only this
      freedom, this consciousness. No time or
      space, nothing. No *I*, no *I AM*, no
      *ONE*, no nothing.

      John La Grou reports on some

      I'm currently reading "The Divine
      Conspiracy" (from Dallas Willard,
      former Chair of the USC Philosophy
      Dept.). He cites Clyde Reid's
      studies on traditional Western
      religious community, noting that
      "adult members of churches today
      rarely raise serious religious
      questions for fear of revealing
      their doubts or being thought of as
      strange. There is an implicit
      `conspiracy of silence` on religious
      matters in the churches. This
      conspiracy covers up the fact that
      the churches do not change lives or
      influence conduct to any appreciable

      Fear of rejection and banishment
      (psychic, if not physical) from any
      community leads certainly to a complex,
      and mostly unstated, hierarchy of
      subtle codes. And, as always, this
      reveals a path to unity.. to identify
      and open those transpersonal borders
      which keep us separate. To one day say
      with complete honesty that "what's been
      done to you feels like it's been done
      to me."


      The prolific Gene Poole holds forth
      on sharing and "Dominator Culture":

      The difficulty of speaking of this, is
      that I must 'make it up as I go along'.
      I make no apologies, but ask that the
      reader understand that my use of terms
      is provisional, and that I frequently
      resort to metaphor. This may be somewhat
      mind-stretching for some... UFOs or not.

      I referred in the (my) quoted post to
      _sharing_ as a way of Being. I understand
      that sharing is the best word to use for
      this, because 'true sharing' is when
      _nobody is dominating_.

      Even though many of us crave the
      experience of intimate sharing-connection,
      we are stopped by the dominating or
      controlling behaviours of others. It is
      important to know, why this is so.

      Sharing requires _genuine_ vulnerability,
      but it may be more productive to say that
      sharing requires "complete openness". This
      requirement makes sharing a _voluntary_
      behaviour; it is important to realize that
      we are in control of our sharing. Realizing
      that, answers the above question, as to why
      dominating or controlling behaviours are (to
      say the least) inhibiting to sharing. In
      other words, the contraction that we
      experience in the presence of a controlling
      person, is the contraction of our 'sharing-
      channel'; it is a form of self-protection,
      and a very real boundary, and as such it is
      also part of the immune-system.

      As you say, children are "uniformly
      responsive" to this invitation, but as you
      know, the immune-system of the child is
      immature; without special education and
      initiation ("immunization"), children are
      unknowing of the voluntary nature of sharing.
      In their unknowing, they are often victimized
      by those who use _force_ to intrude and
      control. Soon, the child hardens, and is in
      danger of living a life of disconnection. This
      is a very real hazard which I suspect most of
      us here have had to deal with, both in
      themself and also in their own children.

      It is the involuntary and painful contraction of
      the 'sharing-channel' which is the primary
      aspect of neurosis. I have found useful
      concepts in the arena of yoga and psychic
      sciences, such as Ayurveda and Vajrayana. Here
      is how I see it:

      Sharing is possible if the _relationship_
      between the _nadis_ of Ida/Pingala is one of
      balance. Ida (female) and Pingala (male) nadis
      ('astral nerve-tubes') are useful to visualize or
      think of in terms of 'true sharing'; when either
      is dominant, the balance is lost until recovered.
      If balance and sharing occur, the main nadi, the
      central channel 'Shushumna', then opens. It is
      said the the opening of the central channel of
      Shushumna is the event which enables the rise of

      My own vision shows me that it is the sharing with
      the living universe which is interpreted as
      Kundalini; that is to say, that we (finally) allow
      sharing, when we are able to voluntarily expand or
      inflate our 'sharing-channel', which is Shushumna.
      It is the voluntary control of sharing which I feel
      must be learned; sharing can only occur when there
      is balance in relationship, not only between male
      and female, but also with all persons and energies.
      In other words, there is an equanimity which is not
      only internal, but which can be shared, as both the
      invitation and the partaking of agenda-free
      (neither dominating or submitting) sharing. I
      stress this repeatedly, because this is the point at
      which most people seem to lose interest in pursuing
      intimacy. Giving is nice, but it is not sharing, and
      neither is receiving. Sharing is a specific and
      identifiable reality when experienced consciously;
      it has a flavor which is that of awareness without
      embellishment, free of agenda, topic, or domination or
      submission. It is sharing of Being.

      I refer to this relationship as the Ida/Pingala Axis
      (IPA), also popularly known as Yin/Yang and also as
      the 'eternal conversation between Sakti and Siva'.

      The IPA will 'spin' one way or another, (yeah, like a
      chakra!) depending upon which (male/female) is actively
      dominating the other. Careful linkage of heartbeat with
      breath, allows the voluntary slowdown of that spin; a
      nice pulsating and gentle oscillation is the result.
      Perhaps you can feel it happening right now. Some
      researchers have speculated that what is actually being
      done is the balancing of the right and left hemispheres
      of the brain. If that is so, it is logical that there
      would be discernable 'readouts' for us to notice, for
      fine-tuning of our ways. A fine-textured 'air' then may
      move through the center channel, producing light and
      warmth. This is connection to the living universe. It
      is closely related to breath, and may sometimes feel
      cool and other times warm, or both.

      I am aware that there are those who will object to my
      introducing even more concepts to an already concept-
      clogged area of study. I remind them that I am making
      this up as I go, and am liberal in the use of metaphor.
      I feel that this is potentially redeeming information;
      that the awareness of the essential contraction of
      Being as being synonymous with involuntary closure of
      the 'sharing channel'/Shushumna may be a vital clue for

      This approach of mine may be termed as 'secular yoga';
      it is devoid of the sentimental attachments to objects
      of religion. It has more to do with recognizing the
      basic conditions which lead the yound person to either
      openness or separation, and the deliberate re-evaluation
      of all relationships, for the purpose of allowing free
      communion with that whichis. It is in that communiion
      that one discovers both individuality and universality.
      This is a highly individual event of great redeeming
      value, however it may be experienced or expressed.

      I am somewhat hesistant to add, that it is the goal of
      the Dominator Culture and their agents, to so traumatize
      the sharing-channel, that communion is forever lost as a
      possibility. The Dominator Culture may then sell us
      substitutions (drugs, false intimacy, other forms of
      stimulation) for what they have thus made unavailable;
      that is the 'conspiracy' which is sensed and decried by
      sensitive ones. Those sensitive ones, the meek, shall
      inherit the Urth.

      Melody waxes poetic over "the
      living Cross":

      The arms of the cross
      are like the arms of a scale

      tipping one way,
      and then another....

      as certain ideas weigh heavier
      on our hearts and minds.

      Those arms that swing in opposites,
      like pendulums in motion -

      sometimes moving
      to such extremes

      we wind up picking ourselves up
      off of the floor!

      Yet then comes those moments
      when the movement

      of opposition

      or comes to a rest,

      and the focus

      to the vertical plane.

      Becoming witness to
      the descension, the ascension...

      as the Divine Mother
      of the East,

      the Holy Spirit
      of the West,

      courses thru our bodies

      and the 'doorway'
      to the Eternal

      is opened.

      Jerry contributes a rave movie

      I have just seen a spectacular
      movie on video. To say it is about
      a cable (phone) man and young lady
      he adores is to say much, but it
      tells nothing. I haven't known such
      surprise and delight in a movie
      since Star Wars. It's a low budget
      British film. In terms of humor and
      its swift exchange of place with
      tragedy, the dynamic is effected
      without any feeling that one is
      being manipulated, nor is it
      predictable in that way. As regards
      its portrayal of the World Dream and
      the hunger to meet the fullness that
      is its transcendence, this movie is
      a smashing success. If anyone wants
      an experience that will have you
      saying aloud in the midst of it,
      "What a great movie," I say see
      Little Voice.

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